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Hey everyone, it was brought up on the Randoms thread that a few of us are feeling the itch to move over to Facebook. I think the original majority consensus was that we would make the move in February which is now right around the corner! So I thought I would start a thread to discuss the best ways of doing this. An idea that was previously suggested (which I liked) was to nominate a few regulars to make a list of people they felt have been active contributing members and then after those initial people have been added to the group it would go to a group vote for anyone else to be added. What are your thoughts or suggestions?   

Re: Facebook Migration

  • Im here for the Facebook party!! Lol. 

    No real suggestions at this point, what you said sounds great to me! 
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  • g_amoss said:
    I think what you described is a good way to do it. I think there should be someone from each ‘ticker day’, as it seems some people are active there and not so active with the other threads.
    I think that is a great suggestion! 
  • I like your suggestions so far!  I don't really have anything else to add. 
  • Your idea @JJMNO1616 is awesome! @g_amoss suggestion of the ticker day set up sounds like a good way about it, too. I am thinking that someone needs to set up the group and then PM a few regulars in order to get the party started. My biggest question, is the FB group going to be secret? I have myself only able to be found by friends of friends, so it's something I'd need to change my settings for to be found by someone unless we have mutual friends!

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  • Will this board essentially go quiet once the switch is made? Just wondering- I’m not positive I’d move to FB (assuming I was let in!) because I’m just kind of a privacy weirdo...but if this board will die altogether I might change my mind and make the leap. 
  • I am all for the FB migration. I actually just joined a couple April baby groups last week as things here were getting more and more difficult to manage. I haven’t been as active as most mainly because the setup and the glitches but would love to stay in communication with you all as we reach closer to welcoming our little ones into this world. 
  • @Puddlewonderful I feel like our board is pretty quiet for a BMB as opposed to my A14 BMB, but I think people still used both because not everyone is comfortable making the transition. 

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  • I like the idea of having at least one person in each ticker change.  There might be some who are way more active in their ticker changes then other threads and wouldn't want them to miss out.  

    I think even if the group is secret @tooraloorah the admins of the group can just email you a link to it and you can get connected that way


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  • @tooraloorah Yes the idea is the group would be private so that people feel comfortable being in the group. Knowing that some complete rando can't join at anytime I think will help people continue to feel as safe as possible sharing and contributing. I think whoever the nominated ticker change person is can send out a PM to each individual person and let them know what the group name is... then everyone can add themselves. My FB page is set the same way so no one here would likely be able to find me either.   

    @puddlewonderful I assume it will go quiet around here. I probably won't lurk the April board much after we make the switch. Hopefully with it being a closed group you will feel more comfortable but totally understand the concerns! 

  • @Dumbgurl04 that's something I don't know about FB! I absolutely don't mind changing my settings if it's discussed with someone via PM, which is I believe how the migration would start?

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  • @Dumbgurl04 that's something I don't know about FB! I absolutely don't mind changing my settings if it's discussed with someone via PM, which is I believe how the migration would start?
    Following up on my last comment, the nominated ticker day person would have to message members to tell them they made the cut in the first place  :D So it would be super easy to just send a group message to whoever those people are with the link to the group. 
  • Ah, see in my last migration, we had one person adding/PMing everyone. That's probably why I'm a little behind. 

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  • kmalls said:
    I just hope everyone is ready for the dramz. When I start seeing comments like “I really only lurk here but I totally want to join the FB group!” I’m immediately like: 

    Hopefully having one person from each ticker change day will help decrease the drama a tad though... because there are people I know who contribute regularly on the ticker change that I don't see in the other threads too much. 
  • Hearing that, I agree with @kmalls on the ticker change thing. I typically will log in for my ticker change date, then go through the board and comment on Sundays on busy weeks. I see so many more people on other threads than just a ticker change, because I don't read the other ticker changes. Plus there's only been 3-4 regulars on the Tuesday Ticker Change since I changed from Sunday to Tuesday, just in my observation. 

