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  • @photographerwife yayyyyy so happy to hear this. Fingers crossed for no or very mild symptoms! 

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  • @photographerwife yay! Hopefully you're feeling okay! <3
  • @photographerwife yay! Hope you are feeling well today and you don't have any side effects (or minimal if you do)

  • @makingbacon lol. At least he's vaccinated! My dad told me the other day he had only gotten one of his vaccines. The next time I saw him I said I was confused why he would only get the one shot and he replies "I NEVER said that! THAT is looney!" Needless to say my dad is confusing and frustrating. Why would I make that up?
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    Welp. MH got a notification today that he was exposed to COVID at work yesterday. Having trouble getting ahold of a Dr to ask questions. Any tips/info/insight on whether we need to be quarantining separately at home at this point?

    ETA: nevermind, I got my own notification via our state's app, so we were exposed separately but we probably don't need to quarantine now. Le sigh. 

  • @chgilmore shoot, I'm sorry you were both exposed! Fingers crossed that you both make it through quarantine without getting sick! 
  • @chgilmore if you’re both vaccinated, you only need to quarantine if you start developing symptoms
  • What is everyone's doctor saying about the Covid booster? I asked mine about it, and she wrinkled her nose up and said we'd evaluate the need for a booster when it gets closer.  She also told me it's a non-issue for me right now because I got Moderna, and they don't have a booster yet.  I'll be 8 months out from my 2nd shot in December, so I have time, but I'm a planner.  She also mentioned that the CDC was making recommendations outside the original set of recommendations for the booster shots? I'm confused at this point, but wanted the booster because for passive immunity for the baby and to reduce risk from travel as much as possible.
  • @makingbacon I haven't addressed the booster issue yet and probably won't until it's open up to more of the general public. I was initially thinking I would need one right away being more high risk with pregnancy but I also got the Moderna so nothing has been put out on that yet. Looks like it's the wait and see game for us.

  • @makingbacon one of the momsi really respect from my July2020 group is a pharmacist and also currently pregnant. We talked about the booster last week and she said that Moderna doesn't have a need for a booster yet because it hasn't had the drop in efficiency after an extended period of time like Pfizer did. I **think** what she said is that Moderna's efficiency only dropped from 97 to 95% after 6 months, or 8 months. That was so reassuring for me to hear, since I got the Moderna vaccine. 

    When I brought it up to my doctor at the 16 week visit she kind of had the same reaction as yours, which was not comforting or reassuring at all. 
  • @makingbacon My doc brought it up but said it's a non-issue right now because Moderna booster isn't available. I told her I'm reluctant to get it while pregnant-- I'd prefer to wait till after I deliver. I had a rash and fever for a few days and don't want that to happen while pregnant. MH and I work from home, so we're relatively "safe" and don't get much exposure to others. I got my last Moderna dose in April, so I feel comfortable waiting till after baby is born.
  • @makingbacon I think there's a TON of confusion around the actual guidance - even between individual doctors. I switch off between a CNM and OB. When I last spoke to my OB (before any official booster recommendations) she said she was pretty confident they'd be recommending them for pregnant people and seemed very pro me getting a booster. Then I had an appointment with my CNM about a week after the "official" guidance came out and she said that pregnancy isn't a category that specifically qualifies you for a booster, but if you are pregnant and have any of the underlying conditions than it's definitely recommended (either way my BMI is well above 25 at this point so I guess I'd be qualified regardless?) But THEN the next day the medical group that all my doctors belong to sent out an email with a link to a CDC page saying anyone included on this page qualifies for a booster - and it specifically calls out pregnant people. I'm with you in that it doesn't really affect me yet because I got J&J and it hasn't been a full 6 months but it's really frustrating how inconsistent and unclear the messaging is. I'm hoping by the time something comes out for J&J everyone will be a little more aligned on their recommendations.

