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  • @zande2016 DH and I went to a baby show a few weeks ago - I thought it was good, there were a lot of local daycare providers that we could talk to all at once, and lots of cute small-brand kids/baby clothing booths.  There weren't AS many giveaways as I was expecting but we did walk away with some swag.  There was also a free infant CPR/Choking info session while we were there, and the public health people were there demonstrating car-seat safety.  In all, it was 2 hours well spent.  
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  • I've been MIA all week...I'm training a temp for my job and so I literally just sit here for 3 days a week watching her sit at my desk.  It's incredibly boring and this will continue until I go out the last week in June. Ugh

    Question: We bought an Arm's Reach sleeper second hand and I'm trying to get things ready (who am I kidding? No I'm not....but I'm THINKING about it and that's a good first step IMO) How on earth do I clean this? I obviously can't put the whole thing in the washing machine, there has to be a way that I just cant think of right now...how do you wash a second hand bassinet??

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  • owl_momma i feel ya, ill have to begin doing that soon and dreading it.  plus my job is super detail oriented so i hope whoever they have come in can be trained up quickly lol
  • @owl_momma - I've seen stuff on Pinterest about washing a pack n play in a bathtub.  Could you do something like that??
  • @babygagnon2018 Luckily my job is not (I switched career paths to a less stressful job 32 weeks and 3 days ago..yeah I got pregnant on my first day at the new job!) so while it's not difficult it can be incredibly boring at times, so watching someone else do nothing is tough!

    Good luck with your training, hopefully they will be a quick learner!

  • @owl_momma ugh I feel your pain on training. I’ve been training someone at work this week but having to fit it in between us both actually doing our normal jobs bc she isn’t a temp, but another team member. I’m no help on cleaning a bassinet? Bathtub plus oxyclean sounds good to me but I’m a FTM so that may be wrong lol

    Feeling pretty crappy today. Woke up to migraine symptoms. I don’t get them often but when I do they come with auras and hand/face numbness and pretty much stop me in my tracks. So I had to cancel my 30 week appointment. I was so looking forward to hearing baby’s heartbeat today. Luckily I slept for a few hours and I’m feeling better but still just feel off. 
  • @ashbub714 feel better!
    @owl_momma at least you have someone to train:) we still haven't hired anyone. But we are narrowed down to 2 candidates. I am not liolook forward at creatibc all the training materials. But it's also the nice thing about a small company is that you're actively contributing to the growth:) good luck with the boring stuff, I have some of that too!
  • @michelleAGO5 that sounds like it would work! I was like ummm...do I take it in the yard and hose it down? no...that doesn't seem right....lol But that sounds like it would work!

  • @kissableviv at least with creating the training materials you can make sure it gets done right! Good luck!
  • @owl_momma I’d probably take it outside on a sunny day and use a bucket of warm water with detergent and a tiny bit of bleach and scrub the fabric with a towel/rag. Then I’d hose it down to rinse off, and leave in the sun for the rest of the day to dry. 

