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  • Also looking for single-syllable middle name options so if anyone else has good suggestions please share!
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  • @alexa_94, I've heard some people say the same thing about Rose, but I think both Rose and Grace are beautiful and classic. 
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  • Agreed, Rose and Grace are both lovely!

  • I would say Rose and Grace are both “common” middle names, which is maybe what people are meaning when they say “basic”... and that’s for good reason! They are pretty, timeless names that go well with a lot of other names, so no wonder they are popular. Rose would be a top middle name contender for us if I didn’t want to save it as a (nick)name for if we ever have another girl!
  • @alexa_94 I'm sorry she was so rude. That's why we choose not to share names until the baby is born.

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  • @loloyoyo26, I love Rosalind/Rosie. 

    Rosemary was on our list from my last pregnancy. I suggested it for this baby, but my daughter vetoed it. Somehow she has decided that all of her stuffed unicorns are names Rosie and a baby Rosie would be one too many. 

  • @alexa_94 I never tell anyone what names we are thinking for that reason.  Some people have no filter!  I think Emilia is beautiful.  I don't know any Emilias so I can't imagine why she would think that's "basic".  I wish we could retire that word already.  Let people live.


  • We’ve always been team green so for our first we made a big list of all the names we each liked, I think there was about 30 total. Then once a week or so we’d shorten it, so we could only “save” 15 names for instance. Slowly, names got cut that neither of us saved, and as we got narrowed down more and more, only names that both of us picked were saved. In the end we had 3 of each, but there was very clearly a #1 choice for each gender, and we ended up with Asher. His middle name is named after my late uncle. 

    When baby 2 came, we already knew the girl name, but all of the boys names we had on our short list just felt wrong because we’d already rejected them once. I saw the name “Caleb” and liked it, it went well with Asher in terms of sound as well as meaning, and my husband liked it too so we just went with it. MH really liked the name Ronin, but I wasn’t sold on it as a first name so that’s his middle name. 

    Baby 3, if it’s a girl, we still have the name Ruby chosen. No middle name yet. We had also shortlisted Miranda, Raina, Liara and Vanessa, but none of those really work as middle names. 
    If this one is a boy I have no idea what we’ll do. Maybe Xander. It was one of our original shortlisted boy names that we both still kinda like, but I don’t think either of us are completely sold on it yet. 
  • @CapricaAndrea I really like the name Ronin. There was a brief moment at the beginning of this pregnancy where I was like OMG what if it's twins?! We added Ronan (same name, spelling diff) to our list. Spoiler: not twins. But I still love that name. 

    How would you pronounce Liara? Like Kiara/Tiara. Lee-ah-ra...Lee-are-ra...I'm bad at phonetics haha.
  • @pickle-chips so funny story, my husband insisted that Ronin was a completely different pronunciation than Ronan, and insisted on that spelling. Well a few months after he’s born, I learn that he heard the name on a podcast (Pod Save America) because the host is married to Ronin Farrow. Except that it’s actually “Ronan” Farrow. I’m not sure if he’s figured that out yet or not 😆 

    Liara is actually an alien character from the game Mass Effect and it’s pronounced “Lee-are-ah”. 
  • When I was pregnant with baby #3 I used a baby name generator that you added like 5 names you love and it generates more names based off that. you go down and could x out of names you hate. Any ideas what that was? I cannot seem to find it anywhere and feel like I am going crazy!
  • @CapricaAndrea - I was wondering if you got Liara from Mass Effect! Once of all time favorite games! 
  • Not that one but something really similar!! 
  • We are team green and have struggled with a boys name.  I think we've finally settled on Archer if it's a boy.  The middle name will be my FIL's name.  My brother is also having a baby and he's having a boy.  My brother is named after my father, and he will name his son after him and my dad so I was okay with using just my FIL's name.  That's where I was struggling because I didnt want to use one without the other.

    For girls he basically hates everything I like.  I loved Briar, Delaney, Carys, Fallon, and Reese.  He likes Reese, but said Briar was a bush and didn't really like Delaney or Carys.  Fallon was okay he said.  My daughter's name is Sloane so I want something "different' like that.  I can't have Sloane and Barbara.. or something.


  • @ladyk127 Like I said above I'm pretty sure we are doing Fallon for our girl! 
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  • @ladyk127 - I love Archer! My husband has vetoed any names ending in “er” though because our last name also ends in “er” and he doesn’t like the way it sounds.

    I also really like Reese. 
  • CapricaAndreaCapricaAndrea member
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    @ladyk127 try the site I linked above, I bet you can find some really cool unique names using Sloane and your short list as starting points 

    eta: throwing in Quinn, Sutton, Wren, Lurah, Piper and Raina as possibilities 
  • Thoughts on alliterative names? I really like the name Della, but our last name begins with a D as well. Trying to decide if that's a deal breaker. I've also thought of more formal birth names we could give her:  Cordelia, Adele, or Adeline for which we could use Della as a nickname. 

    Now that we know the sex,  the huz has agreed to talk names, but he's been very lukewarm about any name I suggest. 
  • @grogu, I really like Freya Marie. But, it would be special for your DD to have a voice in naming. Our DS chose my daughter's name out of a selection we discussed. Four years later, he still proudly tells people that he named his sister.
  • @claireloSC Yes! I forgot you said you were going with Fallon.  The only reason I'm hesitant to use Fallon is because we're going with Taryn as a middle name (it's my mom's name and his mom's name mixed together) and Fallon Taryn sounds weird to me.  Sarah is also both of our mom's names mixed together AND my grandma's name so we could use that as a middle name instead but he doesnt really like that name.

