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  • I just found an app called Kinder (by found I mean I was lurking the September board). Basically you swipe yes or no on baby names and your partner does the same, so you can see which names you both like.

    We're still stumped on a boy name, and I ~feel~ like this is a boy so that's not good!
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  • @doodlemom131 thanks for the recommendation, I'm going to check this out today! We're in the same boat, I just can't find a boy name I'm fully in love with that also works for my H (who is pretty easy-going about this stuff... really I just can't find a boy name I'm fully in love with, period).
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  • @doodlemom131 I've never heard of that!  If it's a boy we are screwed on names so I feel like this is necessary.  Thanks!!


  • @doodlemom131 we used that with our last baby and it was great!  We had SO much trouble finding a boy name we both liked!  He's hoping this one is a girl just so don't have to pick another boy name.  😂🤣😂
  • I'm the opposite, we have our boy name picked out but struggling if we have another girl!
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  • @doodlemom131 - I have a similar app called BabyName. No agreed on boy names yet but I think my husband won't really get into the name discussion until we know the sex.
  • @dancingnarwhal we used BabyName too - some of those names are ridiculous though  :lol:

    We have a running list of girl names that we love and no boy names, so this one will definitely be a boy. I can't reuse names from previous pregnancies though, so we start from scratch every time. UGH. My H has a boy name he loves (our brothers' middle names) that I hate so ... that's not going to work out.
  • We haven't talked names and won't until we hear the heartbeat and probably not until we know the sex. My DD was easy, I mentioned just a few boys and girls names I really liked before we knew the sex. He said no to some but never really commented other than that. We found out we were having a girl at the 20-week ultrasound and he immediately called our parents afterward saying things like, "it's a girl, and her name is Sutton!" ha... worked out for me! 

    Our boy was much harder to name. DH is the oldest of three boys and I swear every name I mentioned reminded him of someone he knew/disliked from their childhood... or one of them "wrestled" growing up so obvi that name was a sworn enemy or something. Either way, I think boy names are harder. 

    All of our names also end with an "n", so not that I'm 100% tied to doing that, I also don't want the 5th and final member of the fam to sound completely out of place when listing our names. I know, that's weird. I'm an overthinker. 


  • Also - in case any of you need some great ideas... this never gets old!! LMAO 


  • @coastalmomma3 I am very much on board with Bacon John.
  • @coastalmomma3 Love Waffle.  My son named my daughter Monkey Juice while I was pregnant with her and was convinced that was really her name because everyone called her that after he said it.


  • @ladyk127 I certainly hope that he still calls her that from time to time. 
  • @coastalmomma3 He does as a joke sometimes. He named her monkey juice after the Danimals yogurt drinks that have a monkey on the bottle. So she calls those monkey juices now which is cute 


  • @ladyk127, my kids call them monkey drinks! 😂
  • @cyanope  lol None of them are wrong, and we know what they're talking about


  • I had a boy name all picked out (Sebastian) but another girl name is going to be tough.
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  • @claireloSC I love Sebastian!  My husband and I can't agree on any boy names so we downloaded Kinder (as suggested above) and we only matched on two names.  Josephine and Adeline so that's not helpful lol 
    At least you have plenty of time.  Is DD excited to have a sister?


  • @claireloSC this always happens to us! If we have a boy name, baby is a girl. If we have a girl name, baby is a boy. We have a ton of girl names this time around so this one is probably a boy. UGH. 

    Weirdly enough, I found most of the names I like by following this lady who makes felt pennants on Instagram @ eventidepennantco. They're super cute and tend to be less typical (but not ~*tReNdY*~) names. 
  • @claireloSC I love flower names for girls! My good friend is Camellia (she doesn't do nicknames hah) and one of my husband's friends have girl named Calla (like the lily). I'm partial to Iris and Jasmine. But we have short Asian last name so that didn't work out.
  • @hannelorre I knew a girl in university named Iris Lo, I think it was a beautiful name. Don't sell yourself short 😉
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    @claireloSC my daughter is Magnolia! Love flower names. (eta: or tree names? Whatever)
  • @claireloSC Love Fallon.  That is on our list as well.  My son suggested Flash, and honestly the way this is going we may have to go with that.


  • @dancingnarwhal you just made me have a vivid flashback to a time in high school when my friends and I heard the name "Eggbertina" somewhere and thought it was the funniest thing ever and said we were going to give our future daughters that name. So for anyone out there struggling with a girl name, I offer that up as a solution! 
  • So excited to see the name Lachlan come up. That is our boy name. Lachlan Alaric. I also loved the name Ellis, but that was going to be the boy name when I had my last babies (when I wasn't sure yet if boy or girls). Ended up with twin girls and that was with my Ex husband so I don't feel it right to use that name with my now husband! lol. My husband is Scottish so we wanted something from that culture. 

    For our girl name, we agreed on Adriel (pronounced add-ree-el). It is more supposed to be pronounced A-dree-el, but we like the softer beginning sound. Adriel Elora.
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  • Well, I'm getting impatient for H to be ready to discuss names, so I'll post here to discuss with you all. For girls I like: Rosemary, Willa, Cordelia, or Pearl. For boys: Desmond, Ezra, or Milo. Middle will likely be a family name TBD. 
  • @the_most_happy We gave my daughter my middle name. I took my husband's last name when we married, and the kids have his last name. It was my way of passing something down to her. 

    We've also been looking at middle names that have meaning to us as a couple. For example, if we don't use Pearl as a fn, we may use it as a middle. It's a reference to a poem that my husband wrote for me while we were in college. We've also considered June as a middle name in a nod to our anniversary month. 

  • @coastalmomma3 aww I love that! That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m hoping we’ll come up with, I just need to keep wracking my brain a bit more.
  • @the_most_happy, I'm sure you'll think of something perfect. We still have months to go, after all. 
  • Congrats @Alexa_94. Emilia is a beautiful name.
  • @alexa_94 - Emilia is so pretty! 
  • I love Emilia (and she's one of my favorite characters in Shakespeare ), but I had a student that totally ruined it for my own use. With a multi syllable first name I'd probably go for a shorter middle. Suggesting....

    Emilia June 
    Emilia Pearl
    Emilia Anne
    Emilia Rose. 
  • @coastalmomma3 my sister also recommended Rose so I’ve added it to my small list. I was thinking Grace but SIL is a bit rude and said it’s “basic” and then started coming up with other first names. I just sat there, afterward told DH that she was rude and he agreed. But other than her negative attitude DH didn’t seem to care for Grace so I’ll run Rose by him.  
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