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To early for a hospital bag thread?


Re: To early for a hospital bag thread?

  • @strickland8052 my initial thought was a dress, but I’ll only do that if I get a nursing friendly dress.  I don’t want an outfit that isn’t nursing friendly in case baby gets hungry before discharge.  If I don’t get a dress that would work, I’ll probably wear black maternity shorts and a top home.  Maternity shorts bc it takes time for everything to go back. Black because of possible blood. 
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  • I'll be an RCS so I'll likely be there for 2 to 3 nights. On my list so far:


    Nursing nightgown 
    Flip flops
    Toiletries  (face wash, toothpaste, hair brush, elastics, shampoo)
    Phone and charger
    Books to read
    Clothes to wear home  (maternity track pants and a loose fitting nursing top and bra...I had regular yoga pants and a nursing top with DD but I was so so swollen after the CS that I felt so uncomfortable going home. Plus I could barely get my boots on:/).


    Halo sleep sac (they keep L&D pretty cold at night)
    A lightweight romper
    Car seat

    I plan on stealing all the mesh undies again (they wash surprisingly well and I still have a few pairs from previous hospital stays). The hospital gave us wipes, diapers, formula, bottles and nipples, feeding tubes and syringes last time (DD had feeding issues). 
  • I took a few pairs of mesh undies too. I actually had a nurse fuss at me for still wearing them on day 2 or 3 after the cs and she didn’t want to bring anymore. She made a big deal about me still wearing them.  They didn’t bother my incision and I wasn’t ruining regular underwear so I wanted to wear them.  I didn’t understand the attitude. 
  • Which of these would you wear for labor, if the hospital let you? I super hated the gowns last time (I was uncomfortable for a lot of reasons), and these are supposed to be hospital/labor/epidural friendly. 


  • @foodislove the 2nd one looks more comfortable to me. But I like te simplicity of the first. Still...I think the 2nd. They are both beautiful though! I'd wear either one!
  • @foodislove I had one very similar to the first and loved it. Not for delivery itself but recovery and during early maternity leave. I think the shoulder ties on the second one would drive me crazy. The snaps are better 
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  • @foodislove I was actually thinking about labor gowns tonight and was going to ask for suggestions from anyone that brought their own last time. The hospital provided the ugliest bright ass yellow ones last time and since this is probably the last kiddo coming from my body I wanted something a bit cuter for those first moment pics. So petty but oh well lol.

    I love that first one you linked! 
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  • I was naked I think. My water broke all over my gown towards the end, and they just pulled it off me. I was up showering/walking around about 3 hours afterwards and I’d brought a cute robe and pajama set for pictures. I got it from GAP and it was a nursing top with bottoms that still fit. Most comfy pjs ever. 
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  • @nopegoat I ordered a Baby Be Mine robe and gown from amazon for this time. I probably won’t wear them until after baby is here to limit ruining them and be able to wear them for the hospital stay afterwards. They seem nice and had many patterns. The gown has snaps at the shoulders for nursing.
  • I'm pretty sure I went home in black pj/yoga pants and a black nursing top - super comfortable and soft and with a cardigan on top I didn't feel exactly like I was just wearing pjs. 
    I think this time it'll be some sort of sundress most likely, I think I ordered one from latched mama already and it's at the back of my closet. 
  • I ordered a nursing night gown and robe. They were on sale so why not. The gown is a little big but at the rate I'm going I'll grow into it:/ Plus if it's anything like last time it will be totally covered in blood by the next morning anyways. I ended up getting it for like 15$ so I don't mind throwing it out after. I also ended up ordering some maternity pj bottoms. I was going to save them to come home in but they're so comfy I'm wearing them around the house already. They're way too big but I got them for 5$. And did I mention sooooo comfy?
  • @Panaceia where'd you find your deals?
  • @cindler I get most of my stuff from Thyme Maternity (I'm in Canada so not sure if it's the same for the US). They have sales or clearance on items often so I wait until there are a few items they are trying to get rid of due to lack of inventory and them just buy them. I got a few sweaters for next to nothing since they only had one size left. The mat pj pants were the same:)
  • Thyme is seriously the best. You used to be able to order it through babies r us in the US but, alas, no more. The quality is so much better than Motherhood.
  • I love thyme! Got a coupon to use soon... mama needs a new comfy bra!
  • One more reason Canada is better... lol
  • @Cbeanz I thought my almost three year old would never stop nursing. New year's day I said that was it. He was only nursing at night time so after two nights of him screaming that he "needed" it now he sleeps better than ever. I am pregnant with twins so looks like I'll still be tandem feeding 
  • @cb123391 You are the nursing queen! 
    I think we are getting close to being done over here bc I think I stopped producing. She pointed at my boob and said "Doesn't work. Want new one." But I told her these are the only two I have! And she didn't freak out. Haha!
  • @nopegoat This my last planned pregnancy as well, and I really want to not hate my photos (and be comfortable) this last go round. I'm personally leaning more towards the Pretty Pushers because I dislike snaps so much, but we'll see as I get closer.
  • I think I’m definitely going to add a gown to my hospital bag this time. I’ll use the hospital one for labor and delivery, but would like to have something else for recovery. A good friend of mine is a photographer and is going to come to the hospital to get pictures of the boys meeting the baby for the first time, so I would really like to look somewhat presentable in them! When my oldest came to the hospital to meet our second son, I was just in the hospital gown, which was fine, but I do wish from time to time that I had been wearing something else for those pictures. 
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  • @strickland8052 my first was also a summer baby and wore a cotton maternity skirt and maternity tank top. Thinking I'll probably do a dress this time or maybe the same skirt with tank top to make breastfeeding easier.
  • I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet... Do we have any oily mamas in our group? (No, this is not a sales pitch!) I have taken a diffuser to the hospital both times - for labor with my first that ultimately ended in a c-section - and for our post partum room with my second. I take a few oils that help me stay chilled out, and I think it helps with a relaxed atmosphere in general! :) 
  • @nerdtoyourmother it never occurred to me that I could bring a diffuser for recovery. I love this idea. What are your favorite blends? I love Tranquil from Plant Therapy.
  • @Cbeanz - YL user here... some digging online tells me that your Tranquil is almost identical to my Peace and Calming which is my NUMBER ONE FAVORITE! It's a must for my hospital bag along with Stress Away (Worry Free) and Gentle Baby. I've probably also used Frank on the area around my incision and lavender in the peri-bottle after pushing with my 1st. 
  • 2 thing that weren’t super obvious for me to pack the first time (but i did the 2nd) were large bathroom towel (our hospital ones were small and not soft) and to grab my comfy pillow with a dark pillowcase 
  • @nerdtoyourmother I can’t stand P&C! I can only handle 2. Definitely planning on bringing gentle baby and stress away, also thinking deep relief roll-on will be handy, and maybe my valor?  
    Digging the idea of some stuff for the peri bottle. 
  • @nerdtoyourmother
    we use oils a lot..... honestly I haven’t even thought of bringing oils to the hospital for my first two

