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  • JJMNO1616 said:
    @ngolimento Is your concern regarding the ticker day because you think people will get left out? If there is a day like wed that doesn’t post a ticker then we can just try to specifically identify those members. Also YES about the advertising... we need specific guidelines on that for sure. 
    ::cough cough:: Wednesday Ticker Change here ::coughcough:: it seemed like me and one or two other ladies participated in it anyway...
  • So do we wait until next week to do nominations? I can think of probably 5 of our most active members off the top of my head, so will everyone just drop votes on a thread?? 

    Obviously never done this before!  :D
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  • @JJMNO1616 yeah that was my concern.  Wed has kind of fallen by the wayside, so it would be a shame to exclude a rep from that group automatically.   Although it is probably just me and @Mikkimikey anyway :p.
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  • Yassssss no advertising!!!! 
  • @ngolimento Well tbh you are one of the first people that come to my mind when I think of a regular contributor so I totally vote you for Wednesday. 
  • @ngolimento - agreed, no advertising or begging in fb group. Who does that shit anyway?!? 
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  • I’m ready for a FB move. I will go days where I can’t even get on TB. I think having some regulars nominate people is a good way to go. Honestly, I don’t think every ticker change needs a representative. Mainly because I feel like people who only participate on ticker changes maybe shouldn’t make the cut? That said, I have no problem doing it that way. 
  • I agree that there's like no one who participates on the Tuesday ticker change day.  Just a couple of us.
  • JJMNO1616 said:
    Wow I didn't realize how inactive some of the ticker days are! It seems like Tuesday only has very few people and both Wed and Thur are nonexistent? If that is the case, I'm all for just nominating 3-4 people that are well known active members to put the list together but whatever the groups majority thinks is best!  

    My personal vote would be for @ngolimento @kmalls @lindsye and @Dumbgurl04 :*
    If those ladies are up for the task/interested I would be totally fine with them taking lead on the move. 
  • I really like all the suggestions. The ticker change can be a good start for some but I think like someone mentioned some tickers don’t exist or aren’t super busy. I am ready to make the leap and I like the idea of it being private as well. I like the idea of some nominated members so start the group and go through and add the members with a link or something for those that have super private facebooks 
  • bchalmbchalm member
    edited January 2018
      I like @JJMNO1616 nominations. I know some won't see this thread until tomorrow, because weekends are hectic but not sure if TB will let me in again tomorrow. 

    Also, second limited or no ads. I get some people got a side hussle, but I'm here for the community not to be sold stuff.

    **edit** I just looked to see how active I was, my opinion may not matter lol but there is my 2 cents
  • I like @JJMNO1616 s nominations and agree on the no/very minimal ads thing as well!
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  • I'm ready for a new format.  I'm active on my ticker change post, questions, randoms but not in other stuff.  I didn't realize the new thing to do what go to FB.  When we had our mass exodus of TB many years ago, people started a private message board (which I'm still on nearly 10 years later).  I guess that doesn't really make sense for just a BMB though.  

    I think doing it through ticker change check in's is the smartest way to go.  Can't another day of the week just review old Wed. posts for who was most active, and then approve that way?   Saturday isn't super active either, but we are still hanging in there.  :smile:
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  • I will definitely say Monday ticker is alive and well! Good job with the nominations @JJMNO1616!
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  • psuxray07 said:
    Catching up!  I've barely been on this week...day 7 of being sick, in pain, and miserable.  

    I'm ready for FB!  It's so much easier for me, and loads better on my phone.  I'm part of the nonexistent Wednesday ticker, lol.  Seems like there were only 3-4 of us who participated, and then it died.

    I like the nominations that were given on taking the lead :)  I'm easy, I'll just "go with the flow" on what needs to be done. 
    @psuxray07 and @ngolimento you two are the first two that come to mind with Wednesday Ticker Change! We were a small group lol
  • @kmalls, @Dumbgurl04, @lindsye YGPM

    (Ignore this if you already saw it :p )
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  • To be honest, I’ve tried to be more active in this forum. Too many times I have written up a post only for it to never show. I’ve also tried to view the HDBD thread and the photos either take too long to load or don’t load at all. Another reason I may not seem as active is I’m not used to the set up of the app and it can be difficult to manuver through. Facebook is just so much easier to utilize and, even with its issues, a bit more user friendly. I understand only bringing people that seem very active already here in this app, but some of us that don’t seem so active still enjoy the community we have found here. 
  • All for the move to Facebook, even though I have not been as active this go around as I was with my last group (Jan16). Part of my Jan16 group made a really small Facebook group(it includes a few other birth months), it’s not very active now but it is really neat to see the babies grow up. How do you send invites over Facebook with everyone here using usernames that may not be connected some way to Facebook? Especially if you are not opening this up to everyone? The last one I was apart of just had a link and whoever wanted to join could. 
  • @Apthor02 As I mentioned previously I think the nominated members can just send a private group message to everyone that they have discussed adding to the FB group with the link. You can also set FB groups up so that when someone asks to join they have to answer a question first which could ask what their Bump sn is. So the admins can know who everyone is when they join the group. 
  • @btm013 I like the structure of a BMB, I'll stick around here too. I didn't make it to fb with my last bmb. I'm not really sure how fb groups work, to be honest. I'll try it out if I make the cut!

    I like @JJMNO1616 's nominations for moving forward also.
  • @fancybelmont Saturday ticker change is killing me this pregnancy!! I don't spend much of my weekends on the boards but I do try and go back during the week and catch up with our little group :)  
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  • Also, I think the nominations for admins was a fantastic one, nice choices :)
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  • For some reason the bump skipped me over page one.  @kmalls glad you kept up with the Pats game, true fan, unfortunately you deffffff didn't make the cut for the move to FB.  Better luck next time.
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