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  • Hi!! 4th time mom here!! Due March 2nd with my first baby girl!! My 3 sons are so excited for her!! As shocked as we were to find out our last is going to be a girl this whole pregnancy was a huge surprise! We thought we were done at 3!! 
  • Hello all,

    I’m Erin.  I’m 38yrs and this will be my first baby. His EDD is 3/6/18. If there anyone around the San Fernando valley area of Los Angeles that would like to get together and discuss pregnancy and/or your first pregnancy, please let me know. 
  • Hi everyone! I’m sapphire from Philippines. I’m now on my 16th weeks and 1day. My EDD will be on March19 next year. As of now, I’m having a hard time dealing with it alone. This is my 2nd pregnancy. I had an early miscarriage this year. Suprisingly, my ob before told me to never have a baby for 5 months, but after 3months I got pregnant. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. 💕
  • @linznorth Welcome to the group! I'm also a PhD student and first time mom so I'm especially excited you're joining us. Congrats on the baby boy and I look forward to commiserating with you!
  • @linznorth My anatomy scan is that day too! All the best wishes for a positive scan report!
  • Due date is march 7, 2019 with a baby girl. 
  • Thanks you too!!
  • Thank you! Being a grad student is tough, I'm in chemistry and trying to make sure to wear all my personal protective equipment and use the fume hoods for everything. I'm going to try to finish up a thesis chapter experiment before February, then I'll have one last chapter remaining after I come back from mat leave. We can suffer together lol!
  • @moriental3 Welcome! Most of my “mommy friends” are from college and don’t live close by. It can be difficult, because most of my local friends don’t have kids. I recommend joining some groups after baby is born. I joined a local playgroup and met some great people who can definitely relate to the mommy part of my life.
  • @letsmakeit5 Welcome! I’m sorry the start of your pregnancy was so stressful, and hope you get to relax a bit and enjoy the rest of these months. I also wanted to point out that the timestamp on your post (on my end anyway) is 5:55PM - a perfect intro time for your name and baby #5 ☺️❤️
  • I'm Thea! Due Mar 20 with my FIRST and we are both so excited :-D  I blog about staying active while pregnant and am so excited to be on this journey. First of my friend group to have a kiddo so excited but also super nervous! Here to meet other moms (especially first time!) and get some great mommy advice :-)
  • @theaandree welcome!  Just be careful with posting links to your blog because the Bump mods sometimes take it as advertising for your blog and will remove your post.
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  • Hello, I'm Katie. Lurker since day 1, and a transfer from Infertility/FET July board. STM (son July 2016 via c-section at 40w 4d) hailing from Las Vegas, NV. I hate typing/replying from my phone and I'm NEVER on the computer, unless I'm at work where there is no time for personal wandering, so it's unlikely I'll post frequently. Now that we're coming into the last half of our terms, I thought it would be nice to come out of hiding. It's not that I don't want to make friends or get to know ya'll, I just have a huge support network (sometimes too much!) from family, friends and co-workers, and I'm a very private person. 

    Due March 24th with a girl. Unless she comes early on her own, we'll likely schedule a c-section for the week ahead. 

  • @kbear28 I'm a July 2016 and C-section mom too! Welcome :)
  • FTM Here! Due March 27th.
  • My name is Molly and I am a first time mom! I am due March 20. I am a full time student to become a Veterinarian and I work full time! 
  • Hi Ladies! My name is Holly. I'm a little late joining this group. My due date is March 30th, we are expecting our second daughter! :) 
    I recently transitioned out of the military as a medic for the Marine Corps. I am now a full time student in Nursing School. 

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone! 
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    Better late then never!!!! Hi ladies first off Congratulations!! Im expecting baby #4 finally have time to enjoy these apps im on bed rest until baby boy comes March 29th ... If he comes after wk 37 he will be my first full term baby! Yess I have givem birth 3xs to all premature babies. Sowe are really hoping he makes it to term!! 
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