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To early for a hospital bag thread?


Re: To early for a hospital bag thread?

  • @keebler6elf I'm also bringing 2 or 3 options, mostly to have different sizes. I think I'll have a onesie with pants and a blankie in two different sizes, and then a newborn, light cotton footie.
  • We will bring a newborn option and a 0-3 month option. My first went home in a newborn onsie that barely fit him lol, and my second went home in a 0-3 month outfit. It had room to grow, but he looked comfier than big brother did going home haha

    We never dressed them during our hospital stay though. They stayed in the little shirts the hospital provides, diaper and were swaddled in the hospital blankets. Will probably do the same for this one 
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  • I wasn't even thinking about sizing until reading all these helpful replies! Thanks, ladies.
  • @nolemomma14
    How much did your boys weigh at birth??
  • @Cbeanz they both weighed exactly the same! Haha! 8lbs 10oz. 

    I think the newborn onsie my oldest wore, was just one of those weird ones that ran a bit small. They estimated my youngest would weigh 9lbs or slightly more, so that’s why we went with the 0-3 month outfit for him. This time I’ll just bring one of each for this baby! 
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  • @keebler6elf Even with DD being born in June in Florida, hospitals are cold and you really want them bundled. They wear hats to regulate their body temp and all that. We also keep our house pretty cool, so most likely this little guy will be in long sleeves for a bit. 
  • PSA! Just got some cute socks with grips on the bottom from the dollar spot at target! They were $3 for a pack of three. I'm planning to pack them for the hospital because I hate the hospital ones! And I don't want to always wear slippers.
  • I bet mumus are soooooo comfortable!
  • @cindler I actually just went and looked some up online...I actually do wish I had a closet full of them now!
  • I was not prepared to look so pregnant still  after I gave birth with my first. I think I continued to wear my maternity tanks for a week or two until it went down. 
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  • msimimsimi member
    @nopegoat good tip. I didn’t know how pregnant women still looked after giving birth until recently when a couple of women I follow online posted some postpartum pictures. I was kind of shocked but I’m glad I’m prepared now instead of feeling like shit about myself when I’m a hormonal mess right after giving birth. 
  • I wore some of my maternity clothes for at least 2-3 months after DS1! No shame. It was the most comfortable. 
  • I lived in yoga pants and tank tops after DD was born. I don't think I even attempted to put on jeans for at least 3 months after. Even though my weight went back to pre preg quickly my body shape was totally different and it took a while for the belly to go down enough to do up my regular pants. Plus my rib cage spread (this never went back to normal) and your body will typically hold on to pockets of fat if you are BFing. So I second what everyone is saying about being prepared for post birth body changes.
  • Another +1 on the body changes. I weighed 15 pounds less when I had my son than when I got pregnant with him. I let my hormonal self get super upset because none of my old clothes fit me right. I will not even try to get into my old jeans for a couple of months this time.
  • msimimsimi member
    Reupping this now that most of us are in the third trimester. STMs: when did you actually pack your hospital bag?
  • That’s a really good tip @nopegoat I’m definitely taking the pants I’m currently wearing today with me. They’re so comfy! 
  • @msimi I don’t actually remember when I packed a bag, but with this one I’ll probably get everything together around 36 weeks. Aside from the baby’s stuff, the majority of what I was bringing, I used in my day to day life, so there was a lot I just grabbed right before heading to the hospital (tooth brush, hair brush, phone charger, other toiletries) even the pants I wore home, I wore a lot on a regular basis, so those got thrown in at the end 
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  • key33key33 member
    @msimi - With my first I never got to pack one. My water broke at 38w 4d and I scrambled to get everything together and go. With my second, I was mostly packed by 37 weeks. I plan on packing this one around 36 weeks (with the exception of day 2 day items and my clothes).
  • Thanks for all the tips, everyone.  I think I'll get started on a list soon, in case I have to buy some things (looking at your lists, I do need some stuff). 

    I don't usually wear much makeup if any, but I was absolutely planning to pack some, especially because of pictures, but also because I think it'll make me feel better.  If I don't end up using it, no big deal.
  • So as a scheduled RCS with YDS and this LO I will pack the night before. Except my phone and laptop charger which I will pack that morning before we leave. As for what I am taking...