    do hospitals allow you to diffuse in rooms? Wondering even if a bottle of some to just sniff even would be helpful 
  • @Ashers423 I would assume that you should check your hospital's policy since so many places are adopting fragrance-free rules due to allergies and sensitivities of the staff, patients and visitors. 
  • Anyone have post partum bottom-spray recipes? I'm thinking of making my own this time. Seeing  witch Hazel and aloe vera plus essential oils on some Pinterest boards.
  • @cbeanz I am going to do padsicles in prep for my vbac: https://www.mamanatural.com/padsicles/ -- it has a recipe for a pad spray that I would imagine could also be used for a bottom spray. 
  • I made padsicles with my first. Large pad, witch hazel, aloe and lavender. Will make a bunch and put them in freezer this time too. 
  • @Ashers423 my hospital has them already in the room. Just bring your oils or they have a few they have on site. I was shocked when I saw that on their site, but knowing the county my hospital is in, not that big of a surprise! Bunch o hippies! Haha. 
  • Also gonna recommend for non-oil mommas to think about packing some peppermint oil, in case of nausea. With my emergency c-sec, the meds they gave me for surgery made me so nauseated I swore I was gonna throw up. Our doula doused a washcloth with water water and peppermint, and DH held them by my face during the surgery - only reason I was able to not hurk my guts out during the whole ordeal, it saved me. Definitely packing peppermint for us this time.
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    I'm a little baffled about how to plan for a going home outfit for the LO. It may be really hot, but we will be going from hospital to car and then straight home. Light pants? Bare legs with a light blanket? 
  • @keebler6elf I was just thinking about this and although my original thought was a top and a diaper cover, but bare legs and properly fitting car seat straps don't always feel good and the AC will likely be blasting. Maybe a short sleeve or tank romper of some sort? 
  • @keebler6elf I wasn’t sure so I’m taking a romper, a sleeper, and a shirt w light pants so I have options.
  • +1 to @mama_bear19 . I'm taking 3 options just in case. We'll be in the hospital for at least 3 days anyways so I'll likely end up using them all at some point anyways.
  • @keebler6elf my first was a summer baby too and he was in a short sleeved onesie with pants and a light cotton blanket on top. I'll probably do the same for this one also.
  • @keebler6elf I am bringing three options. Since we are team green, one boy sleeper and one girl sleeper and then the gender neutral sleeper my son wore when we brought him home. I thought it would be a nice tradition to bring the babies home in the same sleeper, only issue is it's a fuzzy sleeper and may be too warm. It gets hot here in the summer days but cools down in the evening so all depends when we leave the hospital!

    While staying in hospital (1.5days after birth) we did not dress DS in anything but diaper and a thicker swaddle. He was warm enough and it allowed for easy diaper changes.

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