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Dang it... I found...

my first stretch marks on my b00bs.  :-(  I guess I was expecting them, but hoping for the best.  Sigh....ok...belly stretch marks...you're next, I guess....

Re: Dang it... I found...

  • Welcome to the club. ?I actually never got any stretch marks on my belly. ?The rest of my body is a different story.
  • I am covered in them.
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  • Awwww...that stinks!

    I hate them.  It looks like a 5 year old scratched me on either side of my belly button.  I didn't get very big during pregnancy, my skin just didn't stretch well.  They all showed up when I was swollen from poison ivy...not fond memories. 

  • I didn't get them on my belly with my first pregnancy, just on my boobs.  I am hoping I don't get them on my belly with this one either!
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  • Mine were only on my boobs,  Sucks,
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  • What's weird with me was that I didn't have stretch marks on my stomach until right after I gave birth.  And all of a sudden, there's all these purple lines!!  But now they're "skin tone".   
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