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To early for a hospital bag thread?


Re: To early for a hospital bag thread?

  • I was never told that my babies couldn’t wear onesies or sleepers either. They both did constantly until their cord fell off and they were just fine! 
  • hakelehakele member
    Do you guys think a kimono style outfit would work better? 
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  • @hakele I loved the carters kimono tops with long fold over sleeves when DS was a newborn and wearing diapers and a top at home. I can’t say the kimono rompers were much different than a zip romper as far as ease of dress. As far as umbilical stump, nothing was super tight in the first 2 weeks before it fell off so not a concern with outfit choices. 
  • mamanbebe said:
    @hakele I loved the carters kimono tops with long fold over sleeves when DS was a newborn and wearing diapers and a top at home. I can’t say the kimono rompers were much different than a zip romper as far as ease of dress. As far as umbilical stump, nothing was super tight in the first 2 weeks before it fell off so not a concern with outfit choices. 
    Pretty much this for us. We had M in onesies because of the heat for the most part, no irritation. My only concern was when he peed all over his cord and I freaked out because we weren't supposed to get it wet. FTM problems.
  • @hakele I liked the kimono style for my first who was a summer baby too. But I honestly wouldn't worry about the umbilical stump! As long as what you choose isn't skin tight it shouldn't be a problem! 
  • cindlercindler member
    Ok, so keeping the hospital bag by the door makes sense, if I go into labor at home.  For those of you who worked the whole time, did you cart the hospital bag(s) with you to work every day too?

    I'm worried I'll go into labor at work and all my stuff will be 20 miles away at home.
  • @cindler I always left mine at home, but there was nothing in it that I planned to used during the actual labor and delivery part. I figured if I went into labor at work or away from the house at all, I would be fine without the bag until either my husband or someone could go grab it from our house. With my first I went into labor at home, but didn’t bring the bag into the hospital initially because I wasn’t sure if I would be admitted or sent back home to labor. I was admitted, but it was still a few hours before I even remembered the bag and sent my husband to grab it from the car 
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  • +1 to @nolemomma14 and @Cbeanz . My contractions started around 10am and I didn't head to the hospital until 11pm and then laboured in hospital for 27 hours before the ECS. We brought my bag but left it in the car since I really didn't need it until after baby was here and we were settled. Even when contractions were getting regular I waited for SO to get home from work and then go to Ikea to get a few last minute things, made (and ate) dinner with SO (I had a feeling we wouldn't be eating for a while) and then we watched a movie. I didn't go in until contractions were around 3 minutes apart and even then I was still only at 6cm when I arrived at the hospital.
  • +1 to @Panaceia @Cbeanz and @nolemomma14! I had my bag packed so early “just in case” and went all the way to 41+5 without ever having a contraction :) when I eventually did go into “labor” I walked to the hospital. Retrospectively I wish I had labored longer at home first since I was only at 1cm when I got there and may have been able to relax more in my “natural” surroundings! But I was so excited to finally have contractions haha.
  • A friend of mine who was due 3mo ahead of me delivered at 34wk, so that's the deadline I gave myself to pack. At that point I packed the Plan B hospital bag, and around 36 wk I packed the regular bag (for the birth center). This time I'm planning to deliver at home, and I'll probably pack a Plan B bag again.
    No going home outfit :)
    I haven't figured out what I want to wear or have available to wear while laboring. Last time I was naked much of the time, but this time a family member will be our photographer and I'm not sure whether I'll be comfortable with that. 
  • I packed a bag with my first pregnancy (induced vaginal birth) but really all I needed in the hospital was an outfit for baby, a going home outfit for myself, and my phone 🤷
    They provide wipes, diapers, nipple cream, Vaseline, pads, and nesh panties and really idk what else you could need. Plus our hospital is literally 10 mins from the house if I had needed something I could have sent DH. Maybe it's different if you have a c section?
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  • @jasonsgirl92 No different for a CS only you might be in the hospital a little longer. I brought virtually nothing with DD. A sleeper and sleep sack (plus hat and blanket as she was a winter baby) and clothes for me to wear home. SO had to go home to get me toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and comb since I hadn't thought to pack this stuff (I thought I was going to be in the hospital for like a day but was in for a week). I'm hoping to only spend 36 hours in the hospital this time if the RCS goes well so other than packing a few more clothes for baby and some pjs for myself I'm trying to pack light again. We only live 10 minutes from the hospital so it's easy to go back and forth if needed:)
  • Ugh, given our three hour trip at the hospital yesterday, I finally threw stuff together into our hospital bag. I still need leggings for me, some socks and a fresh shirt for DH, snacks, toothbrushes, and our boppy. But I have my rob, the baby's things, some deoderant, my own non-skid socks, some things for labor like lavender spray and a heatable rice sock. Just need to keep this in the car now, ready to go. Yikes!
  • key33key33 member
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    Cbeanz said:
    @cindler for a FTM, going into labor IRL isn't a rush like in the movies. From the start of regular contractions (or your water breaking,) you have like 8+ HOURS to safely get yourself to the hospital. The longer you labor outside the hospital as a FTM, the better off you are (fewer early interventions can help your labor progress). Plus with the new ACOG recommendations some hospitals won't admit moms until they're 5cm dilated! So, I'd keep the bag at home. 
    I’m sorry, but this is not true for everyone and not good advice. Not all FTM’s have 8+ hours from that point. For some, it will be a rush to the hospital. I was a FTM who labored and delivered in under 5 hours. It was advice like this that left me completely unprepared and shocked about how quickly things escalated. FTM’s should be prepared for anything, because you never know.

