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  • Just my two cents: I like secret groups on FB as opposed to "closed". Probably because I don't understand all of FB's privacy settings and it seems like a secret group is harder for a rando to access, but maybe I'm wrong about that? I'm sure someone with more experience could enlighten me on that one.
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  • Even if it was just a closed group and some rando tried to join the Admins can and will say no to that person.  


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  • ladythriceladythrice member
    edited January 2018
    @kaymaroo, so technically, a "secret" group IS harder for a rando to access... but that means it's harder for EVERYONE to access, to include everyone here on this board. As @kmalls explained, you can only be added to secret groups if you're willing to share your personal facebook email address and/or be facebook friends with other group members. So to grow a secret facebook group, you inevitably expose the privacy of the people joining by asking for emails or becoming facebook friends.

    A "closed" group is still private, while not a secret. Whatever you say in that group is more private than what you say on TB boards. The only thing not secret about the group is its existence and your membership. Everything else is so it does protect your privacy in that sense. You do not need to 'friend' anyone nor are your posts 'public' to the general facebook audience. They are only visible to group members. Thus your privacy is still protected.

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  • Also, I just want to say, I recognize nearly all of the people that have posted in this thread. I'm a regular on the board (except on weekends :cough cough:) and don't think there's really a need for the majority of people interacting on this thread to even be concerned about 'making the cut.'
    Haha, same here. I think its because I don't use my app on my phone much.  I usually access the boards online during the week when I'm actually in front of a computer. 
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  • I just wanted to remind everyone that first wave invites are NOT the only people getting in, nor are those invites somehow a judgement.  They are just people who have contributed a lot, and are well known.  That's it.  No need to be offended if you don't make first wave, it has zero bearing on whether you will eventually make it in unless you have been secretly sending asshole PMs to people.  If you have, I guess you should brace yourself not to be included, and I'm not really all that sorry.

    And as we said, we will almost immediately start voting on letting others in afterwards.  In my last group literally hundreds of people were voted in after first wave.  So again, don't assume you will never make it, and freak out.

    Well said. My Bump loss group was still letting people in for a while after. 

    I hope I make one of the “waves”  :D
  • @Mattel my last bmb group had similar issues when we migrated over to FB. And at the end, the entire group ended imploding when our admin (we only had one - bad idea) went off the deep end and decided to delete the group with zero notice. It was a total mess. But yeah, in the beginning, everyone was able to join, and we ended up having so much drama, so many crazies, bullying, etc. I'm hoping this process minimizes issues like that!
  • Wow I’ve missed a lot not coming on here much the past few days/week!! I love the idea of Facebook as opposed to TB. It’s much easier to use on mobile! Those admins are you to do a fantastic job, good thoughts everyone!!
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  • FYI 

    You can create and admin a Secret/Private group on FB WITHOUT being friends. You just enter the person's email address and it sends them a notification to be in the group. I've admin-ed and been in groups that are run this way. No one was friends (to begin with) and no one else could see the group

    This way you don't deal with a bunch of randoms that try and also if people don't want their FB friends to see they're in that group...
  • I didn't read through all of the comments, but I just wanted to say that I would like to be included if we get a Facebook page. That is such an easier way to converse than the message boards, IMO. Thank you!
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  • same here, but i think they've chosen everyone already :(  
  • @mmmmkay - so they are only allowing certain people in? Maybe I should take the time to read the whole thread!
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  • yeah i think just active posters.  I get it,  your real name and stuff is on facebook and people post personal stuff especially post partum.  
    still too bad as i don't post here often because it's not user friendly and would likely be fairly active on facebook.

  • You can try PM the admins, but if you were not super active you didn't get in. 

    I suggested in another post, that we should make our on inclusive Facebook page to include those who don't like the bump forum so didn't post as much, or the lurkers who will be more willing to post after the baby comes. Or those like me who could be on as much because of work and family but still participate when I can.  I suggested we set it up after our babies come, unless anyone objects.
  • Got it. And I understand too. There can be a lot of drama in groups full of women! And unfortunately I just haven't been able to be super active. But I will see if I can reach out to someone. Thank you!
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  • I have since joined other Facebook groups once this was brought up. I hadn’t thought of it before. I didn’t even join in here until about half way through because my app would always crash. Then once I got the hang of the forum my posts hardly went through so I kind of gave up. I understand the desire to be private but also feel like this became a bit cliquish. If you want a friendly Facebook group try Babies Due April 2018. I also joined march and April babies but not as active in there. It is so much easier to navigate and to be active and I’ve come across some very sensitive subjects but everyone has remained respectful in their answers and opinions. 
    Also, when it comes to Facebook, you can choose what others see about you. If you don’t want anyone to see anything other than name and profile pic, which is not optional, then you can set it up with ease. 
  • On another note, if anyone was really concerned with getting your information it could easily be done via this app and everything that you have already shared. Not to mention the spreadsheet thread where we all posted our. Ames, ages, and locations. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just a thought. 
  • @dlammers @Luna8433 @mmmKayy I have thought about starting a page for those us who got left behind but wasnt sure anyone else wanted to. I was thinking towards March 
  • From what I gathered from the ladies that left it wasn't about Facebook information they didn't want people to know, but the personal things they were planning on sharing like bodily fluids, or more personal things like relationship issues that may come up with having a newborn, that they didn't want to share with someone they didn't "know" or the lurkers.
  • I sure miss everyone that was invited over to Facebook!!
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  • @growingournest me two. :'( I wish we could get updates on sparklingwater's baby.
  • @sparklingdiamond If you ever get back over here, we’d love an update!! Praying all is going well! 
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    Mama to Rowan Sebastian and baby boy coming in April!

  • sunshine27shysunshine27shy member
    edited April 2018
    I have started a new Facebook group to use after our babies are here that is a little easier to navigate. the page name is "April 2018 The Bump group" here is the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/2487984591426592/permalink/2488001458091572/ 
    go ahead a request membership and type in your bump username and I will get you added in. 
    currently the group is closed but can easily change to secret if we want to.
  • It says the link is broken or cannot be viewed. Anyone else having this issue?
  • @luna8433 I'm getting the same message!
  • m.facebook.com/groups/2487984591426592?view=group

    here is a link from my web browser if this doesn't work I will try again. you can also search the group name "April 2018 The Bump group" 
  • FYI Going through the app on my phone didn't work. But copying the link to my phones browser worked.
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