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To early for a hospital bag thread?

I know it's still early, but my hospital bag with DD was woefully lacking. I feel like I need some ideas and want to start thinking about this. Plus some of us are only a few weeks away from viability...at least that is how I'm going to rationalize this post:)

What are the things you feel are must haves for your hospital bag?

Re: To early for a hospital bag thread?

  • I started a list on my phone recently just so I have it ready when I want to pack.

    This is my list: robe, clothes to wear home, clothes for baby to wear home, nursing bra(s), boob pads, lanolin, snacks, deodorant, hair tie, toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, phone charger, & face wipes.

     I think a robe is the least essential but I ordered a pretty one and I’m looking forward to having something pretty to put on when I’m still not up for regular clothes.  I think the hospital would give you lanolin.  They did with my first as I don’t even know if I knew it was a thing.  I planned on taking it just because I like to be prepared and it doesn’t take up much space.
  • There are a ton on pregnancy bag videos on YouTube. I have saved a few for viewing later :)

    I am probably going to try and find the perfect robe soon though, I'm already worried about the temperature it's going to be in the hospital mid-July. I HATE BEING HOT, I hate summer and I hate sweating. I'm a winter girl all the way, but I know they won't be cranking the AC with all those babies around. I'm going to need a specific kind of robe to be able to deal with all that warmth!
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  • So far my list has:

    - going home outfit for baby and me
    - toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, hair ties, contacts and case, glasses)
    - boppy 
    - camera
    - phone and charger
    - robe ( I haven’t used one for either of my first two, but might get one for this one! Even if I don’t use it at the hospital I’ll have it for being home)
    - nursing bra

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  • I've already been thinking about it, especially as we may need to have another C-section. I was woefully under prepared and so uncomfortable.

    I think one of those accessible labor dresses,. robe, snacks, definitely the boppy for nursing, take-home clothes, a nipple shield just in case cause I needed it last time, nipple balm, toiletries but also shampoo and my makeup. 

    Don't let anyone make you feel bad about having makeup at the hospital. One of the nurses made a comment to me, but the point was to make me feel good, not them. I felt so ashamed and I was so tired from being up almost 48 hrs I look like hell in all M's first photos and I hate it.
  • This is what I remember bringing and it seemed to serve pretty well:

    • Bath robe
    • Nightgown
    • Change of clothes including maternity leggings and soft knit top
    • Slippers
    • Cozy socks
    • Shampoo/conditioner/brush/hair dryer**
    • Skin care and makeup **
    • Lip balm
    • Clif Bars for snacks

    ** Having the means to shower and get looking presentable was my ticket home early. I had a scheduled CS and the nursing support was so terrible I wanted to get out of there after my first night. After 2 nights I got up, showered, dried my hair, put on makeup and got dressed. When the doctor on rounds came to check on me I told her I was feeling good and wanted to go home early, so she checked my vitals and released DS and I. It was so much better to go home at that point so that we could all relax, get some sleep and take care of ourselves without the hassle of overworked nurses who did not DAF. 

    I think if we end up in the hospital again, I'd like a pillow from home and some other snacks like fresh fruit and veggies. 
  • @scp2585 I’ve read on many lists to make sure your SO brings some layering pieces because it can be quite cool in L&D. 
  • All this lanolin talk reminds me I need to wean this toddler before July! I have no desire to tandem nurse and I'm afraid if my milk supply comes back all the way she'll never want to stop.
  • I know it's been a bit since I had a baby, but I don't recall being allowed to eat at all.  I see some people posting they bring snacks, so I was just asking.  I was only allowed to have hard candy and ice chips.  
  • Snacks were for afterwards for myself and H. 
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    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • I was so happy with hospital snacks...I could eat graham crackers for days haha! We didn't bring any snacks, but I remember there not being a lack of food with both kids. We have family around and someone was always bringing lunch or dinner though. Plus our hospital is right next to most of our favorite restaurants, so it's easy for DH to run out and grab something. 
  • For the life of me I can’t remember what I packed, beyond our going home outfits and phone chargers. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    But at this point I’m also on team what’s for lunch on Monday. 😂
  • I’m really on the fence with what to pack. I have a midwife for this delivery and she’s indicated to me that if everything goes well and I don’t have complications she can discharge me from the hospital as soon as 4hrs after delivery. But if I tear (which I did with my first) or need a csection I’ll need to stay. I also might choose to stay depending on how breastfeeding is going, I know I’ll need support and plan on having a lactation consultant come for a home visit but I might also want the on hand support at the hosipital. 

