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  • Welcome new September mommas!
  • @kellylsmith86 Hey there!  I'm down the shore a bit in Old Lyme but I grew up in Waterbury :-)
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  • Holjacks3Holjacks3 member
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    Hi everyone! I am 32 and currently pregnant with Di/Di twins. I am already a mom to an amazing 15 month old little girl! My second pregnancy was a surprise and then the twins was a HUGE surprise. I'm a little nervous about this twin pregnancy and how uncomfortable I will inevitability be towards the end. Not to mention having 3 under 2 :wink: My husband and I are looking forward to this crazy adventure!
  • @Holjacks3 Yipes, 3 under 2?!?  Twins were a real fear I had each pregnancy.  I'm very relieved to not have to go through that.  That said, I know a guy who has the same age differential and single/twin setup you will have and his three boys (who are all in early 20s now) are some of the most wonderful young adults I've ever met. And he said he loved every stage of their childhoods.  Also his wife looks amazing and you'd never know she carried twins.  So there's hope.  :)
  • Hello Everyone, I am a ftm due on September 25, 2019! 
  • @kmellies88 welcome to the group! I’m due the 24th!
  • @kmellies88 👋 welcome! FTM here too. Were  you born in '88 too? 
  • nikkiraqsnikkiraqs member
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    Hello! I'm 38 yo first time mom! Due 9/11. Baby was a bit of a surprise as we were only married 9/23/17 but my husband and I have known each other since we were 18. He's the love of my life and while I wish we were a little more stable I'm so happy to be having this little one! I work in logistics, he's a carpenter. And I am a crazy cat lady with 7 little fur children. 
  • From our announcement!
  • @koko21 welcome! We are due date twins! :) This group is very supportive. I think you’ll enjoy it!! 
  • @chimci congrats! It’s good to see a fellow Chicagoan here! I’m a FTM as well. 
  • Hello, 
    I am 33 and currently due with mono/di twins. My husband and I have a daughter who just turned one. If we go 37 weeks we are due the first week of September. We will have three children under the age of two. @Holijacks3 we should connect.
  • @taeleigh
    Yay, more twin moms! 
  • I am Ladesha I am currently 22 weeks FTM. excited about this app
  • Welcome to the group. 😁
  • Hi everyone! I'm a FTM for the Philly area. EDD is 9/28. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
  • @pj_soccer yay for another Pennsylvanian! Welcome :)
  • Hey @pj_soccer welcome! Also a FTM, also in Philly area (obvi ... 🙂).
  • @chachaslide Welcome! My DS was my mom's first grandchild and they definitely have a special bond compared to the other grandparents. 
  • @chachaslide I'm from midwest too and we're due date buddies! I'm having a girl as well. Welcome!
  • hi guys! my name is Alayna, i'm 18 years old, 22 weeks pregnant with a little boy, a FTM, and i'm from Kansas City, but am in Louisiana rn. my SO is 20, and lives in Louisiana (which is why i'm here lol), but we're moving to an apartment in KC here in the next few weeks!! he's so so excited, more than i was, but i think it's starting to spread to me a little bit too 🥳😉
    my original EDD was oct. 2nd, but my OB updated to sept. 28th. i'm just gonna guess somewhere between late september and early october because of my age and other factors 😂 i'm so excited to meet you all!!
  • Hi! I'm a FTM, guess date of September 22. My partner of 8 years and I are so excited for this little one. We waited a long time to start trying, then got pregnant quickly and feel so lucky. We have an energetic Australian Shepherd/mutt who we love dearly. In full on baby prep mode heading into the summer!
  • @snugmama Welcome! We are a friendly and chatty bunch, so jump right in!
  • I'm finally able to post!  Baby Luca was born on 9/27/19, our first baby.  What a joy he is!  Anyone else have a dog or dogs that seem depressed after bringing baby home? 
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