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Great Big Name Thread

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  • We aren’t talking names yet. We wait until we know the sex. If it’s a boy the middle name will be my husbands first name (family tradition) if it’s a girl the name can’t end in -a because our name ends in -a. 
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  • @surrenderdorothy MH doesn’t offer names either. Just vetos them. I was a school teacher and his family is HUGE so coming up with names that I liked that weren’t already used in his family or didn’t have a negative connotation from teaching was hard. We started with 20ish names and narrowed it down to 4 that we took to the hospital and decided after she was born. We ended up using 2 names from the list and I only like one still of the other 2. 
  • We have names from last time. I am not sure if we will use either of them since they were for that baby and we never got to use them. I really do love the names though...
    Once we know the sex it may be easier to decide.
  • DH has been set on Ella for a girl for years. I’m not set on it. DD hates it because she dislikes a girl her age named the same. I’ll let them duke it out if baby is a girl. No boy names. 
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  • @mrspants0809 I do not envy teachers when it comes to coming up with names! That is so tough. 
  • @emmylou78 I like Ella. Very classic and sweet. 
  • Either Clare or Astrid for a girl.  Astrid had been our girl name if our youngest son had been a girl but Clare was my grandpa's middle name and I've always wanted to honor his memory by naming a child after him. 

    Boys are hard.  Our oldest son was easy, his first name is after my husband.  Then we had a daughter and already had a name picked for her.  Then another boy.  It took forever to pick his name.  We don't like picking boy names because we have a hard time agreeing.  😂
  • @surrenderdorothy but my dogs name is Bella 🥴. Granted, she won’t live forever so I can compromise. He likes Arthur for a boy, which is his friends name, who already goes by a nickname. It’s not my favorite for sure. 
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  • We are stalled on a boys name. Just can't figure one out that either of us like.

    For a girl we are 99% going to go with Maddison. I just hope it's a girl so I don't have to deal with a boys name. We are team green though.

    We decided ages ago that if we have a boy he will get my last name and if it's a girl it will get MH. I feel like he's going to back down on that if it's a boy, but my fingers are crossed. I just really don't want a hyphenated name.
  • @surrenderdorothy My husband doesn't offer anything either.  He also does this really fun thing where instead of just simply saying "no", if he hates the name he yells the name back to me as a question.

    My son is named after my husband and his middle name is my maiden name.  So that was easy. My daughter was a name we loved from a TV show and her middle name is a J named for her two great grandmothers.
    We are Team Green this time and we have basically no boy names we agree one.  Girls will be easier, we have a few that we like.


  • @surrenderdorothy, same boat. DH just says, “no” to about 99% of the names I suggest, but never has any alternatives to offer up. 🙄
    Right now, our front runners are Faye for a girl and Beau for a boy. That may very likely change over the next 33 weeks, but we shall see. 
  • @cyanope I love Faye.  Reminds me of a beautiful fairy or something.  It just sounds magical lol I love it.


  • @ladyk127, thank you! That’s how I feel about it. Plus, I think it goes well with DD’s name (Wren). 
  • @cyanope I love Faye & Wren. 
    Wren is one of my dream names but MH doesn't like it :( 
  • How much do you all factor in name popularity when you're choosing? I'm torn because there's one girl name (Willa) that my husband and I have really liked for a long time, and I always thought that would definitely be our choice if/when we have a girl... but then a big celebrity couple (Sophie Turner from the Game of Thrones TV show and... one of the Jonas brothers, idk which one lol) recently used it and I'm concerned it'll get super popular now. It definitely has all the makings of a girl's name that would be huge right now (ends in -a, kind of old-fashioned), so that's just giving me pause. Do y'all ever worry about that kind of thing?
  • DH is set on Wyatt for a boy but I’m not. I don’t hate it but I don’t want to name my kid that. If it’s a girl Faye and Fiona (short list for DD) are my top 2. Looks like Faye might be popular here! I thought it was a name nobody else would think of lol.  I just saw Ellery today though and it’s kinda growing on me. DS was named before we found out he was a boy but we couldn’t decide on DD’s name. Finally when she was 3 days old I put both options in a bowl and let DS draw one and that was her name lol. 
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    @the_most_happy a few months after we had DS3, the royals had their baby and named him the same thing, Archie. We had tried so hard to think of a different, yet slightly traditional and not too
    out there name... after already doing that with our older two boys. I was so mad! Honestly though, it may be early yet but I think it’s still fairly uncommon.