    So basically I could be there for 4hrs or 24hrs + which obviously affects what I’ll want to pack 
  • My bag
    - Phone & Charger
    - Chapstick
    - Face Wipes
    - Tooth Brush / Toothpaste
    - Toiletries (deodorant, lotion, body soap, etc.)
    - Comfy clothes (t/shirts & yoga pants)
    - Robe 
    - book or magazine
    - notebook / pen
    - Snacks (Both my kids were born at night and l&d was out of food and had hardly anything left. There were no meals until breakfast.)
    - flip flops / slides for the shower
    - slippers

    - Boppy
    - Outfit to go home in
    - Car Seat ready to go
  • @mrscammack if I were you, I’d pack for 24 plus hours just in case. You could always take the 4 hr stay stuff in with you and leave the 24 plus hour stuff in the car.  I wouldn’t want to worry about not having the stuff if it turned into a longer stay than expected. 
  • @Cbeanz you still have milk?! Damn! My milk dried up about a month after I got the BFP. 

    @xtinecatherine I was seriously thinking about doing this too and bringing a small bottle of something! But I’m pretty sure with a RCS and the meds they’ll be giving me, it’s probably highly advised not to be drinking.  I think with DD I had a beer about 2-3 weeks after she was born. 

    @mrscammack Plan for the worst, hope for the best?? 

    My bag consists of:
    -the usual toiletries(toothbrush/paste, brush, face wash/wipes, deodorant)
    -a long phone charging cord (6’ or so, the walls are so far away in the hospital) 
    -maternity leggings/yoga pants
    -nursing nightgown dress
    -CS panties (those mesh ones were a joke!)
    -outfit for baby
    -water bottle (hospital ice chips are the best!) 
    -pillow for me

    The lactation nurse comes by and usually gives samples of lanolin and nipple shields and all that, so I will be taking full advantage of this. 
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    Also: ladies, don’t forget to have your H’s/SO’s pack a bag for themselves! They usually sleep on a janky couch in the room, and it’s super uncomfortable for them. 
  • @jenniferjoy37 I don't think I'm producing much of anythingu! But my 2yo won't stop comfort nursing at night. She gets so angry if I say no. I need to end this before my milk supply comes back in July bc I'm afraid it'll be that much harder to get her to stop. I've created a monster.
  • I need this in my life. The birthing center we use only keeps you for a couple hours after delivery so we really weren’t prepared to labour at the BC for 3 days and then transfer to the hospital for a two day stay. I had nothing. We plan to use the birthing center again this time but I’m bringing my house. 
  • @mama_bear19 what are C-section panties? I was so uncomfortable with the underwear situation last time.
  • @Cbeanz Oh man, that sounds rough. Can you go to the store and get a special stuffed animal or something that you give her as an alternative? Sometimes kids can be bribed??? Just a thought...although, I'm sue you've tried it! 
  • @mama_bear19 @jenniferjoy37 yeah definitely a good idea, I’d much rather have too much than too little! 
  • @cookie510 c-section panties are basically just high water underwear that holds you in and puts some pressure on the area. It hurts WAY LESS with these! 
  • I know it's been a bit since I had a baby, but I don't recall being allowed to eat at all.  I see some people posting they bring snacks, so I was just asking.  I was only allowed to have hard candy and ice chips.  
    *lurker from March* This varies. I'm having my baby at a freestanding birth center with midwives, and they encourage eating and bringing snacks for during labor and were constantly making me drink water and liquids with electrolytes (I brought vitamin water, but they also recommend Gatorade or any other fluid like that), whether I felt like drinking or not! Some hospitals are getting more lax on the "no eating" thing, which I personally think is good. You are working hard, you may be in labor for a day or more, and you need energy and fuel! I would definitely ask about it. 

