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  • @ccvslp so happy the naturopath was able to put your mind at ease a bit! What kinds of diet changes was he suggesting for you?  And yay for a positive opk! FX for you! 

    7dpo for me today, and I stayed strong and didn’t POAS!  Hopefully I can say the same for tomorrow. Temp stayed up this morning, which is good so far, since my last few cycles after my losses have had like 7 day luteal phases. 
  • For me, temp drop today and I'm thinking AF will arrive tomorrow on my birthday. Happy 36th birthday to me! The only silver lining is I had given up coffee and booze for this past cycle and am just now drinking my first coffee since New Year's (a decaf latte) and plan to have some birthday booze tomorrow night.
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  • @zamora_spin i had a temp drop this morning too.. Boo! But try to enjoy your birthday anyways!
  • I'm really hoping this is it for you @mack2342 Do you guys BD as well?
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  • @Kath525 and @zamora_spin Stinkin' temp drops.  Bleh.  Glad you are enjoying those beverages, though, @zamora_spin ! :)  That's totally a silver lining.  It's the little things!
    @Mack2342 Best of luck!

    @pumpkinpancake It was INSANE... I've done a Whole30 before which is pretty restrictive and this put it TO SHAME.  NO grains (I've cut gluten but have been and will continue to have oatmeal, rice or quinoa with a meal, etc.), NO fruit (same here, I've reduced it and don't like to eat it by itself for the sugar spike but I think it's fine and necessary in moderation with a meal!), no beans (you can pry my peanut butter out of my cold dead hands), no dairy (I already cut but I do use substitutes like almond milk, coconut milk, cashew yogurt, coconut based fake cheeses, etc... some of that would be allowed but not all of course), even the meats and vegetables had all kinds of specific ones that were "off limits", same with the spices, cooking oils, and condiments, even teas....  It was TOO much.  The thinking was this - he looked at me, my labs, everything without knowing anything and then went through my intake form... said my digestion, possibly thyroid, circulation, hormones, stress, bleh bleh bleh were off (based on a bunch of eastern and western medicine things combined.. and don't get me wrong... I totally trust and believe in my acupuncturist but I don't know if I'm going to eliminate grains because a certain spot on my stomach was tender when you basically pressed your hand through it to my back.  meh.)  They come up with a plan that is supposed to kind of reset and become less restrictive later on, but I'm not really drinking the kool-aid.  I did have some good take aways, though - adrenals fire too hard/much when blood sugar doesn't stay stable (hello lean PCOS) so some protein like nuts, seeds, a good quality shake, or nut butter every couple of hours between meals is a great idea.  Try to get more consistent sleep (also good for adrenals).  I'm going to keep the wheat, dairy, and added sugars off the menu for now because I know I can get the variety I need in my diet without them and wheat was borderline inflammatory on some testing with my last naturopath.. added sugar is not good for so many reasons... and dairy can do a lot with your hormones and digestion.  

    Long rambly answer but it's all interesting to me and everyone has a different take.  Do whatever you need to do that makes you feel good is what I think!  A lot of people become very defensive when you clean up your diet I've found ("everything in moderation!") but it's all about what feels good for you.  As long as you aren't pushing it on anyone else, go for it.  Off my soap box now.  :):)
  • @ccvslp - I was seeing a Naturopath last year and I really much prefer that process to what I'm doing now lol.  Basically they believe its all in how you eat and what you put in your body.  Mine wanted me to cut dairy out - she doesn't know my love of cheese and she also wanted me to not eat gluten.  Drink more pressed juices which is fine with me and smoothies.  I'm a pretty healthy person I believe.  I'm actually way healthier now than when I got pregnant with DD.  For me I'm not willing to change up every single thing to see if it helps.  I think at a certain point I just focus too much on it and that's not good either.  I've had a lot of testing done by her - much more than ever and not much was off with me and just a few things were but I don't think it was preventing me from getting pregnant.  I was able to get my omega 3s in check as well as vit D.  My RE looked at all those results and was pleased so here we are!
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  • @vlagrl29 yes we BD as well. RE usually tells us when we should 
  • @ccvslp wow, that is insane! I’d never be able to make even a quarter of those changes. I'm in the “everything in moderation” camp, unless there’s a true medical reason to cut things out (i.e. gluten with celiac’s disease, lactose intolerance, etc).
  • @pumpkinpancake Yeah it was nutso.  I think doing what works for you is perfect.

    @vlagrl29 I love naturopaths as well... I love the idea of getting at the root of a problem instead of throwing drugs at all of the symptoms.  This one was just a bit of a snake oil salesman I felt like (pushing "their" own supplements, a certain schedule of follow ups for every single person, phrases on their materials that are trademarked....).  It turned me off from him overall, although, like I said - I did find valuable snippets and got some reassurance from someone who has researched MTHFR and had a whole family full of it! lol.  I feel like the first one that I saw is someone I will stay with if need be... she also got LOTS of great testing done for me!  Her testing my insulin/glucose/thyroid/gluten&antibodies, etc. helped us to figure out that I'm an adrenal based type PCOS which is valuable to know for the diet, sleep, and stress parts of lifestyle! 
  • @ccvslp - yeah that would turn me off too.  Luckily mine never did that.  It basically reinforced to me that everything in my body is in working order and nothing basic was off.
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