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  • This may be a silly question, but when groups typically move over to a Facebook group, is it more casual/lax in the sense that there aren't ticker changes, new threads each week for appointments, randoms, etc.? Is it more of a place to connect and to put thoughts/questions/feelings, and others reply to the individual comments? I'm just trying to get an idea of what a Facebook group would be like as I'm used to the format we have on TB. :)
  • Here's a thought-- with my BMB from DD, there was a smaller TB private group first started by several board regs, who were the mods. People were nominated into that group first (by current members- there was a nomination thread for members to chime in on in the private group) and then after the smaller group got a little closer, there was a FB jump (like, shortly after all the babies were born). It sort of eliminated the possibility of lurker randos who didn't really participate/contribute and was accommodating for those who didn't feel comfortable sharing or connecting with just anyone via their Facebook profiles. Though, if the complaint is that the TB app sucks and people want to move now because they hate it, etc, I'm not sure how helpful of a suggestion that would be. 
  • @dan0081 my bmb we do a daily random and there’s also some more specific threads like medical appointments or sleep threads for more specific stuff we don’t wan to get lost in ransoms! It’s really more casual/easier to reply specifically to a person because you don’t have to scroll down a whole thread you just reply under. 
  • I am alllll for the move! My phone sometimes hates the Bump  :(

    I know of other mommas who have had the same issue. 

    As for the ticker change day, I don’t know about the other Wednesday ladies, but I suck at starting a Wednesday thread (for the last couple weeks at least! Hospital visit and all) and I haven’t seen any started. Our baaaaaad   ;)
  • @kmalls No I completely agree with you but I think if the nominated members all chit chat about their lists they can make that judgement. I trust whoever the members are that get nominated to make a good call regrading participation for the first round of decisions. Like for example, if I added someone from the Monday ticker to the FB group list and all the other nominated members were like who da f is that then that person probably wouldn’t get added. Not sure if that makes sense? 
  • I am willing to step in as Sundays Ticker day if there is no objection and no one else wants it. 
  • kmalls said:
    @sjn00 I have no objection, but I also think we should put off making any decisions about this for another 48 hours or so. Tons of people don’t check out board on the weekends and I think everyone should have a chance to weigh in. 
    Sounds good! Just throwing it out there :) 
  • kmallskmalls member
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    @ngolimento da fuq is origami owl? And yeah, all those adverts would be super annoying. Also, I had a question for you in the Quetions thread...
  • I am ready for fb as well.  I know on my last tb group i only really participated in the weekly ticker change. I wasn't immediately let in the group.  I've tried to be much more active this time around. 

    This board has been really slow moving. So I do think with fb it will become quieter here. I am a very private person and it will take me a little while to get to know everyone before posting pics of my kids.

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  • @JJMNO1616 I was actually going to suggest in tomorrow's ticker change for Monday.  Plus the ones who are selected from the ticker changes can get with the others and if the nominate someone others don't really know they can research them and see how active they are since you can look at users posting history on here.  And see if they are just a AW or not.

    I think no matter how we go about doing this there will be some who will be hurt.  But I will say this BMB is way better then my last because I actually feel I know others better.  My last one felt very clicky and I don't think many got the invite to move to FB no matter how active they were.  Plus the FB move also happened around the same time the great exit happen.  


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  • @kmalls - you are pretty questionable. I mean, I only see drive byes  ;) and AW (jk). 
     I agree that there should be one rep from each day, but things aren’t based solo on that. I think each ticker change should add a question this week in regards to who should be on the selection group. Should we have each ticker day post here who was selected to be on the selection group?
    As @tooraloorah mentioned our Tuesday group only has a few participants so I don’t think that should be our only criteria for admission. 
  • jenotontxjenotontx member
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    @ngolimento Is your concern regarding the ticker day because you think people will get left out? If there is a day like wed that doesn’t post a ticker then we can just try to specifically identify those members. Also YES about the advertising... we need specific guidelines on that for sure. 
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