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  • Ugh looks like another hot week coming here too. But swimming sounds fun @SmashJam

    My H just left to drop my son and Dog off at my moms and then go to work. I’m logged into work with some docs open to make it look like I’m working, but I’m actually just lying on the couch watching the today show and feeling really sorry for myself. There’s some phone calls and real proactive work I should definitely be getting done today but I’m so over it and too cranky to talk on the phone to people so I really just want to pretend I attempted the phone calls and “left messages” and then just lie here all day pretending to work on written work. Acupuncture at 3:30 which I’m sure won’t do a dam thing. I’m becoming very sure I’ll be induced and I’m feeling very sad and frustrated and anxious. 

    Sorry for being a Debbie downer. it just sucks. Blah. 
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  • All of my nice contractions from all last night and this morning have now fizzled our. BOO! 

  • nimmlenimmle member
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    One of the downsides of having an Ultrasound in the middle of the day is DH decided to work from home. Now he has completely taken over the living room (and when you live in a 2br condo that's all you have). So I have escaped to the cafe down the street and now I am here, logged into work, enjoying a small coffee on this gorgeous about to be hot as hell day and bumping.

    On that note, really excited for our U/S today as we haven't seen the LO since week 20. Hopefully he's growing just fine and is confirmed to be head down. FX!
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  • @hillbillywife hopefully the contractions at least made some progress in dilating/ripening. 

    @nimmle I hate when people are home when I'm working from home. I told my H last night he better take my son and dog to my mom's instead of my mom coming here today because at this point I just can't stand people. Or dogs lol. 

    I might need to tap out early from work. I mean I was just planning on doing today and tomorrow and then going on leave Wednesday since I'll be going into the hospital Wednesday night for ripening (unless by some miracle I'm at 3cm tomorrow, which I am completely not counting on). So really I just have the rest of today and then tomorrow to get through, but I am STRUGGLING. I cringe every time my phone rings. I have to keep reminding myself I'll want those extra couple days with the baby. But if I tap out halfway through today, I know they'll still pay me for today, and then I'd just be going out one day early...
  • @zande2016 that sounds like a hard call! @julybabybear I'll pray you're one of the few to go on their due dates. I was just going to ask if we had any overdue moms anymore, I know we had two but they gave birth! 

    @hillbillywife I was so disappointed when mine fizzled yesterday. I took the doggos on a mile walk and the walk to the gorge is a mile (downhill) then a mile back (uphill). Hopefully all this walking will get something started again! 
  • @SmashJam yay for productivity but ew ri the weather!
    @zande2016 so many hugs mama
    @julybabybear fingers crossed baby comes soon for you
    @hillbillywife bummer! 

    I am so exhausted I could cry, well actually I have cried dang hormones.  Bella was up a ton last night and wouldn't latch well which led to her getting upset abd waking up dh. When she was sleeping sciatica was bad so I couldn't really sleep.  Lily was then up before 7am and dh was crabby at me. He chilled out and apologized admitting he was just tired. now lily has been such a bad listener this morning and my patience is just shot. :/ Feeling like such a sh*tty mom today. 
  • nimmlenimmle member
    @zande2016 I feel you girl. At this point every call you take is torture. I have a list of things I need to try and take care of at this point and I probably have more than enough time to do it, but the idea of having anything else added to my plate sounds horrible. Also, I just laugh every time I hear the term "ripening". I feel like they are preparing you like a fruit for eating.
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  • Haha @nimmle I knowwww when I told my mom I may have to go in for ripening she looked at me like I was crazy. That's the term the midwives used though lol. 

    @lindsayleigh1989 hang in there! I remember my H and I just turned into different people when we were so sleep deprived, but it's all temporary and will get better. 
  • I emailed my doctor's staff trying to get my appointment moved from Wednesday to today to discuss my induction date.  Hoping that I hear from them soon and they're able to get me moved!  I also need/want to talk to her more about the ripening (and why I may not be a candidate) versus breaking my water.  I was so happy with my induction last time that I had it in my mind that it would be the same way this time if I needed it!

    Logged online at work this morning to a major WTF email where someone mailed out the wrong deliverable for one of my special projects AGAIN.  Super pissed off.  So I've sent a huge flurry of emails already and I'm meeting with my director and the director of that department in an hour.  I haven't escalated to our VP yet, but she will definitely be hearing about it this week.
  • @julybabybear today is my due date as well and I’m so bummed about it. I thought for sure I was going to have baby by now. It feels like it’s never going to happen. I’m dreading all the texts/calls I’m going to get today (even though I’ve been getting them all week) ugh. 
  • Labor fairy, I hope you intervene so all these lovely ladies can meet their LOs! 

