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  • Congratulations @ashbub714! What a cutie
    run along Pond...2015/12/10

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  • Yay @ashbub714!! I’m glad he’s here!!

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  • @ashbub714 Congratulations! So glad baby is here!

    @SmashJam the gorge sounds really fun. Sorry that kiddo isn't napping. I always feel like I'm getting ripped off when I do something active with DD, especially on the water and she still doesn't nap, like that should buy me at least 1.5 hours of you napping kid!

    @zande2016 I've been examining my belly for signs of dropping a lot recently. It's so hard to tell imo though, bumps can look so different based on what you're wearing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you though!

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  • nimmlenimmle member
    Congrats @perhapsitalian!!
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  • Congratulations @ashbub714  and @perhapsitalian !!!!!!!
    Ziggy       <3 07/2018-08/2018 <3
    Micah      <3 10/2015
  • Congrats @ashbub714 and @perhapsitalian

    My boss just pissed me off so badly, to the extent that I really think I am done working. At 3:30, when she knows I end my work day at 4, she emailed me asking me to do something for her that takes hours. And all day she’s been asking my friend to do work for her when he has a full on trial tomorrow. For the life of me I can’t figure out what she does with her time that she’s incapable of doing her own work, but I am just so over it. 
  • @MichelleAG05 happy crying or sad crying? I have a strong feeling I am going to be an emotional wreck at my appointment tomorrow when we discuss my induction currently set for Wednesday/Thursday. And definitely not happy tears for me. 
  • nimmlenimmle member
    @zande2016 I am so with you on being pissed at your boss. Mine has decided to email me to go back and do all the things that we agreed not to do during our planning. Most of which is just low risk and ridiculous to start now. I've never said that I hope I go into labor already, but with all this BS I really hope I do.
    Me: 30 |  DH: 34
    Started Dating: November 2011
    Married: August 2015
    TTC #1 Since: August 2017
    BFP: November 2017

  • amdftwamdftw member
    Congratulations @ashbub714!!

    @limoncat I am also 38 weeks tomorrow and have been having cramping in my lower abdomen since overnight Saturday. That said I was 1cm and 50% effaced at my appointment today vs. nothing last week so I'm hoping it means something.
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  • @zande2016 im angry at your boss for you! Did you tell her to shove it? 

    @MichelleAG05 ditto another poster- happy or sad? My induction is scheduled for Friday and I have lots of emotions so far today that I didn’t expect. Hang in there!

  • nimmlenimmle member
    @gingerbride26 I just ordered Thai curry. Figured with baby measuring big I may as well get started with all the old wives tales
    Me: 30 |  DH: 34
    Started Dating: November 2011
    Married: August 2015
    TTC #1 Since: August 2017
    BFP: November 2017

  • @limoncat I'm 38+1 and have been having period like cramping for a week. At last week's appointment, I was 1cm dilated, 70% effaced, and -1 stationed. I had some pretty intense BH while walking yesterday around the mall. Other than that, I'm a sitting duck with no loss of mp or having contractions. I'm over it. Lol

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  • @zande2016 love it! 

    @gingerbride26 sounds like a great night! Glad your food was spicy!

    @d_marie_23 enjoy the last night with one kiddo and soak up the snuggles!
  • MichelleAG05MichelleAG05 member
    edited July 2018
    Mostly sad tears, which surprised me until I really had a chance to think through it. Lots of random thoughts ahead:
    - guilt about not giving him until the full time the doc would allow, even though I feel confident that I need the induction and I'm getting stress headaches daily
    - sad about our family of 3 going away
    - scared I'm not going to bond with baby or possibly love him as much as DD
    - scared about them breaking my water and ending up needing a c section

    DH and I talked through all this tonight and both feel that Wednesday is the right decision and acknowledged that all will be well. I feel better but still emotional. Found out today that a neighboring mom who I've become friendly with is having a c-section at the same hospital tomorrow so we'll be in post partum at the same time. 

    ETA that DD is asking every day if she can hold him and when he's coming out. I told her tonight "maybe in 2 days" and she was happy.
  • @zande2016&nbsp; fabulous plan,that's the least she deserves >:)

    @MichelleAG05 I'm sorry you're having a hard time, hang in there and keep reminding yourself that everything will absolutely be well.

    This is more of a FFFC but the breastfeeding/pumping thread is making me want to go straight to FF. I feel so crappy about feeling that way and there is so much very valuable info there but all I can do is squirm and scrap the whole BF thing.
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  • @runsomewhere do what works for you girl. But maybe stop reading that thread for now and just wing it and see how it goes when baby arrives? You never know, it could just happen really easily this time.

    i’m anxious for my midwife appointment this morning. They’re going to check me to see if I need cervidil Wednesday night, or can just come in for induction Thursday. Trying to think dilating thoughts. I’ll also ask them to do another sweep (my 3rd) and I guess that’ll be my last real chance at getting this going before induction. Re induction I’m not even sure which is the better scenario at this point. If I’m not dilated enough today and they have me come in Wednesday for cervidil, that gives me a chance of going into labor from that alone and avoiding pitocin. If they say to go in Thursday I’m afraid they’ll just be like okay let’s start pitocin. Unless they agree to break my water first but of course that puts me on a clock. Ugh I just don’t know anymore, I’m pretty confused. 
  • emsnedemsned member
    Congratulations @ashbub714 @perhapsitalian
    Such cute babies!!!

