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  • *lurking*
    @pebbledam @eleven_ Congratulations guys!!!! I am so so happy for you both. Yay!!!! 
    Me: 31 | DH: 33
    DD1: 8/2014  <3
    TTC #2: 6/2017
    BFP 8/3/2017 | CP 8/4
    BFP 10/16/2017 | CP 10/21
    BFP 12/18/2017 | CP 12/28
    BFP 2/15/2018 | EDD: November 2nd | It's a girl!
    DD2: 10/2018  <3
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  • edited January 2018
    *Lurking from TTGP*
    @pebbledam AHHH YES YES YES!!!! I am sooooo thrilled for you girl! That is amazing <3 Congratulations times a billion!  *hugs*
    ETA: @eleven_ YAY!!! Congratulations! <3
    I'm so happy for you both!!!!

    BFP 3/21/2020!  OMG We're having TWINS! 4/17/2020
    LO arrived 11/9/2018!  We have a baby!
    Me: 33 | DH: 41
    Married: March 2016
    TTC #1/IUD out January 2017
    PCOS dx January 2018
    Medicated cycle 2.5mg Letrozole CD3-7 February 2018
    BFP 3/10/2018! 

    TTGP December Siggy Co-Winner: Favorite Moments from Holiday Movies/TV 
    TTGP October Siggy Winner: Animals in Costume 

  • @diaphena   Heeeey!!! (Waves like a maniac). I maaaay have been creepy bump stalking you to see which BMB you were going to be in...  :)
  • @christina4436 the first day of my last period was 10/28 as well. Although I ovulated 1/10 and 1/11 would have been our date of conception giving me an Oct 4 DD. People can ovulate at different times so it's possible you ovulated later. You asked for similar stats so I wanted to share mine with you.
  • @KFrob I'm glad we are here together! I did a happy dance when I saw your name!

    Me: 30 & DH: 30
    Married in 2013
    TTC #1 since Nov 2017
    BFP in Jan 2018 - MC in March 2018
    BFP in July 2018 - expecting our rainbow. Baby boy is due March 26th, 2019!

  • *Lurking* Congratulations @pebbledam and @eleven_ SO so so happy to see you here!
  • I forgot to say my edd is 10/4
    Married to DH May 2009
    DS1 April 2012
    DS2 July 2014
    #3 due March 2017  
  • I’m Hillary. 28 yr old From Alabama though moving to Texas in the next couple of months.  This is my second pregnancy. DD is 2 years old
  • @breanneestafford1 I live in the twin cities too in NE Minneapolis!
    me: 30   dh: 31
    dx: unexplained
    TTC since May 2016
    MC November 2016
    Summer 2017, started IUI
    IUI #1 - natural, BFN
    IUI #2 - clomid + trigger, BFN
    IUI #3 - femara + trigger, BFN
    IUI #4-6 - femara + follistim, BFN
    IVF #1 January 2018: 11 retrieved, 7 fertilized, 1 transferred day 5, 1 frozen embryo
    5dt Jan. 18, BFP 9dpt, EDD 10/6/18

  • @breanneestafford1 I was in the July 2016 group as well! My daughter was born 7/13/16.
  • Fly Eagles Fly @elro0815

    BFP #1 April 14th, 2014 MMC at 17weeks with a baby boy D&E

    BFP # 2 March 23rd, Rainbow Baby Boy Jayce Michael born 12/9/15

    BFP#3 January 26th EDD October 9th! Hoping for my girl!

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  • elro0815elro0815 member
    edited February 2018
    @keiragann yesss! So happy to see another birds fan here.  I got my BFP the morning of the NFC Championship, so that was a huge day for us.  We keep saying 2018 is going to be our year :)
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  • Well, hello!

    Congratulations to everyone!

    After the first and only cycle TTC, here we are. No one is more surprised than my husband and I, trust me on that one. We are due October 1 and this is our first nugget! Trying not to get too worked up before my 8-week appointment, but we all know that's not possible.

    Falcons fan (so hard to be 100% of the time), cat mom of two, and a home body by choice.

    I look forward to getting to know you ladies :)

  • @breanneestafford1 @twinpeaksmama Another July 2016 mom here!

  • Hi everyone! 

    Just found out this morning that I'm pregnant with #2! Due date looks like it's around October 16. DS was born December 2016... and I know of at least one other D16-er here!  :D

    Anyway, I just turned 36, DH is 38, and we live in California. 

    Excited to get to know everyone here! 

  • @IB113 it's so exciting to see some July 2016 moms again! My user name back then was mamabondi. I was fairly active in the group until my daughter was born, then it seems like most people left. I haven't been on the board in ages.
  • *lurking from S18*

    @chloandcoco Ah so excited for you! Crossing absolutely everything that this is your rainbow sticky bean!

    Me: 31   H:32
    TTC #1 Since 5/17
    BFP 7/14/17 - CP
    RE Dx: MFI, Unilateral Tubal Blockage
    12/17 - Clomid + TI
    BFP 12/22/17 - EDD 9/3/18
    BFP 9/5/20 - EDD 5/17/21
  • @galactickates I love it!!!
    DD - August 2015
    TTC #2 - April 2017
    BFP May 13, 2017 - NMC June 5, 2017 (dx blighted ovum)
    BFP August 6, 2017- CP August 17, 2017
    BFP October 14, 2017 - NMC November 5, 2017
    BFP February 1, 2018 - CP February 3, 2018
    BFP May 25, 2018 - Due February 5, 2019

  • Hey gurl..... @Lisa3379
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