    There's not a lot of evidence that the reason you're told not to eat or drink during labor - the risk that you'll have to go under general anesthesia and will throw up and it will go down your airway - is an actual legitimate concern and something that happens often enough to disallow eating altogether. 

    Not everyone likes this site, but I find that they generally have a pretty good summary of the results of lots of different studies. This article is quite interesting on the subject. And they have links to the studies, so you can look at them yourself if you don't like the conclusions they reach. https://evidencebasedbirth.com/evidence-eating-drinking-labor/
  • @jenniferjoy37 I LOVED the mesh panties. So much that I ordered a giant pack of them on Amazon. My postpartum bleeding was so heavy and lasted 4 weeks, there was literally nothing else worth trying to stick the giant overnight ultra mega super plus extra long maxi pads into. 
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  • Mesh undies are the best!! I took so many from the hospital! 

    In regards to the snacks, I would check with your hospital birthing center about what they offer before bringing a bunch of stuff. My hospital has a kitchenette on the recovery floor that had a lot of snacks available. I ate so many graham crackers with peanut butter. Breakfast, lunch and dinner I ordered from the regular kitchen they have. If you have your baby late or MOTN, your SO will probably have to go get you food! 
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  • @cbeanz yes!!

    These are the ones I have, which are really thin, super stretchy and comfortable. Identical to the kind I had in the hospital:


    And I just bookmarked these because they are rated well, washable and come in black:

  • Thanks @mamanbebe! The nurse told me those white mesh ones were washable but honestly I think they'd fall apart in the laundry. I actually kind of appreciate The fact that they were disposable.

    @nolemomma14 I took a bunch last time too! I actually still have one pair that I saved almost 2 years but they kind of lose their appeal once I'm recovered and back in normal clothes. Lol
  • +1 for the mesh undies! 
  • I'm completely blanking on what I brought with my first. He's not even 3, and I honestly feel like everything about the hospital except holding him for the first time is such a blur in my memory!
  • @Cbeanz I'm currently tandem... and hoping my 2.5 year old weans so I'm not triandom :flushed:

    My essentials:
    baby book
    slippers with hard soles
    bath towel (the hospital ones are like the size of a large hand towel)
    flip flops for the shower
    some thing for baby and I to wear home
    nursing tanks and robe
    hair ties and brush
  • @nolemomma14 FTM would have never thought to pack the boppy - thank you, adding it to my list!!
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  • Does anyone have any recommendations on going home outfits for us (the moms)? I remember being very disappointed in what I brought for myself to wear home (but don't even remember what I brought). I'm lost on what to bring this time around. I remember being so ready to look presentable and wanting to look decent in pictures, BUT simultaneously wanting to be comfortable and not wanting to get blood on my clothes. 

    My other essentials:
    big jacket for husband during L&D
    pillows with non-white pillowcases (easily identifiable from hospital pillows)
    non-white blanket
    2-3 large refillable water bottles
    nursing gowns (i got stir crazy and wanted to walk all around the hospital, so hospital gowns were a no)
    giant, comfortable cotton granny panties (I hated the mesh undies)
    shower shoes
    bath towel
    phone charger
    multiple outfits for baby to wear home (there were spit up/poop incidents as we awaited to be discharged.  :# )

    Other tip: Make sure your partner/support person(s) wear clothes that they don't mind getting blood on. My husband somehow ended up with my blood on his pants after delivery.  :D

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