    With my first, my water broke at home around 3:30. I had no pain and no regular contractions (only random tightening, it felt like BH). I called the OB around 4,  and they told me to take my time and head to the hospital. Within the next 45 minutes, I could barely stand, let alone walk. When I got to the hospital, they didn’t even check me in at the front desk. My contractions were less than a minute apart,  and I was already dilated to a 7. My daughter was born at 8:15 PM.

    I had a completely healthy pregnancy with no complications and no way of knowing I would labor and deliver as fast as I did. It’s not the “norm,” but it does happen.  

    I'll add that this all happened at 38w 4d and I packed my bag after my water broke. 
  • In my baby & birthing class, they told us to talk to our mom and find out how quickly her first labor progressed. There isn't a guarantee that you will have the same experience, but genetics can play a role in it. 
  • Bear14+Bear14+ member
    @fromcatstokids My Mom was over 41 weeks with her first. Mine was 37 weeks. Sooooo... nothing is really a guarantee! Who knows... 
  • key33key33 member
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    @fromcatstokids - My Mom's was over 16 hours and  4 days early. Everyone I know of in my family had 12+ hour labors and none of them were weeks early. Both of mine were under 5 hours total and two weeks early.

    So many things can factor into it, but in the end, you wont know until you experience childbirth for yourself.
  • @Bear14+ @key33 My mom's was quick, and I got my hopes up. It's good to know ahead of time that it isn't always accurate! Don't want to have a different experience than my mom and be convinced that there is something wrong.
  • hinoteshinotes member
    Are you all bringing some kind of nursing gown and robe to wear around the hospital after delivery, or just planning to use the same comfortable clothing you would also go home in?  I'm trying to figure out if this is something I need to get or not.
  • @hinotes - My hospital wardrobe was target maternity leggings, a nursing bra or tank, and a robe over the top. (Tank and leggings with no robe if no visitors were coming) I felt like this combo was super functional, but also presentable if you did have visitors or needed to get out and walk the halls.

    Pink Blush has some really cute robes, and they have a sale almost every day. I usually hop on the site and just check the deals, because sometimes you’ll catch a really good one! My geometric print robe from them got MANY compliments in the hospital with my 2nd. :)
  • nolemomma14nolemomma14 member
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    @hinotes I stayed in a nursing bra, awesome mesh underwear and the gown the hospital provided. I didn’t change into actual clothes until right before we were discharged. I might bring a robe this time to wear over the gown, for when my boys come to meet the baby, and we snap some pictures, but otherwise I won’t be changing until discharge 

    ETA: I found the gown also made it super easy for the docs to do their checks when they would come in the room. Didn’t have to take anything off or change at all, just lifted the gown and was good to go 
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  • CbeanzCbeanz member
    @hinotes Nursing tank and maternity lounge pants. With a hoodie to throw on if people come in.* I'm planning on a brief stay, like 1 night.

