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  • @TalesOfASocialIntrovert but the bright side is it’s officially the beginning of the end! Hopefully the time passes quickly during your tests 
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  • @TalesOfASocialIntrovert one week til mine start! I feel the same way about living at the doctor's office. And it's really starting to hit me how close we are now. 
  • Good morning and happy Monday everyone!  I feel like once I'm past this workweek time should fly by, just 4 more wake-ups!

    I'm frustrated with my OB's office and my ultrasound place. I got a call last week saying they are starting NSTs 2x a week and an ultrasounds each week starting at 32 weeks due to fibroids and fundal height. So I called the ultrasound/NST place to schedule things and they said no it's not needed, they are already doing growth scans every 4 weeks, it's fine. I call my doctor back and they say no we want you to do them extra appointments, we will call them. As of right now I have no idea what's going on. 
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  • @runsomewhere I love it when offices dont coordinate with each other. Eye roll... 
  • @TalesOfASocialIntrovert hope it goes well!

    @elizabethrn87 hope baby cooperates more today! 
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  • Haha and nope baby didn’t cooperate. Go back Wednesday. She also flipped to be feet first. 
  • Haha and nope baby didn’t cooperate. Go back Wednesday. She also flipped to be feet first. 
    Could it be the time of day? If you know a time when she is more active maybe you could try to schedule around then? Sorry it didn't work out!
  • Our sprinkle was last weekend and was a lot of fun!  Just a casual BBQ and pool party and we were given lots of diapers, some clothes, and our close family got us some cool things.  I love my brother but he always makes me feel funny because he buys the most expensive thing on our registry.  With DD it was her carseat, and now he bought us the 2nd stroller seat for our double stroller (that we had already bought ourselves).  So nice of him though!  DD went up and told him thank you for her new stroller - it was super cute.

    I bought our going home outfit and a few other essentials with 20% off BBB coupons this morning.  Our completion discounts have all started now, but since you have to do all your shopping in 1-2 purchases from each store I need to coordinate my plan before going and starting to buy things.  I also made a list of things for my hospital bag and am going to start packing that today!
  • @elizabethrn87 oh no! come on baby get it together! 
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  • I just put dd in her toddler bed for naptime. It is time to rip that bandaid off!  She definitely wanted her crib at first but after the routine she seemed to settle and I just gave her space. Now to wait and see if she falls asleep. On the plus side. BRU has all their bedding 50% off if anyone needs nursery sets. I just picked up some solid color crib sheets that match the idea I have for dd and a pack n play mattress sheet. Get those if you dont have one yet! DD refused to sleep in there without one after a while.
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  • @MichelleAG05 I also started a list, and I started throwing things in a large shopping bag for now. My toiletries take a third of the space, lol. 

    Random and a bit gross but funny. My toenail broke due to some trauma, it wasn't an infection as I got it checked. It finally grew half way but it was still attached a tiny bit to one side and as per doctor I did not rip it off. Well guess who was walking around the house with shoes, step on my bare foot, and ripped the nail off? DH! *Facepalm*. The nail is actually totally fine and although a bit uneven it pretty much grew all the way so I'm really glad it's ripped off, it didn't hurt and only bled in a tiny corner where it was attached. Just so funny to see how bad he felt, as if he had broken my toe or something!

    On the plus side once the corner is healed in a day or so I can finally buff the nail and get a pedicure!
  • @kissableviv sorry for toenail drama!  When I was 14 or 15, I lost both of my big toe nails due to playing soccer with too small cleats, and also dancing ballet in pointe shoes many days/week.  Honestly, they've never been the same since (12 years later...), so I sincerely hope yours grow back nicely.  
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  • @zande2016 yikes, I hope I'm ok! It looks fine, it's just very short... we'll see what happens! Honestly better than what it looked before so...rejoice? Haha
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    @kissableviv hope your nail comes back ok! DH just got his removed and it’s so nasty! He dropped something on it like 6 years ago but got infected and finally got the guts to get it taken care of. He said it was more knarley than my c-section (hard to believe). 
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  • Hahahaha @wildtot you should have seen my DH freaking the f out like I had been stabbed! Thankfully mine I think got weak from heavy pedicures with dark polish that I kept on too long, and the doctor said maybe some shoes during the winter must have killed it completely. It's not super pretty at the moment but it's not dark or gross. I am hopeful! I've always had weak nails no matter the vitamins, I think it's genetic:(