    In general my care team been VERY Covid-conscious. They do rounds at a busy city hospital and I think have seen a lot of shit so I'd honestly be shocked if they don't enthusiastically encourage me to get any booster available to me.
  • I also got Moderna so currently this is a non-issue for me, but my CNM has been open about it. At our last appointment we discussed it, and she said that I would qualify (if I had Pfizer) now, since I'm technically immunocompromised due to pregnancy and my last dose was in March. I'd also like to get it maybe closer to birth if I need it/Moderna gets cleared for a booster for passive baby immunity. Would also like to hear about research about antibodies in breastmilk from the vaccine!
  • @chgilmore I don't have a citation on hand nor have I heavily researched this, so take it with a grain of salt. But I was also hoping to get a booster later in pregnancy to pass on better immunity and then was surprised to see something... somewhere.. (lol like I said grain of salt) that said they"ve actually seen higher antibody levels in newborns whose mothers were vaccinated earlier in pregnancy than later!
  • @kaf1788 haha I get those kinds of memories a lot! sounds like something I need to talk with my CNM more about. like if I have Moderna, right, but it was before I was pregnant, are there antibodies then? what do we know about covid vaccine antibodies in newborns at this point?
  • *lurking from March BMB*
    I’m getting my Pfizer booster tomorrow. My OB said pregnancy qualifies as immune compromised (though it’s more like immune suppressed in pregnancy) and they were treating pregnant folks as such, which means you get a three shot series, not two. Because of this, it isn’t necessary to wait six months, pregnant folks can get the third Pfizer 28 days after the second. That doesn’t apply to me as I had my second shot in early April so I’m right at 6 months anyway. I hope there’s some consistency across health care systems soon, it’s so strange for recommendations to be doctor-specific. 

    And my OB said the same thing as others above for Moderna, because it is not losing its effectiveness as quickly, there isn’t a booster yet but there will be and recommendations will likely be the same, with pregnant folks being near the front of the line. 
  • Apparently the FDA is meeting next week to discuss J&J and Moderna Boosters!
  • Canada is always behind with this or of a different stance. So far they've only put forth recommendation with Pfizer to authorize the booster to Long Term Care Homes - residents and workers. That's where they started with vaccine delivery so next will be front line and then high risk (including pregnant) and general population. I'm just watching to see what happens. I got Pfizer - but my second shot was only 3 weeks ago so just with timing I'm feeling ok getting through pregnancy at least with it being effective.
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  • Since I had covid and the monoclonal antibodies, I’m not even eligible for the booster yet. 

    I was vaccinated with Pfizer in Dec/Jan and I plan on doing the full Moderna series probably after baby is born. It’s not recommended but there’s no national registry to prevent me 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • I saw my OB last Tuesday and he recommended it when I hit 6 months post 2nd shot. That puts me right after Thanksgiving, so I’ll chat with my MFM on Wednesday for my anatomy scan to see what she thinks on timeline. 

    I had covid prior and Pfizer shots, so I’m curious as to where my antibodies are. I wasn’t scared until 2 people passed away recently. 1 lady passed away 1 day after her booster, and another healthy younger lady passed away from vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia. 

    I know complications are rare, but I always freak myself out thinking it’s going to me. I did the same for surgery back in May.

