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    I’m glad I’m not alone in these feelings! Our summers are usually in the 70’s and 80’s so I’m not super concerned about the heat, more jut the germs. But it’s good to know that’s not as big of a concern in the summer!

    @Sarafuss we have a travel trailer that we take to state parks to camp for a weekend or week, so it’s our own, clean, space. My family has land so we’ll definitely be going up there with it, I just didn’t know if a state park an hour and a half away would be the best idea with a one or 1.5 month old. 

    Edit because Bump ate my post-

    @kissableviv Our beaches suck haha. We’re on the lake and it usually just smells like dead fish. Ick. Pinterest has a lot of great ideas for how to keep baby cool at the beach though! I’ve just never gotten a chance to use them. Lol. It *might* warm up before baby comes (it’s just been in the 50-60’s) but even then, being pregnant and having a 2 year old I just have no energy. We go for walks at the park and to the playground but that’s about it right now. We do have a boat ride coming up in June and I’m just kind of playing it by ear, whether we’ll go or not. I’ll be 37 weeks and it’s about 3 hours long usually- won’t be as much fun being pregnant, but as long as I feel good I think I’ll go. 
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    @paytoncpedro I am totally with you on these feelings. I would lose my mind if I don't get out of the house after the first few weeks. Definitely taking walks and going to the local bakery/cafe with the LO as soon as I'm up to it!
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  • @paytonpedro it would definitely be easier in a camper!  When we camp it's in tents so much harder.  We went camping with a 13-month-old and a just-turned 3-year-old in a tent and I'm still scarred by it lol.  So that's affecting my perspective.  But to me, as long as you have all the stuff you need, you can take a baby anywhere.  I think baby would be fine but getting up for MOTN feedings and stuff could be more challenging for you.  But still doable.  
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  • @paytonpedro for the camping, I'd just check to make sure there's cell service and a hospital or urgent care nearby just in case. Aside from that I wouldn't worry at all, I don't see any reason you couldn't go! 
  • I've gotten used to wasted summers by now 2016 I was in chemo and 2017 I was working 1-10 6 days a week my one day off being Monday so this summer is actually looking to be pretty good. I figure I'll wear LO to get out and do some stuff, I'll probably avoid crowded indoor places for the first month or two (mall/grocery store etc.) But I'm also lucky that I'm due 7/2 so I should be able to get out and do some stuff in August no problem 
  • paytonpedro  same! We usually have a booked out calendar for the whole summer as of May 1st and legit have nothing planned.  We usually do SO much and its kind of depressing- but at the same time we have the biggest joy of our life to look forward to!  Esp being due at the end of July- really cant plan anything for June or July and August will be recovery.  Hopefully summer will extend into Sept/Oct if not, maybe we'll just a book a mini vaca to Florida for a few days B) 

  • @babygagnon2018 yes! We have nothing planned! My cousin is getting married in Boston (about a 6.5 hour drive from me) in the end of September and we’re planning on going, but I’m expecting cooler weather by then. Whomp whomp. 
  • My parents will be here this summer so I'm really hoping for some beach trips in August. We live 10-15 minutes from the beach and I'm thinking that if we go even just 2-3 hours early in the morning we should be more than fine heat wise. 

    Personally I'm so happy about having a summer baby. Both DH and I are and I wouldn't have it any other way. Just not having to worry about the flu is a big plus! Even though we will be bigger in the summer heat at least we are all due before August. I can't imagine being enormous and having to figure out winter clothes!
     Plus it's only one summer, so I'm ok with an uneventful summer this year. 
  • @paytonpedro sounds like everyone else covered it but as far as I'm concerned if you're up for being out, go out! I was in my MIL's wedding at 2 weeks (July) and it was outdoors. There was a woman last fall at a program we go to at a local farm who was a pediatrician, had just had her 4th kid and she was out wearing him at the program at 4 days old! So I think its whatever you feel comfortable with, as everyone else has said!
  • @paytonpedro I know I’m late to the game but our lifestyle seems prettt similar to yours. I’m obviously going to reevaluate after baby is here when I can see what his temperament is but we usually go on several camping trips throughout the summer (camper and tent) and we have a big local fair that we spend every day at in the last week of August and I’m not planning on changing anything up too drastically. I think as long as you can keep him cool enough and in the shade then you’re probably going to be fine taking him places as long as you feel up for it. 
  • The way I see it, unless I can help it, the older kids can't wait for the baby to be like a month old before we all go out places, especially places with other kids. It really helps keep ppl away if you are baby wearing, tho. I think babies are more accessible in the car seat even with a cover.
    I am excited for a summer baby. I really want to float in my pool with my giant belly which I haven't been able to do with my previous two babies.