    I do love the name Willa! You are right, it has that perfect mix.
  • @thereisalight I loooove Archie.  My husband doesn't want that.  Honestly, he says no to everything but John.. and I say to no John so this is a fun game we're playing.
    @the_most_happy I only really pay attention if it's popular at the time.  I've never really thought about whether or not it WILL be popular.  My daughter's name is Sloane, and I never knew anyone that had that name in real life.  Then after she was born, so many people said "oh! i know so-and-so and they named their daughter Sloan" (usually without an "e".  But it hasnt really blown up.  I wouldn't worry too much about it becoming popular someday. You never know what's going to happen.


  • @the_most_happy Popularity is something I think about, but I also consider the fact that somebody, somewhere is going to have the same name so I try not to get too bent out of shape. I think more of if it will grow with them and what it will look like on job applications, college admissions, presidential ballot, etc. 
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  • @the_most_happy We aren’t really factoring in popularity. I have a super common name and it’s never bothered me to be in the same class with girls with the same name. Also, popular today doesn’t mean what it used to. Even the most popular names are still less common than the most popular names in the past ( I’m not even sure how popular our top two picks for girls names are.

    We have two girls names picked that we will probably decide between once baby is here. If it’s a boy...I don’t know! We’ve been talking baby names for years and never agreed on a boy name. It’s part of the reason I’m pretty sure we’ll find out the gender early - if it’s a boy we need the extra time to work on figuring out a name!
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    @pickle-chips Felicity is my fav girl name too. We just received a birth announcement for one of DH’s college friends and they named their daughter Hannah Felicity.  And as someone who is worried about name popularity now I’m like... 😳🧐

    I have a name that recently came back into vogue, courtesy of it being used in a very popular pop culture piece. I never knew anyone with my name growing up and suddenly there are a bunch of little girls with the same name. Definitely a change for me to be in public and hear my name not in reference to me. Lol

    *edit for typos. 
  • We didn't finalize my DDs name until I was 8 months pregnant. Basically, my DH didn't like any names I suggested and then one day said he liked a name. So we went with it, I was pretty indifferent to names anyway. 

    We probably won't discuss names until much later. 

    Personally, I like: 

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    @bmo88 I’ve loved Avery for ages! But it was my dogs name growing up so we won’t use it bc DH thinks that is strange. 

    We have our girl name picked out (Cecilia), but we can’t agree on a boy name to save our lives. DH is a big video game player and antagonizes me by suggesting ridiculous game names. We won’t find out until birth but I’m secretly hoping it’s a girl bc I love the name so much.

    I’m a huge Simon and Garfunkel fan and our family has some funny memories of the song Cecilia from when I was younger, so I love the nod to the history (though DH loves to point out the content of the song when we discuss it as a name lol)

    We want to incorporate my grandfather’s name, Eldean, but I don’t love it for a first name - we will likely do “Dean” as a middle name. My husband’s family also has a traditional family middle name “Assuero” so we’re deciding if we will do 2 middle names if it is a boy. 

    Other names I currently like:
  • We have names picked. We aren't finding out, but either way they will have three names like DS.

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  • @jynjer3, haha...I thought Faye was obscure too! Guess not! 
    @the_most_happy, we also consider popularity. DH loves Harper for a girl. I also love it, but it has become so popular that we won’t do it. 
    @ladyk127, Sloane was on my short list, but DH nixed it (typical). 
  • @surrenderdorothy I wonder how much of that is like when you buy a red car you see red cars everywhere because you’re paying closer attention to them? :D We also try to avoid typically popular names, but when it really comes down to it we’ve just gone with the names we loved regardless.

    Our oldest is Lachlan. My husband had actually never heard the name until I suggested it (not that he’s any kind of measure of name popularity)! A university friend had a baby 2 months before our oldest and they named their kid Lachlan. For a hot minute we considered using a back-up name, but we really loved Lachlan. The friend ended up moving to Australia and we have never met their Lachlan, but there are two other Lachlans at daycare. I still wouldn’t consider the name popular. I think it’s usually hanging out in the 700s on the top 1000 names and realistically we like names that are going to be on this list!

