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COVID Vaccination Thread

I feel like Im the only person not vaccinated left right now but Im wondering if you have already been vaccinated, if you are planning on getting vaccinated while pregnant or planning on not getting vaccinated at all or until after the baby is born.

No judgement of course.

I did NOT want to get vaccinated before because I just worried so much about the unknown but now that Im pregnant I really wish I wouldve gotten vaccinated before getting pregnant. So now Im freaking out and want to get vaccinated but worried about getting a fever from the vaccine. This is so tough :( We also have a vacation planned for myrtle beach in September (cause Im not getting on a plane right now) and feel its even more important to get vaccinated before vacation, but in order to be fully vaccinated by that time I have to get my first shot at 13 weeks. 
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Re: COVID Vaccination Thread

  • I am already vaccinated but know many people who have been vaccinated in all stages of pregnancy with no regrets!  I never had a fever with my vaccine and of those I know that did it was fairly easily managed with Tylenol which is pregnancy safe! I believe the medical consensus right now is that the risks of Covid in pregnant people are much higher than the risks of Covid, especially if you're going to be out unmasked in public, etc. But of course talk to your OB about any specific concerns. If it were me I would for sure want to be vaccinated before going on vacation but I appreciate how difficult it is when no matter what you do somebody is inevitably going to tell you you're wrong.
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  • I got vaccinated with Moderna while TTGP. I was worried it would affect conception but here we are, lol. I feel so much safer knowing that I'm vaccinated and getting to go out comfortably while things reopen. 

    I hear you on worrying about the fever. Talk to your dr about it but here's what I've heard: tylenol taken right after (not before!) will help bring it down and manage it (I lived on it during that whole day after my second dose and never broke 100F), and fevers aren't as harmful to the baby after the first trimester. I've also heard that the J&J vaccine doesn't have as many "unknowns" and is closer to the standard flu vaccine in composition (which is OK for PG people). I also agree with what folks have said above: the risk of side effects was better than the risk of dying or ending up in the ICU (especially given what we know about the new variants running around). 
  • I was fully vaccinated about a month before I got pregnant. I was incredibly sick after the second shot and called into work for the remainder of the week. I was debating going to the hospital at one point. I’m very thankful I didn’t have to put the baby through that. That would be my only concern. I know they recommend pregnant women be vaccinated, but I personally would not vaccinate while pregnant. It was very hard on my body. My bedsheets were just soaked in sweat and I could barely move. My fever didn’t break for 2 days. I obviously had a reaction on the worse end though.

    I’m not a doctor and cannot talk about how safe they are during pregnancy or risks. I just know what the vaccine itself did to my body. I would talk to a doctor about your concerns for sure if you are pregnant or even if you are planning to get pregnant.
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  • *lurking from January 2022* 

    I got vaccinated (Pfizer) while TTGP and ended up having a chemical pregnancy in between the 1st and 2nd dose - my OB still told me to "absolutely" get the 2nd shot and I am glad I did. I ended up getting pregnant again a month later and am currently 12w5d. 

    I did have a mild reaction to the 2nd shot - bad body aches and lethargy - but no fever, night sweats. I got the 2nd dose on a Thursday morning, started feeling crummy that evening and was good as new on Saturday. I was told Tylenol help managed any fevers. I know people who were very ill from getting the shot - it really is luck of the draw and how your immune system reacts. 
  • I personally will not be getting vaccinated, but I have already had Covid. 😬 My sister (whom I contracted my Covid from) actually contracted it during her first trimester of pregnancy. We were all very worried when she got the news, but she actually recovered much faster and completely before I did. I still have lingering symptoms and what my doctor calls "long Covid". This was my biggest concern while trying to get pregnant, but my doctor says it will not affect me or baby. Hoping she is right and everything continues to go well! 🤞🏻 It is really hard to decide what is best and my thoughts are with everyone making tough decisions.
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  • I got both shots (Pfizer) in April and May. I was definitely on the fence too because of the newness of the vaccines but decided to get it because I figured if I did get pregnant again that I wouldn't want to be in the position of being unvaccinated and either getting Covid or having to decide whether or not to get the vaccine. I also figured I needed to protect the babe I did have (preemie and 1 year old so unable to be vaccinated himself) versus a child I might theoretically have in the future. Anecdotally, my friend just delivered her baby on June 9th and she got both shots during her third trimester with no issues.