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  • sm05-2sm05-2 member
    Interesting to read everyone's comments about going out with a newborn. I'm undecided as far as what I'll be doing. We'll definitely go on walks as the weather allows, though I live in a super hilly area and will be recovering from a c-section, so the walks may last 5 minutes at first, lol. Plus I definitely get cabin fever in the summers if I'm indoors too long. 

    @kissableviv, beach trips sound really nice!
  • @paytonpedro I feel the same way, except summers are usually the time that DH and I take several weekend trips without the kids since we never get away or have dates the rest of the year due to his job. Selfishly, I'm really going to miss the adult time.
  • @paytonpedro same here. We usually try to get up to the cottage most weekends in the summer but this weekend will be our last trip until Summer is here. My labour was so fast with the boys (and I’m scared I’ll go early) I don’t want to be so far away from a good hospital. The cottage is about 45min from a country hospital but if she comes early or there are issues, she or I would have to be MediVac’d to the next closest hospital which is tooo scary. I’m hoping she comes early July so we can get a few weekends in after she’s here!

    once she’s here though, we’ll be back to life as usual. Twin 22m olds are not going to be content laying around the house for weeks on end so this little girl better get used to being in a Tula or a ring sling pretty darn quick lol
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  • @foxbaby2016 @paytonpedro I deleted my Facebook app like a week and a half ago. There have been so many times where I’ve wanted to get on to check something but remember it’s not there. I’ve also been playing games instead of scrolling through fb. H was like what difference does it make if you’re on fb or playing a game. But really, I’m not as stressed seeing everyone I can compare myself to. It’s been really nice! I won’t get rid of it forever but I’m loving it right now
  • @kissableviv I want to do an overhaul on my friends list when I download social media again. Too many people I don’t really know. Too much added stress. 
  • @hillbillywife +1 to comparing myself to others...that was part of the reason I did it. Doesn't help that my best friend (due 4 days after me) is a tall, blonde gorgeous model with a huge social media following. I love her to death but sometimes I have to step away. 

    @kissableviv So I've always been physically active and exercise daily but I've never done yoga. I've thought about adding that to my daily routine after the baby is born. Positives? Negatives? Any tips for getting started? I am hoping that it helps with stress management...I'm a fairly high strung person with a short fuse. Also hoping it helps me to tone and become more flexible. 
  • morethanamamamorethanamama member
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    @foxbaby2016 I love yoga so I'm biased! I would suggest to start with yoga with Adrienne on YouTube because it's free, she is awesome and the library is extensive. I'm certified in prenatal and postnatal yoga via Mail Yoga, we have a portal with online classes but the membership is $18/month. 
    I suggest you try some Youtube video to see if it's for you! It taught me a lot of great tools to cope with stress and made me waayyyy calmer although I still have a hard time meditating and I'm still a little firecracker :) need to work on my impulsiveness!
  • Aren’t thunderstorms supposed to be really quick? It’s been pouring, windy, thundering and lightening for a solid hour and a half now. I’m holding my breath aa the lights keep going on and off. Please power stay on until I put the kiddo to bed and until my H gets home and cooks me dinner (too tired to get off couch and do it myself). 
  • wildtotwildtot member
    Super late to the party today. It’s been a super busy day at work. 
    On the topic of taking out baby, we had to take DS to the pedi by the second week and judging by this pedi we’ll be doing the same. I stayed in a lot with DS because c section and stairs don’t mix but we did take him out to the store within the month. To me as long as he’s not in any overly crowded places or gets touched by strangers I’m ok with it. Dr never told us to stay in. 
    @zande2016 we got them thunderstorms too  :s
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    @SmashJam that exactly why i take them in the AM lol my added bloat at the end of the day is horrible!
  • wildtotwildtot member
    @kissableviv sorry for the stress but it’s good to know ob isn’t too concerned. Do you know your measurement? I read that your belly should be no more or less that two marks of your week. Example if your 30 wks the desired measurement should be better 28-32.
  • Crazy storms here too @zande2016- tornado warning and everything! Luckily we still have power but some of my friends in the area have trees down and no power. 