    Also funny about your DS and the stool , kids are weirdos sometimes!
  • @wildtot hilarious about the stool! @TalesOfASocialIntrovert @zande2016 hope your NSTs pass uneventfully every week and it makes time fly by! Just told the hubs as of Friday less than 10 weeks for us. Some of you are so close!

    I am reading such a good book right now and can't wait to dig in before bed! Bernie was so low on activity today I almost called l&d but now he's so active in having trouble being comfy! He always hit his 10 per hour when I paid attention though.
  • Thanks @SmashJam! NST was uneventful today so hopefully the trend continues! What's the book you're reading? Always happy to take recommendations :)

    @wildtot I LOL'd at the visual of your DS poking you through those holes :D Kids definitely don't realize when they've crossed into personal space ;)
  • @wildtot LOL toddlers...
  • wildtotwildtot member
    To top it off he does it really slow and he will pick a different hole each time. He knows he’ll get a reaction from me lol. He better watch out because it backfires with something stinky lol
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    I’m starting to stress that the room isn’t done. Gets emptied this weekend, painted next...i know there is still time but it’s driving me bananas not having it done. 
  • @wildtot lmao...I was going to ask if he realizes what poking a butt may cause, however you already posted it. Lol 

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  • @wildtot that’s hilarious! Kids are so funny!

    The bump app is being stupid lately. It won’t keep my place on any of the threads and it won’t let me love anything. Makes me sad bc it’s making it hard for me to be active on here :(
  • Went to the breastfeeding class tonight. Very useful, also some hands on practice with dolls for positions. DH was super involved and asked a bunch of questions which was nice. Found out the hospital has "My brest friend" pillow, so I won't be bringing mine or the boppy in and save some space.

  • @wildtot my fingers hurt looking at it because all I can imagine is someone not seeing the finger and getting “smashed” - my brain always goes to the odd thoughts.

    @lindsayleigh1989- most active that I’m aware of is between 1-3 AM. Haha probably not feasible that time of day
  • @ashhub714 same here. My posts will show up a couple times too. I also can’t tell if the tag worked until I post the reply. Annoying.
  • @TalesOfASocialIntrovert I'm reading the Red Rising series, its techinically YA dystopian fiction but at this point I'm not sure I'd give it to a middle schooler, maybe a high school student lol. Super gory, mostly war based, lots of betrayal and strategy and a lot of times the strategy includes twists I don't think of, which is why I love it-I end up being surprised a lot. I finished the original series two nights ago and started #4 called Iron Gold. The first one, Red Rising, is basically another Hunger Games in the middle but with some differing elements at the beginning and end. I loved HUnger Games so I don't mind the repeat but some people are getting sick of that stuff. 
  • @SmashJam I love YA dystopian series’! I’ll have to look that one up. I do feel like a lot of them are getting to have really similar elements in them. My mental image of why that happens is like a writers workshop or something where they all have to work on the same general outline together and all the different books are what came from their class together lol. Super random, I know. 
  • Add another appt to the list - dilated eye exam today. They used a lower percentage drop so hopefully it wears off sooner than usual. Not really feeling like having dilated eyes until tonight! Got the drops placed now just sitting here waiting for my vision to go, lol :D
  • I’ve always wanted a summer baby because my birthday is in March, I live in a cold place, and it always kinda sucked. There was just nothing to do. 

    Anyways, am I the only one feeling like this summer is wasted? I don’t mean to say it like that, because obviously I want a summer baby, but by the time I have the baby (due 7/9) and get home and settled, it’s going to be August. And even then, with DS the pedi recommended not bringing him out of the house to public places for the first two months. Is it the same in the summer? He was a feb baby. 

