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  • @kaf1788 Yay! Hope you have very mild symptoms! Sorry about your husband's family. Praying they all get well soon.

    Yes, got the original dose a few weeks before I got pregnant. I didn't have great reactions (rash, fevers, etc.) so it scares me a bit.
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  • @kaf1788 keep us posted on how you're feeling! I get my moderna booster today so I'll definitely be keeping y'all updated tonight and tomorrow. 
    @lexilougolden it's a personal decision, and yeah at least you're fully vaccinated. It sounds like you're low enough risk in general where you could probably wait especially if your Dr recommended that. If you get it soon after you deliver you can still pass immunity on through breastfeeding too! 
  • Thank you everyone for sharing their experiences! I signed up for a Moderna booster for a couple weeks from now. I finished the Moderna series in mid February of last year, so I’m definitely due. I haven’t talked to either of my doctors yet though; I’m going to ask about it at my appointment this Thursday. I was pretty miserable after my second Moderna shot, so I’m nervous for the booster (super sore arm, low grade fever, achey, exhausted, but only lasted a day).
  • I just had my second monderna dose on 9/6 so I think I’m good for a while at least. My doctor hasn’t mentioned anything about getting the booster. 
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    @photographerwife hi, how did you feel after your second dose? How far along were you? :) I have my first dose this week! 
  • @aganem I actually didn’t have any symptoms with my second dose! Or my first dose either, besides a sore arm and it was worse for the first. I was 14 weeks with my first so 18? Or so with my second! 
  • @lexilougolden I understand I am on the same boat, and not even for the booster but for the covid first dose! I’ll get pfizer tomorrow. We do what we think is best based on what we know. I will think of you wednesday! I know people who mixed and match with moderna and pfizer and everything went well :) 
  • @aganem Wishing you well tomorrow! I think getting the vaccine is a great choice for you and the baby! <3
  • @lexilougolden so happy for you!
    my first shot yesterday went good! Just a sore arm! :) 
  • @lexilougolden and @aganem I hope you're still feeling well! I got my Moderna booster yesterday as well. I felt pretty crappy after my first two shots, but so far just a sore arm this time. My arm was getting super sore within 2 hours of getting the shot last night, and my husband, who got his at the same time, wasn't feeling anything. Laaaame. 
  • @modoodles I am glad you feel good after the booster! Same thing about the sore arm! I got my shot at 11am on tuesday. I had NOTHING until around like 6pm when my arm started to get super sore, I could not sleep well. The next day it was a bit better, but still sore. Now it is better but I can still feel some mild pain. However this is the only symptom I have so I am not complaining at all!!  

    It is so weird to see how people react so differently! How long did you feel crappy for after your first two shots? 
  • @aganem I was 100% feeling fine again after 24 hours. I think the sore arm lasted an extra day or two.
  • @modoodles I'm glad that your booster went well!

    I got my booster at 9 am yesterday. Sore arm, achy body. Couldn't sleep at all last night. Still achy today but no fever or rash which is what Moderna did to me, so I'm considering this a win.
  • @lexilougolden Did you end up getting the Pfizer booster this time?
  • @makingbacon Yes, first two shots were Moderna with fever/rash/aches. So I got the Pfizer booster in hope of less side effects. So far, it has been better than my experience with Moderna.
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