    I started really deep cleaning reorganizing and generally stressing about DS’s room trying to fit in the baby. It’s going to be tight! Debating not putting the crib in since we plan on keeping baby in our room for 6mo anyways but I wouldn’t feel “ready” without a crib. 

    @kissableviv sorry about the stress! From what I remember there’s a 2 week margin of error for belly measurements.. I wish doctors wouldn’t say anything when they’re “not worried,” anything other than “perfect” is going to be worrisome! 1lb per week is the goal around now, but it’s also normal to slow down on weight gain as you run out of room to actually fit food. 

  • Exactly! And I'm just kind of not interested in food, I think since getting sick I haven't been able to eat certain foods for fear of heartburn or getting sick again. The babe measured at 50% at last ultrasound and OB is all happy like oh don't worry I have a feeling this kid is gonna do great at labor and delivery. Like he can even predict that...

    I do think I could do better at eating more nutritious, varied foods, I've been lazy about cooking and overall busy so I've had lots of later than I want dinners with random foods. I'll see if I can turn that around and we'll see how I do next visit!
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    Also @acunamatada we are not putting the crib in since either he will be sleeping with us and my mom will have her twin bed in the nursery for 3 weeks. So wellw probably buy the crib about a month in and set it up while both my parents are here and move into the air bnb.
  • @kissableviv that’s kinda poopy that he may be worrying your for nothing. If it’s no big deal why mention it?

    So has anyone ever bought an IKEA dresser? I’ve literally never stepped food in an IKEA but am looking online for dresser options for the nursery and found one there I may like. Is the furniture okay quality or super cheapy? Any help is appreciated!
  • @ashbub714 we didn’t end up going with one, but I have heard great things about the Malm dresser! I’m also currently looking at getting the Kallax shelving unit for toy storage. 
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  • morethanamamamorethanamama member
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    I absolutely love the Kallax series. Inexpensive and holds up we. Super customizable. I'm Using it as a changing station!

    I also love the Brimnes dresser I've had 2 for 3 years and they went through a move and still hold up well.
  • @kissableviv I had read back during my second tri that fundal height isn't really a reliable method of gauging baby's size after 28 weeks. Really this late in pregnancy, US is the best bet but even that can be off by a whole pound! I always measured spot on for fundal height with DD and the last US at 35 weeks before she was born at 37.5 indicated she wouldn't be very large....but was born at 8 lbs 10 oz. So if everything else looks good, I wouldn't worry too much :)
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    Nesting has started...I made a bunch of freezer meals today (burgers, General Tso’s chicken and shredded chicken for quesadillas/tacos), made padcicles and set up the bassinet. I feel so accomplished, even though the nursery is still a disaster area (she’ll be in our room for at least 6m so it’s not that urgent lol). 

    @kissableviv I think fundal height is just a ballpark, it’s a non-invasive way to track growth and identify potential concerns that need to be looked into further. Hopefully your ultrasound goes well and babe is growing nicely!

    edit to fix autocorrect 
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  • Thanks everyone for the info on measurements, I am going to move up the ultrasound because DH wants to attend so might as well. I'll go in 10 days. 

    In better news, the in laws are purchasing the Uppababy stroller! So thankful that we don't have to spend all that money on it. Phew! 
  • @kissableviv I wouldn't worry about the fundal height, it can vary so much depending on the shape and position of your uterus. With DD my fundal height never went past 32 weeks but she was always in the 50th+ percentile.  It's measuring behind again this time but I don't know how much, the baby was in the 51st percentile at my last growth scan. I am getting ultrasounds every 4 weeks but that's mainly due to a couple fibroids with the fundal height being a small added reason.

    @ashbub714 we have the Ikea Hemnes dresser in out bedroom and a Malm dresser in DD's room. We're happy with both.
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  • I just watched Ali Wong's Baby Cobra on Netflix while DH put the kiddo to bed. I was super excited to see it and thought it would be funny. I ended up not liking it at all. Anyone else see it?
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