    It's absolutely a hard decision to make any way you look at it. My only advice would be to consider both choices to vaccinate or not and decide which one makes you least uncomfortable... 
  • @livingoffpbjs I am pretty much in the same situation as you. When my age group was authorized to get the vaccine I was actually just starting the process for an FET, so I didn't get the vaccine because if I had any side effect, the clinic wouldn't (or they said they wouldn't) see me for blood tests etc...which would delay the process. I regret not getting then though because while it was successful (yay!)  I have hesitancy getting it in thr first trimester because of potential reactions and there currently aren't any dedicated, controlled studies for pregnant women, at least not completed. But here's what else I am considering in my decision, I am still really in a bubble and those in my bubble are vaccinated and all protective of me, if I am out I follow all the safety measures. If this was not the case for any reason, I would get vaccinated since I do agree the risk of vaccine is less than the virus, and they are able to get some data from women who are pregnant and get the vaccine and it supports that claim.

  • I appreciate everyone sharing their thoughts and experiences. So glad we can all share and not worry about the judging ❤️
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  • I was vaccinated about a month before finding out I was pregnant, both DH and I recieved Moderna. He had a bad reaction to the first (body aches, chills, low fever), he had to stay in bed for about 24 hours after. I only had a slight rash and some arm soreness. The second dose I had chills and body aches for about 5-6 hours but no fever. It still surprises me how many different reactions are out there.

    It absolutely is a personal choice along with one to consult your provider on. I wouldn't hesitate to get it if I had been pregnant at the time. I have history in the healthcare field and although I don't always agree with certain things, I trust the data behind vaccine safety and efficacy.

  • I had covid I had covid in January and got my Pfizer shots in May. I got my 2nd shot right before I ovulated and got pregnant on our first try. I saw my GP for a pre-op physical in early May and he recommended I get it because they are seeing people get reinfected and are more sick with NOT being vaccinated. I decided to get my first shot done before surgery and get the second afterwards. I have some pre-existing conditions that made me feel the vaccine would be safer than getting reinfected. 

    As far a symptoms, I had very low grade fevers and had a hard reaction with my 1st shot- severe body aches, chills, feeling very lethargic. The weird thing is that the severe symptoms only lasted 2 hours, and then I felt like I had a sore arm for a day or two.  This is purely an assumption, but I’m wondering if I had lingering antibodies when I had it in January that my body reacted to the shot? My second shot was way more mild, I felt kind of yucky from 10 hours post shot til the next morning. Sore arm after that, but no lingering side effects.

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  • I've been fully vaccinated since April with the Pfizer vax. Being that I work in a school district, I was able to get it when they opened it up to education workers in my state. I am glad that I got it, and that I only really had arm soreness and one instance of dizziness after the second shot. I honestly don't know how I would have felt if I had to get it while pregnant. I would for sure research and talk to all my providers (OB/Midwife/PCP). It's not any easy decision by any means, but I agree that the risk for contracting Covid (either myself or the baby), is way more risky than getting the vaccine. 
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  • I personally have zero interest in getting a brand new / experimental Covid vaccine.  IMHO, it is completely different than TDap or Rhogam, or even the flu shot for that matter.  We probably all already had it and were fine, and I also know several pregnant women who had it and they and their babies were totally 100% okay.  I don't doubt that there are people who may be more high risk, but for me and my family, I believe the risk is not there.

    We attended Mass with 300+ mostly unmasked people all throughout 2020 (except for March when this all first broke, from about April on, anyway) and we literally had zero Covid deaths in our entire parish, and just one hospitalization that I know of.  We actually grew to 500+ because so many Churches were closed and people need the Sacraments especially during times like these.

    Throughout history, there have been truly staggering diseases where people were left dead on their feet, bodies piling up in the streets.  It was undeniable.  But my own personal experience has been that Covid hasn't matched up to the hype.  Take that for whatever it's worth. <<shrug emojii>>  If it were something everyone had genuine concern for and interest in, then why would they be giving out free donuts, free lunches, free MONEY (at my employer), just to get the jab?  Something doesn't add up, to my mind.  I can't say I have an explanation for it, but to me, it just doesn't pass the sniff test.

    If anyone is on the fence about getting a Covid vaccine while pregnant, consider this BusinessWife's full blessing to wait until after delivery!  lol  Not that you needed it.
  • Thanks for sharing. @angelz429
  • Sigh.  There is no shortage of fear-porn out there if you want to look.  I was simply sharing that my own real life experience did not match up with what the mainstream news media was reporting.  YMMV
  • I opted to get vaccinated prior to TTC because I have a history of recurrent pregnancy loss and didn’t want risk it. 

    I was very apprehensive to get vaccinated, but I have a child with a very compromised immune system and our pediatrician made it clear that it was crucial for her health that we do this. 
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     Take that for whatever it's worth. <<shrug emojii>> </div>

    What should this be worth?  I’m sorry I just can’t believe that you would presume anyone would listen to, or believe, someone who willingly attended massive gatherings of unmasked people during peak of this illness…</div>
    I didn't really expect anyone here to be on my team.  Just a voice crying out in the wilderness... 2020 has been an incredible year for us to find our people, and they are definitely not on the bump.
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