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Movement Thread...kicks, punches, rolling, etc


Re: Movement Thread...kicks, punches, rolling, etc

  • @meggyme I get that feeling too! Like LO is stretching out his legs. Sometimes it just feels odd but sometimes it's really unpleasant.
  • @meggyme I get that too! And sometimes a similar feeling with the butt/head that is constantly in my ribs. It will push across the front of my stomach and it is borderline painful. I have also been getting a weird almost scratching feeling at my cervix - very uncomfortable! 
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  • @meggyme I actually caught a video of LO doing exactly that; it was so weird! Kinda freaked me out (also it was like 3 in the morning lol). I’m just guessing it was a foot, but I could clearly make out something dragging across my abdomen.
  • @maggiemadeit I get that with her back. It’s like she’s doing push-ups and her whole back presses up against my stomach.
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  • Ok, so I just felt hiccups for the first time with this baby! I was super excited until I realized they were in my ribs. Thinking this baby hasn’t turned head down yet. Get with the program little dude! 
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