     I rolled over in my sleep last night and the tearing feeling between my nipple and breast pad reminded me that I need to use my nipple cream after every feeding. 
  • @MichelleAG05 it will be nice to have that other mom there! I'm sorry for your hard time but super glad you and YH talked it through so you were slightly less upset about it.

    DH took today off and is coming to our farm program with us, which is awesome because last week I was so exhausted and hot it took a lot of self talk to keep myself from losing my shit during the hour we were out in the sun. At least most of it was a tractor ride. 

    Looks like by the end of the week we're gonna have all sorts of new babies!
  • @julybabybear the amniotic fluid/ pee/ sweat debate is one I’ve been having every day lol. 

  • @runsomewhere Oh my gosh. I am so, so, SO with you on those feelings. I want to BF very badly, but reading through made me so anxious about the whole thing. It just reminded me of all the tears trying to BF before accepting that I was unable to with DS. 
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    Micah      <3 10/2015
  • @amdftw @zombiehoohaa Well, I'm glad that I'm not the only one, and hope for all of us that this cramping is productive. I feel silly since I'm only 38 weeks, but I'm so over it. This waiting game is such a mindf*&%. With my first, I knew I would most likely end up with an early induction (and I did) due to high BP. This time my BP has been good (thankfully) so I am really curious as to what my body will do naturally. I was 2cm at my last appointment, and I go again on Thursday. Hoping for more progress!
  • @runsomewhere @d_marie_23 don’t let the thread affect you too much. Remember each baby and each BF journey is different. It’s ok and normal to have these fears but don’t put yourself down if it doesn’t work out to be for you. The important things is a fed baby and a happy mommy. With DS O wanted to EBF but had to give up to the pump within the week. I felt so much guilt. Later on at 5 months I decided the pump was still to much to deal with. I got anxiety every time so we decided formula was the best decision for everyone health and sanity. It was a bittersweet moment but i don’t regret it. This time around I’m really trying to EBF with the occasional pump to prepare him for when i go to back to work. I am being more resourceful and asking for help which is something i didn’t do the first time. I don’t know how this journey will end but I’m doing what i can to work towards what i want. If it doesn’t work out I’m ok with it. Like i said happy mama and a fed baby is what’s important. 
  • @zande2016 I think I vote for the cervadil to hope for - agreed that could be enough to kickstart you and is the closest to your gentle induction plan/wish
    @runsomewhere @d_marie_23 +1 on having to stop reading the BF thread until LO gets here - definitely was bringing back bad memories from BF with DD.  I'm trying to just keep an open mind and we'll see how he latches in the hospital and take it one day at a time from there.  I did treat myself to the pumping bra attachment someone suggested and 2 new nursing bras with my completion discount yesterday and officially ordered my new pump - so trying to stay optimistic.
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  • Thanks all - I slept like absolute crap and don't feel well again today, but I am feeling more and more confident in our decision.  Said lots of prayers throughout the night when I couldn't sleep.  I've got a friend dropping something by in a bit and then a chiropractor appointment today to make sure everything is aligned and ready for tomorrow.

    @zande2016 it could be because it's not an option for me, but I had an extremely good experience with cytotec last time which meant I didn't need pitocin, water breaking or any other sort of assistance - my body took over after the cytotec did it's job.  I'm really disappointed to find out I'm not eligible for that this time and instead they'll break my water, then start pitocin a few hours later if I'm not responding.  But, turns out that at my last check I was dilated and stretched between 2-3 cm (not 1-2 like I thought) and am already thinned, so they don't think any ripening agent will help.
  • @MichelleAG05 Glad you are in a better place emotionally.  Did you get a better answer on why they said you were "ineligible" for the cytotec/cervidil this time?  I'm still super curious/confused - I was def a 2 cm when they placed mine and had the same experience that it was enough to just kick start everything and avoided pitocin completely.

    It's so quiet on here today... I've been hit by the struggle bus today... DH is telling me to just coast at work but so much to do before leave starts and I just want to clear my plate.  I managed to initiate some whoopie last night since I was in the mood for the first time in forever and who knows when we'll be able to again, and I'm half seriously convinced I dislocated or sprained my hip >_< my GOOD hip.  It wasn't even anything crazy! 
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  • @MichelleAG05 did they say trying cytotec isn't an option since you're already 2-3? It seems like it couldn't hurt to still try but what do I know. It turns out I am 2 cm and we are going to do some ripening. I was honestly hoping I'd be super ripe (lol) and just get my water broken and bam I'd be in labor. Clearly  that's not happening so now I am hoping one of these cervix ripeners throws me into labor. 

    @gingerbride26 I hear ya on being over work. I really considered tapping out today but I want to just finish up the day to keep my mind off things and get that extra day paid. I will end early since my mom has to go to a doctor's appointment, so my goal today is to just finish this one last project my boss asked me to do (as pissed as I am that she threw it on my lap last second), tidy up my out memo, and then call it quits around 3. I may be a horrible person but I am so over my boss and her crap, and just so done with her at this point, that I didn't bother telling her about my plan. I'll let her know at some point that today was my last day. 
  • I had a dream my water broke and had the bloody show and we were on our way to the hospital. What a horrible dream to wake up from. Laying in bed now 1 day overdue. Have an OB appt today. Will schedule the induction sometime between now and next Monday. Curious to see if I’ve progressed any in the last week. So much cramping(especially at night) where I’ve been having trouble falling asleep. Also lightning crotch and feeling the baby so so low. Going to ask for membrane sweep today. 

    @julybabybear I’ve been walking every morning and most evenings. 

    @runsomewhere that thread gives me anxiety as wel, but also liking the tips. 
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