    Speaking of cleaning baby stuff...I recently got so upset seeing how dirty my infant car seat had gotten in the 8 months my son used it, and decided I had to take the fabric lining out and wash it (it can go in the washing machine per the manual). But when I was removing the lining, a plastic tab that connects it to the seat just snapped right off. The manufacturer said it’s not safe to use anymore if any part of it is broken, and my options are pay $120 for new fabric/lining, or buy a whole new car seat. The same car seat new would be $300. I’m so pissed, $120 just for fabric seems ridiculous but then again I don’t want to buy an all new seat for $300. I’d like to stick with this particular seat since it snaps into our stroller.  I am torn :neutral:
  • @MichelleAG05 I've been using Earth Mama natural stretch oil, especially after a shower or bath. Seems to be the only thing that keeps my belly from being all dry.
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    @zande2016 I went to one last pregnancy and it was just meh. I got some decent free samples but I didn’t buy anything, just browsed. I wouldn’t go again personally (there weren’t any great deals at mine so I just shopped around online). Also, that really sucks about the car seat...did you actually call the company and speak to one of the CPSTs they have on staff? 
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  • runsomewhererunsomewhere member
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    @zande2016 can you reach out the the manufacturer? Either via email or social media explaining that you've loved the car seat and planned on using it again but were disappointed that it would break after only 8 months of use? That's what I would do. Not a pissy email just something explaining the situation and talking about how you selected this car seat for its safety/durability, etc. With all the competition in the baby goods market these companies do not want to upset you or get any bad word of mouth, I bet they'd hook you up with a free cover or something. 
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  • @comealongponds it seems like this one has some good deals, but we already bought everything we need so it seems pointless. On the other hand, there will be kids entertainment and mommy/daddy and me type classes, and that guy who wrote Happiest Baby on the Block is speaking, so it could still be a fun/educational family day. I'm just so tired all the time, and parking will cost us $35 because that's New York City for you. Maybe I'll just see how I feel that day, but I wanted to decide in advance if I'm not going so I can give the tickets away. 
  • @runsomewhere that's not a bad idea...I did reach out to them to ask if the seat could still be safely used, and explained how the tab just snapped right off while I was following the instructions for removing it, and all they said was no it's not safe to use, here's a link to buy new fabric. But if I go the social media route or push it more it's possible they might do something for me. 
  • Just got back from my 30 week appointment - my doctor wants me to take one more week off an see if I can improve my stamina before heading back to teaching full time... Apparently I won't be able to hack it if I can't do a flight of stairs without getting dizzy.
    I feel bad because as the music teacher it means my grade 6s are missing out on learning a piece to perform at their end of the year assembly .... But - baby comes first. 
  • MichelleAG05 I've been using Shea Moisture's Coconut & Hibiscus Body Wash and Lotion. I've found these to keep my skin super soft and moisturized. The body wash can also be used as a milk bath. Worth the money! I've caught DH using it because he loves the way it makes it his skin feel...

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  • I am so over the exhaustion this pregnancy has caused. I am on iron pills for being anemic, but I keep dozing off during the day when I'm home and just have no energy
  • yay @kissableviv you should do a prenatal yoga class for the July BMB :wink:@cseley321 I am not anemic and still absolutely exhausted every single day, can't imagine how much worse it would be if I were actually anemic. I was never ever this tired with my last pregnancy. 
  • wildtotwildtot member
    @kissableviv congratulations!!
    Not sure if scarfing my food down before going to the chiropractor was the best idea...
  • ugh this may be more symptoms than random but add me to the exhausted group - i just fell asleep for almost 2 hours and somehow feel worse... also woke up completely soaked with sweat and more stomach/back cramps.  So sick of being sick.  So now i'm groggy, smelly, and seriously wondering if i should cancel my prenatal massage tomorrow afternoon :'(
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  • @kissableviv A huge congrats to you!
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  • @zande2016 yep, my first born I got my energy back at the 2nd tri.... this time it has just gotten worse. Trying to wrangle a toddler doesn't help I'm sure
  • @gingerbride26 It took me over a week to recover from a stomach virus a couple of weeks ago. Maybe the massage will help you recover? I didn’t have to go to the hospital but I did miss work a few days because I was so dizzy. I also felt like the fever came back for a day 3 days after the worst of the virus passed. So hard to recover when the baby is pulling what little fluids / nutrition you are getting. Hope you feel better soon.
  • LO is so active today,  I can't even sit in my desk chair. I have to be leaned back at an angle because he's taking up all the room! I know it's a good thing to have the activity, but I'm so freaking tired of being beat up from the inside these days.
  • @zande2016 who is the manufacturer? Our Graco carseat has a rubber grip on the handle and when I went to pull it out of storage (my temperature controlled basement) the rubber was sticky. I reached out to Grace and they sent me a new one and took back mine. It was only 2 1/2 years old and not expired. I'd push it if I were you! Good luck
  • @owl_momma it’s Uppababy, I think I will call and make a stink. It’s two years old so prob past the warranty but still. 

