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  • Hello, 33 y/o FTM here. I live in the Seattle area with my DH of almost 10 years. Finally decided we were ready to grow our family. Had a BFP the day of my missed period. EDD is September 17th. I’m of course very nervous, and have to keep working on optimism, relaxing, and trying to be ok with having no control over things. I’m a singer, a seamstress, and all around creative type. We have two cats, who we love most dearly.Nice to meet you all!
    I’m from Seattle too! 

  • @SA0012 I'm from Michigan too!
  • My first appointment is February 13th and I'm anxious too. Just try and stay calm.♥️
  • @dolewhipper I live in Orlando too!!
  • @klpv415 oh, fun! It's always nice to have another person local. I'm crossing my fingers this summer isn't so brutal, but who am I kidding. 
  • @cheshyre319hi there! if you haven't already checked into PGAL, we have a really supportive community over there & plenty of ppl you can commiserate with about yr anxieties! so sorry for yr prev. losses--i hope this guy's yr rainbow! make sure you TW losses elsewhere on the board though--safe to write about them w/out warnings on the PGAL thread tho. 
  • I completely understand how you feel.  All three of my pregnancies we’re high risk, including current pregnancy.  What kept me from becoming a complete stress ball during my pregnancies was having an amazing OB.  My OB sincerely cares, communicates well, and listens to any concerns we may have.  My 3rd pregnancy, I was 25 weeks along and my cervix began to open.  A solution to this was progesterone inserts.  However, my health insurance would not accept the rx.  She was outraged, I was in tears and she told me everything will be alright, go home and I’ll hear from her soon.  She called the insurance directly.   It was still a no go.  She went out of her way to ask a pharmaceutical colleague who would sell it directly to me and it was so affordable too.  This one act of kindness literally saved my baby’s life.  But yes, a compassionate OB can really take the “high risk”out of high risk pregnancy.  Congratulations on your pregnancy!!  Live in the moment and best of luck! ❤️
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    Hi! I'm Laura and in my mid 30s. My edd is sept.10. I'm a first time preggo woman. My husbandand I have been together for 6 years and recently got married on Dec. 9 2018. We got pregnant soon after marriage. We are both super excited, overwhelmed, and scared at the same time!
  • @mokiki I’ve been wondering if I would find anyone else in this group that went through preeclampsia. I’ve found it hard to relate as easily to women who had complication free pregnancies as it is hard to understand unless you have been there. I was never hospitalized as my case developed very rapidly and I had to be induced less than a week after diagnosis. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to be hospitalized for 7 weeks!!! 

    I’ve thought about starting a high risk thread for others that have had complicated pregnancies. Do any of the group organizers have an opinion on this kind of thread? 
  • Hi @soralette ! Your name looked familiar; you were in the bmb the month before mine for Beta. Yall were a fun group ;) 
  • Hi everyone! My husband and I have been married almost two years. We each have our own children. He has a 6 year old son and I have a 4 year old daughter. We have been TTC since summer 2017 and unfortunately have had 3 miscarriages since then. We just got our BFP on the 19th of January, so we are crossing our fingers for our Rainbow baby! Our dog just had 7 beautiful puppies on the 23rd, so we have a lot of love going on right now. I'm new to boards, but would like to learn more and benefit from them!
  • @pteeps hey there, we're birthday buddies. Libras are awesome! I'm so sorry that your family reacted that way; I hope you find a place soon. Welcome :smile:
  • Hi @soralette ! Your name looked familiar; you were in the bmb the month before mine for Beta. Yall were a fun group ;) 
    That's awesome!! <3 How have you been?  :smiley: 

    We're actually headed to your neck of the woods next month, haha. Can't wait to get some Dole Whip and introduce the kids to it! XD
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