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  • I have a 2.5 year old and an 8 month old. Didn't get a warning period, and now I'm 2 months pregnant. Kinda nervous to have 2 so close together, but always excited for a pregnancy. My first was a MC at 14wks, boy born at 34 weeks, girl at 37 weeks, so not really sure on the due date for this one. How can you tell anyways if you were still waiting for periods to return?!
    You could get a dating ultrasound. Your practitioner will probably encourage it since you don't know dates. Other than that, there are the more traditional ways, which aren't as exact. Symptoms/morning sickness typically kick in around 6 weeks (but not always. Mine started at 5 this time.) Looking at when you had sex recently (although that won't be helpful if it's frequent). Measuring the fundal height later in pregnancy (but if your baby is big or small, it will throw that off. My daughter measured 0-2 weeks ahead the whole pregnancy.) 
  • @mckennabradley assuming that’s your full name, you might want to change it to something other than your full name for internet safety purposes.
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  • @bug_hunter Congratulations! I had my first baby during my PhD, and it was hard, but also completely wonderful. My daughter was there the day I walked at graduation and thinking about that moment got me through the hard stuff. You got this girl! 
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  • Hi all! You can call me Elle!
    I am pregnant with baby #2, I currently have a 2.5 year old daughter. We had our ultrasound and saw a healthy fetus and heartbeat, so fingers crossed it sticks! 
    My husband and I didn’t have any issues conceiving this time or last. It was very fast. 
    My last pregnancy didn’t end well. While I got my beautiful daughter from it I developed a very rare condition called Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy which resulted in an emergency c-section and ICU stay. It was a very scary and trying time in my life. This time around we are hoping that is not the case! 
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    @meggyme That’s actually not my legal name. I am married but did not take my husbands last name so my last name is different. 
  • @femail welcome! My DD #2 IS A July 14 LO :-) .

  • @Mandalion I'm sorry for your losses. You might find some reassurance in the Pregnant after Loss (PGAL) check ins.
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  • @Mandalion Welcome! I’m so sorry for your losses, hoping you’ll have a lot of joy this time around. 
  • @angeloffreedom we do have a moms of multiples thread, it may have dropped down a little, but be sure to check it out. We have lots of twin moms on this board. Congratulations!!

    Me: 36, DH 37.

    August 2014- 6w MMC

    July 2015- CP

    PCOS, plus some medical issues that make me high risk.

    Our rainbow babies are due 3/21!!!!!

  • Hello, ladies. I'm 37 and the Mommy to 3 girls - 14, 8 and 5. This is my 4th pregnancy and it is a surprise. I wouldn't mind another girl, honestly, but I suppose DH deserves a boy. We both just want baby and me to be healthy throughout this one. This is my 2nd go round on TB, but I haven't been on here in about 8 years or so.
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  • Hello,
    I'm Dani. I'm a cook. First time mom. Due end of March. And try my best to be really strong all the time. However i cried today. It was not because i was hurt, or in pain. I cried because a cart i was pushing fell and i had to clean up the mess. Usually this wouldn't have me tearing up, but i was just so frustrated and ready to be in my bed. I'm happy no one was around to see the tears. But i figure i should tell someone. My mom said to me "it's ok... Just cry and clean up" not what i wanted to hear. So i sucked it up, cleaned up and drove home listening to kirk Franklin. Lemme tell you. First song was like 'meh whatever'. Second was like 'ok i kinda know this one'. Third one was 'Revolution' and that picked me up so high!!! I blasted that out the car until it ended. Ok enough about me... 
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