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  • Okay I have another one. How different do babies born in the summer actually dress? For example, with due dates in July are long-sleeved onesies silly? Or sleepers that have long sleeves/pants? I obviously know I don't need to stock up on coats and hats in the 0-3 month size but I'm curious about every day baby clothes. FYI I live in the PNW so it will be hot here by the end of July/through August/September but we also have AC.
  • @msimi it really depends on what you keep your thermostat set at and if you plan on being outside a good bit.

    We keep our ac set at around 78 during the summer and are outside a ton. My baby will be in a diaper with a thin blanket or a short sleeve onesie most of the time. 

    I would recommend a slightly warmer outfit for the hospital as they usually keep it quite cool in there and it takes newborns a bit to learn to regulate their temps.  Hence why you always seen them swaddled and with hats on hospital pics. 
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    We are flying in October after the LO arrives, anything we should be adding to our registry knowing we will be flying/traveling with a < 3 month old?

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  • @msimi, mine will be mostly swaddled in short sleeve onsies while indoors. Then Just short sleeve onsies with a light blanket in the car or  outside.

    I’ll probably have a couple long sleeve sleepers on hand incase this one hates the swaddle. I also live in Michigan so our summers are usually hot, but we can ggrt some cool nights. 
  • Cbeanz said:
    I took a 12 week hospital childbirth class.  I loved it, hubs loved it, and it helped me mentally prepare for all the options I was going to be presented with, at that specific hospital.  But I can't stress enough how much I learned from reading actual books.  Not all the crap on the internet, or all the garbage you get from apps, but books on labor and delivery.  I would recommend:
    Thinking Woman's Guide to Better Birth - Henci Goer
    Childbirth without Fear - Grantly Dick-Read
    Guide to Childbirth - Ina May Gaskin
    Guide to Breastfeeding - Ina May Gaskin

    I also read some books that I wouldn't recommend like Girlfriend's Guide (complete garbage), What to Expect when You're Expecting (didn't learn anything new), Dad's Pregnant Too (entertainment purposes only).

    I am definitely ordering some of those books. Right now, I have what to expect when you're expecting and it's exactly the stuff I'm learning on my daily apps.
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  • I'm a STM, but I have questions for other STMs.

    1. Anyone tried the Willow breast pump? Is it as amazing as I think it would be? Is it worth the high price?
    2. Recommendations on cheap double strollers? DD will be almost 3, so not wanting to spend a ton of money on one.
    3. What is on your list to buy? I saved all the big stuff (car seat, crib, etc.). But I donated a lot of the smaller stuff like clothes and sleep sacks, so I'm trying to get together a list. 
  • @strickland8052 - My first two were 20 months apart and we bought a Graco sit and stand stroller. It's bulky but worked out great for us. My youngest always sat in front (once out of the car seat) and my oldest could stand or sit in the back and get off and on as she wanted. It's a bit bulky, but not as bad as one of the side by side.  

    We bought a new travel system since our newborn car seat is now expired. I got it on clearance for $100 at Target so I was happy. We need a swing. I'll probably keep an eye out for a jumparoo, walker, play at and some of those things at M2M sales this spring and try to grab those things used to save money since this is our last kid. I had sold a lot trying to clear out all the baby/kid stuff that had been taking over our basement. I'll need more clothes, I have some Saved but my daughter was born in Jan so seasons for the first year will be pretty off. Asides from that just basic things replacement bottle nipples, pacifiers, diaper creams, gas drops, new nose frida. 
  • @strickland8052 This is an interesting comparison of willow and freemie: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-42643971 -- I was looking at the freemie because it's sometimes one of the available breast pumps that insurance covers. It looks like the biggest things to note is that if you produce a lot of milk, freemie has 8oz bags but willow only 4oz. 
  • Haha @Panaceia I’ve watched almost every episode of One Born Every Minute (UK version). And every episode of the US version. I think it counts for something! 
  • @mamanbebe - Thanks so much! That is great to know, because I produce a ton of milk. 4 oz would not cut it! 
  • @mamanbebe - OMG! In addition to the bag issue, it looks like Freemie is much cheaper ($200 vs. $500 for Willow). And it looks like milk goes directly into Freemie vs. all the replacement bags needed for Willow. I'm leaning towards Freemie now.
  • @strickland8052 Aaaand (I'm going down the rabbit hole with you) if you already have or want a different pump that is covered under insurance, you can use Freemie collection cups with them!! https://freemie.com/collections/freemie-cups-for-your-pump
  • Someone recommended a book on the 4th trimester, but I can't find the post. Can I get that book recommendation again? TIA!!
  • @blackhottamales lurking from A19 here.  Hi! We flew with DS at christmas when he was 3 months old (almost to the day) and return flight when he was 4 months old. If you don't already have a baby carrier,  that was gold while traveling.  I liked the ring sling for airport travel bc it was fast on and off and not bulky. I liked a stretchy wrap (I had a boba but Moby is the more popular brand I think) for general snuggly carrying. I was just nervous about having to tie it on to get off the airplane in such a small confined space.