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  • I had my anatomy scan yesterday and asked my doc about her thoughts on getting a booster.  She said she highly recommends it and that I can get it pretty much whenever I want at this point since I'm nearly six months out from my second shot.  I didn't mention what type of vaccine I got so it seems my practice is recommending it for everyone regardless (not sure).  I got Pfizer so my plan is to get the booster in mid-November.
  • I'm reconsidering getting a booster (I was going to wait till after baby comes) now that mix-and-match boosters may be available soon. I had the Moderna and was pretty feverish for 3 days, rash, body aches. I've heard that Pfizer has had less reported reactions to it. It's difficult right now to decide which is riskier-- a fevered reaction to a booster or perhaps getting Covid in the next three months. I was vaccinated in April so my 6 months is up the end of this month.
  • @lexilougolden was the fever treatable with Tylenol? I would think Covid would be worse but also didn't have nearly as bad of a reaction as you so I totally get the hesitation. Definitely worth discussing with your doctor to see what they say! I plan on getting a booster but I also got J&J which it seems like should have been a two dose shot the whole time so IDK if I would be as adamant if I had gotten something different the first time around.
  • @lexilougolden definitely talk it over with your dr. I got the moderna series as well but definitely intend to get the half-dose booster as soon as I can. my reactions to the second dose were definitely not great (low fever with headache and severe body/hip ache) but tylenol and fluids helped. I'd rather do that for a day (especially so late in the pregnancy game) and continue with moderna (which has shown long-term efficacy at higher levels than pfizer or J/J) than mix and match.
  • @kaf1788 I took fever reducers the whole time and my fever stayed at 101.5 @chgilmore I've read that it's half a dose (for Moderna booster) too, so maybe our reactions will be less! My doctor really leaves everything up to me and doesn't have very many strong opinions. Again, this is where I'd like for her to tell me if she thinks a fever for several days is more dangerous or my vaccination dose losing efficacy in the next three months. Might have to pry it out of her.
  • @lexilougolden I had to do something similar with my midwife when I was thinking about traveling to NOLA for the babymoon. she was kind of waffling, leaving it up to me, said something like "you have to do what you feel is best for you" and then I asked "but what would you do if you were me? what would you be telling a colleague?" - that made her a lot more direct
  • My doctors have been very “do what you’re comfortable with” except one… she dead stared me in the eyes and said “make sure you get the vaccine before you get Covid”. I thought it was a little unprofessional at first but also was happy someone was direct and had a real opinion for me too. Since I got my shots at 12 and 15 weeks I’ll probably get a booster before delivering 
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  • @chgilmore I asked her what she would do and she said she would get the booster. She also offered Pfizer or Moderna as my booster. Not really sure which to do but I'm convinced now that a fever for a few days is okay. She said I could take 1000 mg of Tylenol over 8 hours. Hopefully it'll work out! I haven't decided when to do it though. I got my flu shot yesterday. Will get a T-DAP booster in one month. I'm illegible to get my booster whenever. I'm thinking of doing it in a few weeks but I don't know if three vaccines in a month is a little much.
  • @lexilougolden I got my flu shot yesterday too! It has definitely kicked in (doesn't usually, yay pregnancy). I scheduled my moderna booster for Monday. I just want it over with, I did not do well with the first series so I'm anticipating strong reactions again (even though it's only supposed to be a half dose). I'm not sure if medically there's an issue with getting vaccines frequently/stacked like that, but as far as personal comfort goes I'm trying to space them out a little 
  • @chgilmore LMK how it goes! FX that your body is able to handle it all well. Also hope your results for glucose test are good! Sounds like we're on the same timeline of things :)
  • To further confuse me, my doctor recommended the Covid booster at my last appointment after acting not thrilled about boosters the appointment before me.  I've read most people are spacing their shots out by 4 weeks, so t-Dap and then Covid booster 4 weeks later.  She told me I could get both shots at the same time.  What is everyone else doing?

    I also found out my doctor is only now getting vaccinated because if she doesn't she'll lose her job at the hospital. So I'm now wondering if her change in Covid booster vaccine stance is that hospital policy says boosters are to be recommended. I plan on getting mine, I just thought it was interesting how her position flipped.
  • @makingbacon I haven't heard of an issue with getting both at the same time but given how I reacted the first time and how I reacted to the flu shot this year,  I'll be delaying the Tdap (not too long, just at the appt after my 28 wk). My booster is scheduled for Monday. Also that is a whole lot of additional nonsense with your doctor and I'm sorry you have to deal with it. 
  • I scheduled my moderna booster for 28 weeks pregnant. I’m nervous. I intentionally waited to ttc until after I was fully vaxxed to avoid getting this while pregnant. 
  • @makingbacon My doctor didn't bring anything up on the timeline of the vaccines. She just said I needed the flu, moderna booster and T-Dap. With the T-Dap being in about a month for me. Had the flu shot last week, arm was sore for a few days but I'm good. I'm thinking of doing my Covid booster next week but I'm really curious if any other doctors/midwives recommend a different timeline to them...
  • Ugh, this whole Covid booster thing with all the other vaccinations is a hard decision. I asked my Epidemiologist stepdad last night if he thought I should do the flu shot, Covid booster, then T-Dap. He said get the Covid booster after I deliver because I had Moderna (end of April) and should be pretty good for a few more months. I work from home too, so my risk is pretty low.

    Then my SS's mom had a pizza pumpkin party at her house last week and one of the girl's ended up having COVID. So now SS is quarantining and will be tested soon. Now we can't have him for our week with him :'( Can't wait till he can get his vaccine!
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