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  • @Junebugmugalug I was 8 and my brother 6 when my little sister was born and it was great! My brother and I helped my mom out a ton and she was like my little buddy growing up! It was a lot of fun and we’re still very close now!
    Me: 32 │ DH: 35 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 Preemie DD born at 38w (IUGR) on 8/28/19 weighing 5.5lbs. Our little miracle  <3

  • @Junebugmugalug there will be 6 years between mine. But I don’t think a gap is bad. I was 16 when my parents adopted a newborn so I got an early jump on learning to care for kiddos but I couldn’t ask for a better little brother and I absolutely love being the cool older sister. 
  • @jpbling Hi and welcome!! Super close to your situation... My second was born 12’16 and my sister got married a month later 1’17 and I was the maid of honor!! I had a couple more weeks to work with, but I had her Bach party the weekend before her wedding (her and the girls were totally cool with it) and aside from catching the stomach bug from my mother in law 😑 the night before her wedding, everything worked out perfectly!! I wish you the best of luck with it and try not to stress about it too much! I was a little nervous my sister was going to be upset with the timing but she wasn’t at all!
  • Hello everyone! I spent some time on the bump when I was pregnant with my now 8 year old, it was such a great place to share experiences. I am back now with my third was a bit unexpected..and I am having a hard time accepting how sick and tired I feel right now. I am also worried about the large age gap between my two kids and this oldest will be almost 9 and my youngest almost 7 when this baby is born. anyone else out there with a large age gap? A happy and healthy 9 mons to you all!  
    DS will be 10.5 when this one arrives. I’m looking forward to the help hopefully ha! ;) I am also 37, and 38 when i am due. I honestly think it will be a great gap! Just took us a while of spoiling him to get back on board ha!
  • I’m at FTM, but there’s an 8 year gap between me and my older sister. Honestly I think it was great. Sure I would have liked to have had an additional sibling maybe closer to my age but my sister and I were still very close and both got a chance to experience being alone with our parents for a while, my turn just wasn’t until she moved out haha. 
  • 6 weeks pregnant, first time around! Hoping to have twin boys but i wouldnt mind one baby girl or a boy ill be happy either way. Im 25 ive been with my boyfriend 3 years. He has a 12 year old with an ex. We have a lot of stuff to figure out soon, like moving and vehicles. I think he is too concerned about money. Im ready to progress in the relatiinship, bored of living for myself. Kind of excited! Already have a liat of baby girl names!
  • @eller-2 congrats! Your situation sounded like mine last time. My girls are 18 months apart. I got pregnant when my oldest was 10 months and my second was Sept as well. It’s fun having them close I think. It can be chaotic but great at the same time. 
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  • @eller-2 my first 3 are each 18 months apart and this one will be 13 months apart from my next youngest. It’s tough at times but I absolutely love the closeness in age!! 
  • @znnie I’m in Portland too!! (Well, we just moved to the suburbs but close enough). Nice to see a local mama on here!
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  • Hey @madamerwin!!! :-D Praying for super uneventful pregnancies!!
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  • Hello! I am a FTM, I believe my due date is around September 3rd but will be confirmed on the 23rd. My husband works nights as a corrections officer and I work days in HR but we are so excited for this next chapter in our lives!
  • My big kids are 12 and 14. The 12 yr old is pretty excited to be a big brother!
  • @znnie and @madamerwin I'm in Portland Oregon too! Born and raised here. How are you guys liking it?
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  • @lillywonderland omg we are here together!!!!!! Congrats girl!!! So happy to see a familiar name from ttgp!
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