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    @supermom34482 I have a 5 yo and almost 2 year old also, congratulations!!
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    @maserrano714 I conceived my rainbow 4 months after my 1st and 2 months after my 2nd. Hope the same for you!
  • @flowerintherain I spend way too much time on TB so I recognize your name and story. I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through but am very happy you’re here!! Best wishes to you for a healthy, easy pregnancy and beyond ❤️
  • @aawalz13 Congrats!  Just curious, have you had all csections so far?  I'm only asking because I was really set on having four and at my annual, my OB said she wouldn't recommend more than 3 csections.  It really threw me for a loop.  
  • @mommyshark13 Hi! Congratulations to you too!! Yes, all 3 were sections. They were horizontal and my dr goes through the same incision each time and cuts away the scar tissue. Not sure if that makes a difference? I know they don’t always recommend more than 3 but my dr never mentioned it and even joked about a fourth because they are all so close together. Lol 
  • @aawalz13 Good to know! There are 5 total OBs at my practice so I'm interested to hear the options of the other 4. Best wishes!
  • @mommyshark13 I’m curious to know too. Keep me posted! My dr is a little off the cuff and was asking me if we would be back next year as I was on the operating table getting the spinal for my second. Lol He’s always like the more the merrier. I will say my first two sections were insanely easy. No pain and with my second I was playing with my son and going on walks the week we got home. My third kicked my butt hardcore. I totally wasn’t expecting it at all. Then I heard the fourth is easy. Good luck to you! ☺️
  • @mommyshark13 Hello! Congratulations :) You are very strong and brave to talk about your losses, I have everything that will cross crossed for you this time around. I find myself constantly worrying about the same thing because I am so early along. I know worrying and stress is something that you are supposed to try your best not to do but... I am no good. Hope you have a happy pregnancy!
  • @mshrades Congratulations! I am sorry very sorry to hear about your experience in August... I can't imagine. You women who share your stories are quite courageous you know! I also have gut feelings but, since I am so early along I can't tell if I have a gut feeling that this will be good and I am just worried about the bad, or that I have a gut feeling it will be bad and keep trying to picture good. I know sitting and worrying isn't good and doesn't change anything either way, but I don't know how to JUST think positive! Any advice would be great! 
  • @cee_moll Welcome! I am just waiting to have my first appointment booked, probably around the same time as you :)  Congratulations, this is a super exciting time!! Like you, I am also really really nervous about getting through the first trimester etc... perhaps we could nervous ramble to each other sometime! 
  • This is baby #3. I have two boys (10&13). This is the first for my hubby. Due September 9. We are nervous. Our daughter was stillborn at 21 weeks last summer. 
  • Hi everyone! I'm a soon to be twenty-nine year old from Canada. I am a teacher. My husband and I are expected our first baby. Feeling very excited but also anxious. I have a shorter cycle turn around than most so I found out fairly early and waiting for my first prenatal appointment feels agonizing. I am looking forward to communicating with you other mommas; the comradery from other first timers and also the wisdom from all the veterans. 😁
  • *lurking from the May 2019 board* @zuuls_mom I'm so happy to hear this. Sending you lots of positive vibes! I hope your little rainbow sticks!  <3<3<3

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  • @zuuls_mom so glad to see you back here. Hoping this is your rainbow baby. 
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