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  • Anyone flying, most airports let you skip the security line if you have a stroller open. I used to baby wear and push the stroller with all of our carryons and other crap on it! 
  • @mismi The evenings can get cooler even in the summer months (depending on where you are) so you may find you use the long sleeve sleepers more than you think. Also if you have AC you'll definitely need them for night time. I like taking DD out in the late afternoon/early evenings so I'll definitely be using long sleeved clothing.
  • @msimi I’m in FL, so it’ll definitely be hot. Daytime we will definitely use onesies or rompers. For bedtime we will use footed sleepers or long sleeve onesies with a swaddle. 
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  • @strickland8052We are looking at the Graco Ready2Grow stroller. It's not too far out of our price range (around $150) and should be compatible with the travel system we already have. M will be almost 3 when dibbun is born in July, so in a similar situation where we wanted something that was a good fit for an older kiddo.


    Also, this time around I need a new swing, extra monitor camera & mount, another humidifier, new nipples for our bottles, and that's mostly it of things I definitely need that aren't every day supplies like diapers and wipes. 
  • @mismi We still used the long sleeve cotton sleepers at night with my first who was also a July baby. During the day I did a lot of short sleeved onesies/sometimes with pants and usually swaddled. 
  • I feel pretty fortunate that in Alaska it will still be fairly cool in July. Summer tems are generally between 60-70 where we are so blankets, swaddles, wraps, and long sleeves will be pretty necessary. 
  • @indulgentgypsy I used to love the idea of living in AK. Beautiful scenery and never too warm. However, as I get older, I've come to appreciate temperate climates more and more. Still not on board for super hot, but shying away from super cold too. Biggest issue is that I'm not the only one who enjoys temperate climates and they're so populated! Damn cities!
  • Definitely a baby carrier for the airplane and if you don't already have tea precheck, do it! So much harder to take all of your crap out at this point. I flew a ton and they never let me skip the line. Do allow some extra time for them to check your liquids (if you fly with milk) as sometimes that can take up to 15 minutes. 

    I work with two two women who are nursing right now - one has the greenie and one has the willow. Both rave about them and I've sat in lectures where they were pumping and had no idea!
  • +1 on a good carrier. I liked the ErgoBaby. If you have the baby in a carrier, you don't have to take him or her out when you go through security.

    I've been about 50/50 on being allowed to use the special access line when I have a stroller, FWIW. I still usually bring a stroller because it's so convenient to carry stuff or put the baby down when I want to eat. Just make sure you get a good folding one so you have an easy time gatechecking it. I have the CityMini and I can fold it up with one hand - there are a lot of them like that. I travel with baby a lot (she's 15 months and has flown 16 times) so I bought the GB Pockit Stroller that folds up small enough to fit under the seat in front of me! It's definitely not a one hand folder, but I could manage it with her in the carrier.

    Get a stroller gate check cover bag if you are gate-checking (or checking at all)!!!. I look at how gross my cover is and thank goodness that my stroller wasn't exposed to that. Also, if it's raining, your stroller will get wet if gatechecked. I saw another family get that unfortunate surprise once.

    If you are nursing, get a really comfy discrete nursing shirt if you think you'll need it. I was able to nurse in the aisle seat with nobody the wiser with one of those side-opening nursing shirts like this:

    @blackhottamales @Bear14+ 

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    @tsa208 thanks for the tips! We got the city mini mostly for that because i wanted a stroller that i could gate check, so i'm glad to hear you recommend it.  I like that shirt a lot, i'll have to be on the look out for one.  

    Edit to add:

    @mnkenned yes! i love my TSAprecheck best $85 i've ever spent.  
  • Hmm...TSA precheck...thanks for the reminder, ladies!
    Is the interview part long or tedious? I’ll be landing around dinner time and still have a one hour commute after.
    Just knowing how travel days are, I want to mentally prepare for the extra errand!
  • @expatmom39 TSA precheck took about 20 minutes for my husband when we got it. 
    It is a quick questionnaire and fingerprinting. 
    If you travel abroad often, I recommend Global Entry instead.  It includes pre-check and expedited customs processing. But yes, best $85 I ever spent. 
  • I have Global Entry. Mostly because it's only $15 more and we anticipated that at some point we'll be going abroad. I think you can apply at the airport when you're traveling, but I applied online and then scheduled an interview. The interview was just a short, casual conversation that confirms what they find in your background check. 
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    We got Global Entry as well. Totally worth it if you travel internationally - it cut about an hour wait off of customs last time, which was heaven after a long flight. Just FYI, you'll have to get it for your baby as well when he or she comes along. Her "interview" was pretty funny!
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  • Awesome! Thanks, ladies! I forgot that Global Entry was different than TSA precheck...Pregnancy brain! 
    I’ve needed to do it forever but always get caught up in everything else to get ready for the trip. Better get it on a sticky note before I forget again!
  • @expatmom39 I’ve had my clients book it during a long layover. 
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