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  • Wow!! @katie35 that’s amazing how much they were able to figure out from that test!! I think you’re making the right choice with repeating the test! Hopefully all goes well with this next test and then you’ll be onto your FET!!! Please keep us posted about the next test results!! 

    @bkatp yay for 24 weeks!! How incredible!! Are you getting things prepared and ready at home? So glad you’re feeling well! 

    @mackorori I’m happy to hear your hysteroscopy went well and you’ll be moving onto your next cycle! April will be here soon and you are so right... BEST Christmas gift ever!!! 

    AFM... Im almost 33 weeks and things are going really well. My due date is April 5th but we are getting induced on March 29th due to ivf protocol. So only 6 1/2 weeks to go until we meet our little one (and find out he or she)! Baby’s measuring a bit small (30th percentile) But has been checking out perfectly healthy! 

    I’ve had some low blood pressure issues and am anemic so those things have caused me a few issues. A couple weeks ago I passed out in front of my 2nd grade class... hit my head on the hard floor. I got the worst concussion and was out of work for the week. My poor kiddos!! I had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance and admitted to L&D to monitor baby due to the fall.... but all checked out well. Just keeping my fingers crossed that nothing like that happens again!! 
    Me: 32   DH: 37 
    Married: 06/21/2008
    Lean PCOS 
    TTC #1:
    IUI #1-bfp DS born 07/06/2010

    TTC #2:
    IUI #1: Sept. 2017 - cancelled (ovulated too soon)
    IUI #2: Oct. 2017 - bfn
    switched clinics
    IUI#3: Nov. 2017 - bfn
    IUI#4: Dec. 2017 - bfn 
    Hysteroscopy w/ ovarian diathermy: Feb. 2018
    IUI#5: April 2018 - bfp (chem. preg)
    IUI#6: May 2018 - bfp (chem. preg) 
    IVF #1: July 2018

  • @kbenner2 Thanks for giving us the update, it is so close, how exciting!! Glad to hear things have been going well (other than this fainting episode, very scary but glad you are OK). 
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