    Although, we did change BB2s name last minute because one of my bffs had her baby one month before and named him a spelling variation of our first choice boys name. Since we knew we’d see them all the time, we picked another name and used our first choice as a middle name. We all laugh about it now and both boys suit their names so perfectly! 

    @baby_yoda1986 Henry is an excellent name!!  ;)
  • @the_most_happy I would pick a name you love regardless of popularity. DD1 was a month old before we chose her name. It was not popular at all at the time (her name is the female version of her grandfather's name who passed before she was born) and now, almost 7 years later it is becoming more and more popular.

    @doodlemom131 Both of my girls have SO's last name. My last name is super common though and I never really liked it so I'm happy for all of our kids to have his last name. I don't love his last name either, but I do like that it's unique.

    Both of our girls are named after relatives (both are actually named after male relatives, but the female versions of the names). We will likely use family members' names again this time. SO is actually big on choosing names. I think names are what got him wanting a 3rd. When DD2 turned 1 he started listing a bunch of middle names he would like to use...we started TTC that cycle. He has actually picked both of our girls' names. I told him I want to pick the name this time. He agreed but I already know he'll probably be the one who chooses. It's funny, we didn't pick DD1's name until she was already a month old...and only because it was the last day we had to register her. DD2 we had her name picked the second we found out tye sex at 10 weeks:)

  • @cyanope I loved Sloane because of that show The Newsroom with Jeff Daniels.  Sloane Sabbath was played by Olivia Munn and she was so cool.  Then everyone else said there was a Sloane in a few different movies/shows (Ferris Bueller and Entourage)  That new holiday movie on Netflix with Emma Roberts, her name in the movie is Sloane.  I think maybe I just notice it more now as opposed to it being more popular, idk. I can't believe my husband liked it.  He hates everything.


  • DD's name was featured in a very popular kid's movie a few months after she was born. I was mildly irritated but it's not a big deal and her name isn't actually all that popular. We've met one other person with her name. I think pick a name you like and don't mind saying 8000 times per day and don't worry about the rest. :) 

    We have a boy's name picked out. Girl's names are harder since we already used one. I ordered a book to help, so hopefully that gives me some brilliant ideas, but we have a few we're considering that we're both ok with, so we'll figure it out.
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  • We haven’t really talked about names. My sister is due in March and chose the boy name I liked when I was pregnant with my youngest DD (I never shared it but also don’t mind).
    I mentioned the middle name Grace so thought first name Emma and DH mentioned Loraine😝 DH also like Bruce for a boy and I don’t know what boy name I like since I don’t want to go with Benjamin anymore. I just don’t like his choices😂😅 We came up with our youngest DDs name because my sister liked Vivian and I’ve always sort of liked it. When I mentioned it to DH he liked it as well. We spell it the French way Vivienne so a little different pronunciation. 
  • @ladyk127, Ferris Bueller is what made me fall in love with Sloane! 
  • We haven’t discussed names yet, I think we’re gun shy and want to wait until the US/heartbeat milestone but I’ve been thinking about it

     He wants to go with his name for a boy but I want the name Benjamin. My grandpa’s name is Benito and I love the similarity and the nickname Benny  

    Whatever name we pick has to sound good in Spanish, so I’ve vetoed some of his picks on that alone. For a girl my favorite names are Ximena, Yaretzi, and Valentina. Boys are Benjamín or Santiago, but he really doesn’t like Santiago  :| 
  • @ladyk127 we love Aaron Sorkin so Sloane and Josiah/Jed were on our list! 

    We were team green last time so still have our old list... will probably dig that up and see how it held up. 
  • I love Ximena, I think it’s so pretty @cocoliso13
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  • @pickle-chips how old is your Lachlan? I'm curious because I named my third loss (delivered him at 20 weeks) Lochlan.

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  • @Kenneylynn3 I am very sorry to hear about your Lochlan. ❤️

    Lachlan will be 4 in February. 
  • If it’s a boy I love the name Asa, BF says no to everything lol For a girl we agreed on Amara Camila :)
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