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It's a boy/girl!

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The definitive thread for AWing the sex of your baby/babies! 

ETA: this thread is going to get huge as everyone starts to find out what they're having. In an effort to keep things streamlined and to avoid taking any attention away from the announcements, please keep responses contained to a love-tit. Any questions or discussions around this topic can be taken to the randoms thread. 

It's a boy/girl! 161 votes

54% 88 votes
45% 73 votes

Re: It's a boy/girl!

  • @BumpAdmin sticky please! 
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  • beena722 said:
    Genetic testing says boy! 
    My doc says they they wont be able to tell us from the genetic testing :(
  • @BumpAdmin can we get this stickied, pretty please?! 
  • Do you vote for what you want or for what you are definitely having lol? 
  • @sweetpeammm13 you vote when you know what you are having 


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  • Ah can't wait to know! Dr said Panorama should take 1 week. Called the lab because I'm impatient lol and it's been 4 days. They said it'll be at least another week. Can't wait to see where the poll is at in a few weeks!
  • That is what I thought! Thank you @Dumbgurl04
  • @lesliegolem I've got girl, girl, boy and it's been great! DS absolutely adores his big sisters and they love him right back. Congrats!
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  • @rach-j I was 13 weeks when the u/s determined boy. And it was right. 
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    @lindsye Thank you!! The girls are so excited I hope they are all just in love like your 3! =D 
  • @scuba_chic I had mine done last Tuesday also. I'm over here impatiently waiting. Can't wait to find out!! @stalkinghorse boys are wonderful and tons of fun. You'll do just fine!!
  • @stalkinghorse when I found out DS was a boy last pregnancy I was shocked because I was so sure he was a girl. Plus I got all kind of weird comments that boys are naughty/destructive/misbehaving etc. Turns out my son is the sweetest mama's boy ever! He's really active but he also love to do arts and crafts and "reading" books while snuggling. I love everything about being a boy mom; his mom! 

    @rmmorris I'm really attached to DS's clothes and will be a little sad if I don't get to use them again, but I also went to peak at the girl's section the last time I was at target and was as smitten!!
  • @mcg920 oh thank you for your encouragement. I love meeting fellow riders. I rode as a kid and then picked it up again when i turned 30. It's my huge passion. I think part of the reason I really wanted a girl was it meant I could get a pony! I know, terrible, terrible. 

    I am a FTM, but I'm not sure if we will be having more than one. I'm going to be 37 when I deliver. And I have kind of a demanding career. So I'm just not sure about a second one. I think that's why I'm not taking this with as much grace as I should. 

    @danjoly thank you for your post! I hope my baby likes to snuggle. I came from a very affectionate family (not the case for my husband) and I'm really keen to have those moments with my LO. 

  • @stalkinghorse Oh I totally get it--I also had visions of a little girl with pigtails on a Welsh pony. I know boys can ride too, but for some reason girls just seem to take to it more. I understand your concerns about having another one someday. I confess I have already started thinking about the next one (I'm extremely Type A lol) but I think the best thing we can do is just focus on the ones we are growing and save any major decisions/thoughts until these babies are at least a year old, right?! :) 

    @danjoly I am glad to hear that your son is a cuddler and not a constantly moving blur of dirt and noise and destruction like people seem to think all little boys are!

    Also, apologies for breaking the thread rules and turning this into a personal conversation!  :# 
  • @rmmorris oh I felt the same way. Of course I'm excited for a boy and just want him healthy but this is our last probably so I did cry realizing I have to retire all the girl clothes I have and won't be buying new dresses. I also hate how boy clothes aren't bright at all either but I know there's cute stuff out there just have to find it. :)

    @stalkinghorse omg as soon as I told people I was having a boy people have made comments like "oh they're different! Fun and destructive" or "get ready to learn everything about video games" or "good you won't have any more girls 2 is enough drama." It's frustrating my girls are awesome and I could of had a 3rd happily. Also I like to think not all boys are destructive. My 2 year old girl is pretty destructive as it is haha
  • Really thought it was a boy....got the call and we are having a girl!!!!
    Same here! Is this your first? So very exciting  :)
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