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  • cyanopecyanope member
    @Clobert, I get the dilemma! With DS, DH was SUPER set on the name Beau. I love the name, but my cousin's son is named Beau. So, I wouldn't do it. This time around, DH is pushing for Beau again. I'm wavering because I do love it. And honestly, we NEVER see them.
    I think your situation is more unique. Neither one is "technically" a family member, so there isn't any certainty that they would be a permanent fixture in your life. I would be more likely to use the name of the co-worker over the potential family member. Do you see the co-worker being a part of your life in five years? In ten years? If the answer is, "probably not," then I would go for it! My two cents!

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  • @Clobert - I think it's fine and not awkward. I have a fairly common name and if someone I knew used it, unless it was my own brother, I'd never assume they were naming their kid after me. And even in the case of my brother I'd only assume it's after me because I have a family name that's been passed down (my aunt and grandma both have the same first and middle name).
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  • @clobert,  if you're not super close with them, I doubt they would think you were naming the baby after them. Particularly the co-worker. Also, I love your older two children's names! 
  • @Clobert FWIW,  some casual friends of ours recently had a baby and named it the same name as MH. It's not a super unusual name, but we obviously noticed. We just thought it was a funny coincidence that they chose the name, and didn't feel weird about it at all. 

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  • ClobertClobert member
    Thanks everyone! I feel like if anything it would just mean that the announcement/first zoom call to that side of the family or my coworkers would just be like a big happy joking focus on how we chose their name and then no one would think about it after that.  I don’t think anyone would be angry or anything.  It’s funny, I like names that aren’t totally made up, so I probably have to get over knowing someone with the name.  
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