    Right now I am so thankful for the Snugabear swing. It's the only thing that LO fits in, lol, the rock and play he isn't crazy about because he sinks in it! Too hot to use an insert. Anyways, this swing has calmed him down during the fussy times these past few days. My pediatrician told me there is a growth spurt at day 5-7 and he is a week old today. So hopefully that means we are chubbying up!
  • @lindsayleigh1989 you’re not a bad mom! Toddlers are so hard! And they’re so hard to maneuver with a newborn too. I’m sorry DD isn’t listening well. My DD just had a tantrum in her room because she wouldn’t stop jumping on her brother despite multiple requests to stop. Hang in there!

  • I'm glad to hear others have had poop/crib issues too.  In hindsight I feel a little bad about how tough I was on her, but I really wanted to impress on her that it is NOT okay and she should never do it again.  She has a poop book that talks about how animals use their poop to tell others to stay away, so when she brought it up later I brought that up and talked about how they will want to stay away from her bed if there's poop in her bed.

    I also re-read our potty training book last night and I think the accidents we've had lately are due to us hovering too much and not giving her enough independence.  I tried a different tack this morning and it went well, so we'll see.  I'm still very frustrated by the lack of napping, but at least she will play quietly in her crib for 1.5-2 hours and then go to bed early to make up the sleep.  She slept about 11.5 hours last night!
  • I am so over this stomach virus. I haven't eaten a full meal in 3 days, and the things I have eaten have just come back up. I have severe fatigue, had to go to L&D for dehydration. I guess I am odd man out on praying that the baby stays put. I can barely deal with my toddler. I couldn't handle a newborn in this state.

    Sorry to all of those going past their due date! I remember with my first that I was a hot mess after my due date ticked by and every day after that was an eternity.. She ended up a week and a half late, but it was all worth it when she finally arrived. Stay strong mamas!

  • More kid drama at my house. DS (who is 6) is currently hysterically crying about having to eat a slice of watermelon that is literally 2 bites worth. I gave him “the worst lunch in the world” of mini corn dogs, chips, and his 2-bite-slice of watermelon. Good grief... meanest mom in the world over here! 

  • @zande2016 +1 for being over work....trying to keep up on emails and finish to-do's but just no f's to give
    @nimmle my DH is WFH today too and it's throwing me off lol he did run out and get me starbucks when he took DD to daycare though!
    +1 to difficult toddlers acting out right at worst moment - FX for all big siblings to settle the F down and be good to mama's with too much on their plates already!!
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  • I'm trying to figure out what tweets to schedule on our work twitter account and was thinking something about pregnancy would be fun (we're a biology dept). However, I keep seeing this "fun fact" about a woman who was supposedly pregnant for 375 days (over a year) back in 1945 and still gave birth to a healthy baby girl a little under 7lbs. I'm shocked that none of the articles citing this claim ever mention the fact that she could have just ovulated super late, since the timeline of her pregnancy starts with her LMP. Her doctor claimed it was more impossible for her to have gotten pregnant, miscarried, and then immediately gotten pregnant again than for a pregnancy lasting over a year. wtf. 

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
  • I hope all of the mamas close to/at/past their due date spontaneously go into labor soon!  

    I’m obsessively checking for MP (even though I’ve never seen it in past pregnancies) and hoping I go into labor on my own which is ridiculous because I’m only 37+3 today.  And then also being fine with her staying in past this week because it would screw with work if I went out early.  I also caught some kind of cold virus in freaking July and have a headache/sore throat that is really annoying.  I have no idea where I caught it from because thankfully all of my kids are fine (knock on wood).  
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  • @hillbillywife Haha. I've been arguing with DS about how he can't have a popsicle until he eats an entire baby carrot. Aren't we just the most terrible moms ever. How dare we make them take care of themselves by eating more than carbs and sugar! Lol. 

    @cseley321 You poor thing. I hope it passes soon and that baby holds off until you feel better! 

    @lindsayleigh1989 You are doing a PHENOMINAL job, mama. You have already survived 100% of your worst days :) 

    We'll, despite the mouse vs. toddler drama of last night and zero sleep, we have actually had a good day. I ran several errands with DS without a total meltdown, he slept for a little bit (not enough, but I'll take it), DH did chores on his own during his break which totally blew my mind, he even offered to do the grocery shopping, WHAT? 
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  • +1 for obnoxious toddler! DD has been refusing to eat lately. The second we put food in front of her she freaks out and begs for a baby food pouch or a pediasure shake
  • Work is really slow and I am so bored. As tired as I am I wish it was busier, so I wouldn't just be sitting here obsessively wondering when the baby will arrive. I'm 38 weeks tomorrow, so I probably still have quite a bit to wait. I have had random contractions for weeks now, but lately I've been having a lot of cramping, just lower in my lower abdomen / pelvis. Anyone else? Is this weird? I don't remember this from my previous pregnancy. 
  • Adding another FX for all the toddler moms out there that they calm down soon.  I'm sure it's tied to us being so close and they can tell things are about to change.  This morning went well with DD, but I was very happy to drop her off at school and come back home to work! 
  • Hang in there still pregnant mommas and to those who have new snuggles at home and are learning the balancing act - hang in there to. It’s a period of change for everyone and your just learning what will and won’t work for your family. 