    I'm hoping someone grabs me the nursing gown and tanks that are on my registry, if not I will try and buy a couple before June. I'll take my phone, my chromebook, my knitting and crochet, a boppy - damn I hope someone gets me a boppy... I need to go put one on my registry! 
  • I can't remember packing a bag last time, but I must have! I think I'll wait until like 37/38 weeks probably? Oh I DO remember making a little list for on top of the bag of the last min things to throw in there like chargers and such so Kevin had a cheat sheet. 
  • I may post about this in a few places that seem relevant, and I hope it doesn't drive people crazy! I love Latched Mama clothes! They are so cute a comfy for nursing friendly items, and their little company has come SO FAR since I had my first and they only had a few options and a clearly low photography budget. I'll post the labor/hospital gown here since it's come up a few times. 

  • Do you have take-home outfits picked out yet? I can't find any I like, and I'm not sure if I should go onesie for a July baby or something warmer?
  • Crap! I have fuck all for my kid to wear home!!!! I have a bunch of (wonderful - grateful for them) hand-me-downs from co-workers, but I would like a cute take home outfit. I need to make the 3 hour drive to Anchorage for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is being near real stores to do some shopping. 
  • @foodislove no outfit picked out yet. My first was a summer baby and he went home in a long sleeve onsie and just put a muslin blanket over him. We were given a super cute baby button up sweater/jacket that looks like it was knit, so it’s breathable. I’m kind of leaning towards a short sleeve onsie and that over it. It is a newborn size, so I know she won’t be using it in the winter. 
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  • I’m gonna let my boys choose an outfit for her after my baby shower! 
  • I have a few outfit options for the take home, think I'll just be bringing a handful and see what makes the most sense in the moment. 
  • I'm leaning towards a short sleeved onesie we used for our pregnancy announcement and pants. I'm also going to bring along a knotted gown from Lou Lou and Co in case I change my mind. You can leave it unknotted to wear in the carseat. 
  • I have a nursing gown and robe packed already for me. I have a pair if super comfy mat pj bottoms that ate way too big on me but that I love that I will take with me too...I was so so swollen afyer my CS with DD when I went home...even though it was a week after the fact...that I am anticipating the swelling this time and bringing clothing for me that makes sense. The rest I'll probably pack around 36 weeks. I'll think about buying diapers and wipes at that point too just in case baby decides to come early. I'm not doing anything special for the take home outfit. Just a long sleeve footed sleeper my DD wore since she'll be in an air conditioned car coming home to an air conditioned house.
  • I thought you weren't supposed to dress a newborn in a onesie until their umbilical stump falls off? (Or at least that's what my mom told me...)
    And what size "bag" does everyone typically pack? A backpack? Duffel bag? Carry-on luggage?
  • @hestia14 With DS1, the hospital told us no onesies until it fell off. I see a lot of people using onesies right away though. I’m using a backpack.
  • hinoteshinotes member
    @hestia14 @mama_bear19 I was wondering about this.  Would a sleeper have the same issue of being in contact with the umbilical area?  I was originally planning to do a side snap shirt with pants (waist sitting lower than the belly button), but I'm finding more options I like in sleepers.  
  • @hinotes we used sleepers until it fell off. I think they are looser on the belly button area.   I’m hoping rompers are loose enough as well since this LO will be a summer baby.  I’ve heard a lot of people say they never heard of not using onesies right away so idk if it just depends on which nurse you get at the hospital or what.
  • We were never told anything about clothing. Only bathing. DD was in sleepers right away...but we were never told anything about not using onesies. She was a January baby though so I can't remember when we started using onesies but it was definitely before the belly button fell off. I imagine as long as it's not tight it should be fine.
  • @hestia14 I use a small duffel bag, really more like an overnight bag.

    I've never been told not to dress a newb because of the cord. My babies basically stay naked (diaper only) unless we leave the house anyways though. 
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  • My understanding is that a zipper rubbing directly on the cord stump can cause some irritation... it’s not really a matter of it being a onsie.
  • The zipper or snaps never caused irritation for LO. I would just make sure the fabric is loose enough in that area regardless of the type of clothing.
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