    We just do so much during the summer that we won’t be able to do with a baby (camping, renaissance festival, fair). Am I over reacting? Would wearing the baby be sufficient? To like keep germs away from him? I don’t want to put him in any danger but I also don’t want to be cooped up at home all summer either. How about taking DS to the playground or the pool? Is the big thing just keeping people from touching DS2? Or should he not even be in public places?  Helppppppppp haha. 
  • @paytonpedro I feel the same was about a wasted summer.  Being due at the end of July I feel like July is a total wash.  My labours tend to go really fast so we will stick pretty close to home (we usually do lots of little summer trips). August will be all about settling in with the new babe. I'm hoping to feel well enough in July to do some fun activities with the kiddos (like zoo, splash park etc) but right now with my bad anemia I get tired so quickly I can't imagine doing those things in the heat.
    As far as going out with a new baby I would be more concerned about heat that germs... Most people won't reach out to touch a baby in a bucket or being worn. I say head out and have fun if you're feeling up to it! 
  • @paytonpedro I know a lot of parents feel differently on this topic but I have never been one to stay in my house for more than the first week.  I have to get out.  And actually, I've never had a pediatrician tell me to stay in my house for any amount of time.  I have always had summer babies (June, July, August) so I'm not as concerned as I would be during cold/flu season.  And assuming baby was healthy and full term I wouldn't worry about it too much.  I just don't let people touch my baby aside from family who is not sick and has washed their hands.  Wearing the baby would be fine!  My bigger concern during the summer is keeping baby cool in the heat so we don't stay out as long as we would without the baby.  But you can totally go to the pool and the park.  I just find a spot in the shade and have a portable fan.  I personally wouldn't camp with a baby but I would totally take a baby to an outdoor festival/fair.  I would just do what you are comfortable with.
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    Back to work today after Babymoon  :(:(
  • @paytonpedro it's different for me because it's basically almost beach season already so I can enjoy a few weeks out before the babe and summer literally lasts until October here. The pediatrician at the baby basics class suggested "2-3 weeks" at home, mostly she said to avoid public places that are crowded like Costco, grocery stores, museums, Disneyland...a friend of mine had her second may 8 and may 11 she was at the zoo with her toddler...not my personal choice but to each their own.

    I agree that if they are kept cool walks and outings outdoors are totally ok after 2-3 weeks. I'm also bummed about being cooped up... especially if he goes past his due date, but at least I'm due at the beginning of the month.

    DH and I got the mini pack and play that someone had recommended for parks and beaches, it's like a mini dome? So hoping to use that around the end of July if he ends up coming on time :) I still wanna enjoy SOME beach time!
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    @paytonpedro thanks for bringing this up! I have been thinking about it a little as I had one friend tell me she would never have a summer baby again if she could help it. But my SIL had her 3rd baby in January and the first two were summer babies and she said she would much rather have summer babies. As a FTM I'm planning to just play it by ear depending on the weather and what I'm feeling up to. We don't have any big summer plans (except I'm in a wedding in August) but we do like to be outside as much as possible. I know it will look different (I don't think I will take him for a day on the boat on the river), but I'm hopeful I can find other things to enjoy that are baby friendly. 
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    I don't know if I have even said on here, but my mom is semi-retiring in July to help with baby (and my sisters baby). I am SO excited and grateful to not have to worry about daycare when I go back to work this fall. I also realized I have someplace to go when I just need to get out of the house and around people this summer! 
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  • Personally I wouldn't be taking a newborn on an airplane/to the airport or on public transportation. I also wouldn't take them to a crowded mall type place or anywhere indoors where there's lots of kids (AKA germ factories) during flu season. Outside of flu season, I took my son (September baby) on walks right away, out to Target in his carseat after a couple weeks, to an apple/pumpkin orchard at 3 weeks old. I'd be perfectly fine with outdoor activities as long as no one is touching the baby, and I felt fine going to run errands with my son as long as no one touched him. I figure I will take my toddler to the park, farmer's market, etc. this summer and wear the baby.
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