    Im frustrated that I’m awake already after working last night. I slept from 8:30-11:30. Not enough time at all. Woke up and checked email which had my fmla approval for the 6 weeks but I have to now fill out a personal leave for any additional time since it’s not medically needed. Feel like so many hoops. Of course my paranoid mind goes to there going to try and fire me while I’m on personal leave. Blah!!!

    so I’m waiting for Panera to be delivered and watching Scandal. Debating on whether to try and work this last upcoming weekend or not. 

    Going to start accupuncture Friday to get my body “ripe” so hopefully for induction I can go straight to pitocin rather then a ripening agent first.

    this week is about the be hella busy!! 

    Monday(today): I have a sleep doctor appointment and then picking DD up to go swimming at my brothers. 

    Tuesday: meeting up with a mom from my DD bump month club since she is in town- DD has swim lessons. And I have a waxing. 

    Wednessay: DD has tumble 

    thursday: my birthday plus a doctor appointment (should be the final one) and then DD has swim lessons. 

    Friday back to work potentially. I’m exhausted just thinking about all of it.
  • So the Gorge was fun but tiring. It wasn't a mile there and back, more like a mile over all, but I forgot you have to GET into the gorge so its all downhill....then uphill on the way back. Very tiring. And we got out before it got real hot but there is no shade by the water, which is the main reason I went-its surrounded by forest I thought we'd be good! 

    Anyway, DS was way tired and is somehow not napping...he's hooting at me like an owl to come get him. +1 to crotchety toddlers today, although I think mine is over tired. We took the dogs on a walk before the gorge and I think that plus the gorge put him over the edge. 

    @hillbillywife I'll come eat that lunch! yum.

    @lindsayleigh1989 you are doing a great job! Hang in there, it will get better!

    @Sarafuss I'm with you on wanting to go into labor on my own and it being ridiculous to expect it to have already happened as I am 37 +4. I at some point lost sight of the fact that I started doing the yoga, tea, dates, EPO, etc to hopefully help myself not go to 42 weeks, not to go into labor early. I need to stop expecting early labor just because I'm hoping that its earlier than usual.  But I am getting random contractions and pain I've never had before, so that doesn't help the mind eff.
  • Thanks guys!  Hoping the labor fairies come and visit me and @rachelsogo ;) 

    @cseley321 and @Sarafuss Feel better!  
  • I’m now obsessively examining side by photos of myself last week vs today to decide if baby dropped. Getting desperate. Losing sanity. SOS. Send help. 

    P.S. there’s someeee droppage going on...right?? 
  • @zande2016 Definitely some droppage! ;)
  • @zande2016 Definitely some droppage! ;)
    Thanks for humoring me in my insanity LOL 
  • @zande2016 I think so! I’ve been trying to decide if I’ve dropped too!

  • i do think it's dropped some but @zande2016 and @hillbillywife&nbsp;don't get discouraged - I've read STM don't always drop until active labor since we're efficient and crap and our bodies have already done this before.
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  • I've read/heard the same thing @gingerbride26 - but I am hoping the midwives agree to break my water before trying pitocin to see if that puts me into labor on its own, but they won't do it unless baby is engaged and I'm at 3cm. He was still -2 station last week. 
  • nimmlenimmle member
    Just got back from my US appointment and of course baby is measuring big. I'm 37+2 today and baby is at 7lbs 14oz (82nd percentile) give or take margin of error. I'll see my OB tomorrow, but the tech said that they may not let me go past my due date if he keeps measuring large. We'll see what they say tomorrow. I'd love to go early and get this over with. 
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  • Congratulations @ashbub714!  Glad he finally arrived!
  • @lindsayleigh1989 hang in there your doing great!! Despite how loving and nice he was with baby when he met him at the hospital, DS is now avoiding him and me at all costs. It’s heartbreaking and i hope it passes soon. Nights with baby and H have been challenging too while trying to not over do it. Cry it out, no shame. As you tell me, feel free to PM me! 
  • nimmlenimmle member
    Congrats @ashbub714! What a sweet little yawn
    Me: 30 |  DH: 34
    Started Dating: November 2011
    Married: August 2015
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  • Good luck due date ladies! @zande2016 hopefully baby is dropping and engaged such that breaking your water will be effective!

    @hillbillywife I will gladly take that lunch! Also can’t blame @d_marie_23’s DS for wanting that popsicle...sounds pretty good to me right now too

    I'm in my last two weeks of having to come into the office, three more total till due date. We’ve got a new girl joining our team next Monday for which I’m supposed to serve as an onboarding mentor, which is somewhat humorous since it’ll be a “hi - ok, bye”. But maybe it’ll motivate me to be more productive. The last two weeks have been TOUGH. I find myself just staring at a spreadsheet...my brain stuck in a fog or just wanting to check TB. But at least the end is near!
  • And congrats @ashbub714! Just saw the announcement!
  • congrats @ashbub714! Can't wait to hear the rest of your story! What a sweet little nugget!
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