    @dancingnarwhal I also really like Reese and it sounds better with the middle name we picked, Taryn.

    @CapricaAndrea I started using it yesterday! I like it! I do like Quinn also, but it's my (boy) cousin's middle name so it reminds me of him.  I like him lol but it just feels like a boy name to me.  I hadn't thought about Sutton before though.  I'll run that one by my husband.

    @grogu I like Freya Rose!  And cute that your daughter would have a hand in picking it.  My son (6) wants Penny for a girl and Flash for a boy.  My daughter (2) said to stop asking her.  


  • @coastalmomma3 Alliterative names can be fine, I think it really depends on the specific last name. Like Della Delaire might be a bit much, but Della Dupont would be fine.
    Though using it a nickname is a good solution as well. Those names would all work well with Della as a nickname.
  • @coastalmomma3 - I like alliterative names though it is another blanket veto from my husband as he very much does not like alliterative names lol 

    I think if you and your partner are fine with it then you don’t need to worry about it! I do like Adele as a more “formal” name and Della as a nickname. 
  • @grogu that is so sweet that your daughter has opinion (and a lovely one Freya Rose). Our oldest thinks we should use his name for the new baby; no help at all!

    @coastalmomma3 I like alliterative names! Our girls name pick would be alliterative Felicity F. But I agree with @CapricaAndrea that it can depend on what the last name is.
  • @pickle-chips, DD (5 yo) wants this baby to have her middle name as it's first name. She insists. I keep telling her that it doesn't work that way! 
    @coastalmomma3, I LOVE alliterative names. DD is Wren R (not *technically* alliterative based on letters, but it is by sound), and I have always loved the flow of it. 
  • @coastalmomma3 my H and I stressed over that too because our favorite boy name would have been alliterative with our last name (and more so than just having a common first letter- it had a similar ending sound too). We're having a girl so it doesn't matter for now, but ultimately we were leaning away from using it for that reason. I love your formal names that could work with Della as a nickname, I think that's the best of both worlds!
  • Both my names are kind-of alleriterative. We ended up going with a double last name, I didn't change mine so it will be either Madeline or Max D M. I think it works. As someone who had every letter but 3 in her full name, I appreciate the alphabet haha 

    @ladyk127 I love the idea of combining names for your middle. We're both indifferent on the middle name of the opposite sex, so no compromise there. But I have always wanted to change our last names to be a combo, MacDouch just wouldn't slide 😅
  • @doodlemom131 HA! Yeah I'm with you.. "Kockson" wouldn't fly either.


  • Okay we have 3 middle names 
    Emilia Jane (Jane is my moms name)
    Emilia Louise (we thought about Louise for DD2s middle name but used Elise instead and DH likes it)
    Emilia Lucille (DH likes the nickname Emmy Lou so I thought this would still give him that)

    I’m not sure on either and feel like they don’t flow. I really liked Emilia Grace and then realized Someone from my O18 named her daughter this exact name and just feel like that might be awkward. 
  • @alexa_94 can’t go wrong with any of those options imo! I like Louise best just as a name in a vacuum but I think they all sound good together.
  • @alexa_94 - I LOVE the name Louise so that's what I would go with. And I think you could still do the nickname Emmy Lou with Louise as the middle name.
  • @The_most_happy @dancingnarwhal I guess I just get cold feet when it comes to names😅 out of the 3 my husband does prefer Louise so maybe he should just pick since I’m undecided. I know we have 19ish more weeks and I’m pretty sure DD2 didn’t get her middle name until we were filling out the birth certificate😳🤪

  • @dancingnarwhal I really wanted Emmy Lou for DD. I still prefer it for this girl but DH wants Ella Louise instead of Emma. 

    @coastalmama I loathed my Double H name growing up and into adulthood! I really liked the name Harper (as did my ex) but it would’ve had the first three letters as my maiden name, which was a big nope from me. 
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  • @coastalmomma3, that’s partly how I ended up with choosing my DDs name- choosing a formal name to match the short name that I liked.  I also feel like you can’t go wrong with an alliterative name. 

    @alexa_94, I think Emilia Louise sounds good! I agree  with @dancingnarwhal that Emmy Lou would still work with Louise as the middle. If you really like Emilia Grace I wouldn’t worry about your other BMB- I think it was said earlier there is a reason that Grace is a middle name.  It’s so classic.  

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  • Thanks for the feedback! Our last name starts with Di, so I don't think De.. would be too repetitive of a sound.  
    In any case, because I'm so indecisive and my husband so lukewarm about names, we're going to test out a new name every week by referring to baby by that name to see if it feels right. This week she was Zoe. We'll try Della next week! 
  • I have a slight dilemma, 2 names that I like for my third baby we know someone in our lives with the name but we’re not really naming them “after” that person.  We’re having a boy and I like Owen and Logan.
    1. close cousins long term boyfriend (probably will get married).  They’re on family trips before and now 2 zooms a week.  
    2. a very close coworker of my husband. 
    The names aren’t super rare or anything, but not the most common name in the country or like John or something. 
    Is that awkward? 
     Also open to more suggestions to go with Evangeline and Colin.

  • I got the app “kinder” and it’s really fun.  You link with your partner and you both swipe right or left on names suggestions and then it tells you which ones you matched on.  It was actually very helpful and fun, better than having the other person shut down name after name in person.
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