    @gingerbride26 I’d go for the massage!! Unless you’re feeling queasy, I think it’ll recharge you. And massages are my favorite thing in the world so it’d take a lot to make me cancel one.
  • @kissableviv Congrats!!

    Speaking of maternity leave and temps, the company I work for still hasn't posted my job to begin looking for a temp and I am due July 4th! I was also informed that they wouldn't bring the temp in to start training until the last week of June (my last week in the office). My job is super technical and requires lots of training time so that's going to be difficult....also I went into labor a week early with DS soooooo.....

    Also, I wanted to let everyone know that frosted flakes with ice cold milk might be the best thing that has ever happened to me.  :#
  • wildtotwildtot member
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    So my ob is busy at a delivery and i just found out (10 mins after my scheduled appointment). I guess they called the wrong person to notify. So i have to see the nurse practitioner and i can’t help but feel disappointed that maybe my concerns won’t be addressed. Guess we’ll see how it goes. 

    Eta i haven’t seen my own ob since early April and don’t have her scheduled until 5 more weeks. I am scheduled to see the other rotating ob in between. I might just ask to switch to my doc for one of those appointments instead or get a separate appointment with her. 
  • @wildtot while nurse practitioners are fairly close to doctors in experience, not seeing your OB since April is not cool. I hope your concerns get addressed and if they're not addressed to your liking please speak up.

    I had a hectic morning and I'm feeling a little foolish about how I reacted to something this morning.

    I was in the bathroom getting ready, we have a littler box in the bathroom far in the corner. My cat went in to the litter box then half way through got startled by something and jumped out and ran out of the bathroom. He must not have been done and as he was running away he dropped a piece of shit ON MY FOOT. I started screaming for DH to bleach my food and get the turd off the floor and bleach that. Then DD got startled because I kept yelling, I think DH got annoyed about my over reaction and my foot kind of burned from the bleach I made DH spray on it. 
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  • wildtotwildtot member
    @runsomewhere sorry but you just made me lol 
    Although the appointment is going well I would like to see my doctor soon rather than two weeks before my delivery. I would feel more comfortable with keeping my information consistent with one person. 
  • @wildtot feel free to laugh at my poo foot this morning lol. I'm glad the appointment is going well  :)
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  • @wildtot I ended up switching primary GYN because although I really liked her she was ALWAYS called into surgery and appointments would get bumped.
    @runsomewhere I LOL'd too.  I had a flip out last night on DH myself.  he hit the wrong button and I went full screaming hormonal biotch on him... i believe it was about defrosting ground turkey in the microwave and cooking dinner?
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  • @gingerbride26 lol our poor husbands, what did he press? In your defense raw poultry is no joke  :#
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  • wildtotwildtot member
    @gingerbride26 my last ob didn’t have partners so i got spoiled. This is the first time she’s called out but they want you to meet with all partners in case you go into labor and your ob isn’t available. Let’s hope i make it to my scheduled c section.
  • Has anyone ordered a swaddle set from Milkmaid Goods? I really want one but they are a little pricy and I don't know how much I'd use it aside from some cute pictures. I looked for a similar product on amazon and I'm not seeing anything I like. Also, all the amazon ones are modeled on dolls which is weird.
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  • Blech, I don't feel great today. 

    @runsomewhere - I have not, but I am considering buying a gown from Milk and Baby through Amazon and they have matching swaddle sets.  Not sure if they're modeled on dolls or not but I saw lots of pictures from reviews when I looked earlier this week.  
  • @runsomewhere posh peanut has matching sets too. I'm not getting a swaddle (I'm having a boy and I'm not into matching)  but I'm getting myself a robe from Etsy, because I really want a long one (past the knee) and most pinkblush robes are not very long. The one I found on Etsy is also nursing friendly and it's 100% cotton. They also make labor gowns and matching swaddles. I think the shop is called comfymamma or something like that, I can find the link if anyone is interested (can you tell I'm lazy!!)
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