     *Very unlikely we'll have visitors this time bc none of our potential childcare providers can fit all our kids in their cars (3 car seats).
  • key33key33 member
    @hinonight - I did leggings, nursing tank and a robe if I was cold. I also used the mesh undies the entire time I was in there. I was comfortable.
  • hinoteshinotes member
    @key33 @Cbeanz @nolemomma14 @nerdtoyourmother Thanks for the replies!  Seems like a robe or something to throw on for coverage would definitely be useful, but otherwise, I'll just bring something comfortable and nursing-friendly (like what I'd wear to go home).
  • @hinotes I stayed in the hospital gown and the mesh undies they provided the entire week I was there with DD (no bra or anything else). I had IVs etc so I couldn't change even if I wanted to. I'm bringing a nursing gown and robe this time in the event that I don't have any IVs and we end up with a longer stay than anticipated...but I will likely be in the ever so stylish hospital apparel until I get discharged. I'll be a RCS though and won't be expecting any visitors so if I wasn't having surgery or if I was expecting a lot of visitors I'd likely want to be in my own clothes sooner. Plus with all the PP bleeding I'd rather ruin hospital stuff than my own clothes if I have the choice:)
  • geoduck21geoduck21 member
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    Last time following recovery I wore loose maternity yoga pants, nursing tank and a loose/long jersey cardigan. This worked well for being comfortable and not feeling too exposed going between my room and the nicu.
    Panaceia they may be able to disconnect the IV tubes (from the port, which stays connected -- I don't know if those are the right words, but I think that makes sense) for you to change your clothes. 
  • Bear14+Bear14+ member
    I stayed in hospital gowns until I took a shower both times. After a shower (usually next day after baby), I put on my favorite dark pair of sweatpants and a nursing tank. I always bring a light jacket bc I run cold and wear that a lot over my tank. It has always worked pretty well! 
  • Niesen27Niesen27 member
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    My suggestion is find out what swag the hospital gives you. I had a duffle bag packed with my first and I barely used anything. My hospital provided me with a super comfortable robe and a big snack basket as well as a birthday cake for baby. They also had a swaddlers and provided all the diapers and wipes for baby. They even had several essential oils to choose from. And even though hospital grade stuff isn't awesome they have chapstick hair ties and toiletries if you forget it. Another helpful tip is most hospitals don't tell patents but you typically are allowed several dollars of free things at the gift shop so if your desperate for hard candy or forgot your reading glasses ect ask the nurses and they can usually score it from the gift shop!
  • Niesen27Niesen27 member
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    My list so far, I'm trying to keep it light and just a small wheeling suitcase like carry on size

    *Travel toiletries for hubby and me
    *Makeup bag and hairbrush
    *Pajamas and extra clothes for hubby
    *Items for son if he has to come to hospital with us (diaper bag with snacks drinks a couple small toys)
    *Phone chargers
    *Sundress to go home in
    *Newborn and 3 month outfit for baby going home
    *Cute swaddle blanket and outfit for pictures
    *My pajamas (button up to for nursing)
    *Nursing sports bra
    *Boppy pillow
    *Extra empty bag for packing gifts
    *Adult diapers! So much better than the mesh panties
    *Baby book or notebook for documenting events of delivery
    *Tylenol/ibuprofen for the hubby
    *Rice heating pad

  • CbeanzCbeanz member
    @Niesen27 ummm... What hospital do you go to bc please sign me up! All that swag sounds awesome!
  • @Cbeanz I was about to say the same. Not all hospitals are like that - I was not offered most of those things during my stay, other than diapers. Swaddle blankets we were not allowed to keep. 

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  • Wowza! I guess I didn't know that other hospitals were stingy. I live in an area that has several hospitals so they get kinda competitive to draw in mom's. We also get a free case of diapers to take home and then you can choose from a new carseat, baby monitor or a second case of diapers depending on what they have on hand. When we left last time they had to have a rolling cart to help us get all our stuff to the car.
  • That's awesome @Niesen27.  The birthday cake is a cute idea.  I think our hospital gives us the baby receiving blankets, hats, tshirts, diapers, and wipes, and moms just get the gown and underwear.  
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