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  • @cyanope I love @auntieraindrop's suggestion of Tristan-has the same sound, but I just love the name!

    Also suggesting:
    Austin (again, same sound but not the -on spelling)

    A Google search also brought up this site:
  • @cyanope

    I like Behind The Name, they have good etymology and a very flexible search feature.*on
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  • @Mindaa I almost suggested Harrison but didn't because of that exact reason! :D 
  • @cyanope all my favorite names ended with either -en, -in, -on, or -an. They all sounded too rhymey with my son so ended up choosing a name with a different ending. Also, I'm not a huge fan of last names for first names, but here are some names I loved. 

    -Lincoln (basically an -on ending since L is silent)

    I realize not a ton of these end with -on like your looking for, the the rhymey sound that your aiming for is still there. 
  • @cyanope if we were having a boy he would be Easton. Although that might be too matchy with Weston.  

    Also, when you all see the name Maura how do you pronounce it? DH and I are having a disagreement. Would you pronounce it like Moira or Mara? 
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  • @steph30032 Thanks, I think part of the problem is that everyone we personally know named Laura pronounce it Lar-a
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  • @maueraa07
    I agree, i would pronounce it Mor-a, like it rhymes with Laura, and like it's another form of Maurine 
  • I would pronounce it to rhyme with "Cora" or "Dora". In fact, one of my closest friends spells it Mora. 
  • I would pronounce it More-ah, rhyming with Laura as others have said
  • @egirl1025 I love the name Odin James! 
  • @egirl1025 I love Odin. My parents would flip shit and die. They're extremely uptight about religion. 

    If I had full naming rights, and hubby didn't get to object, I'd be naming our baby Oliver Miles or Miles Oliver. Probably Oliver Miles. I'm kind of charmed by the idea of his initials being "OK". Hubby doesn't mind Oliver but doesn't love it, and he understands why I like Miles (it would be after someone) but he doesn't like the name. So it's a hard sell at this point. 
  • Odin is a great name.

    DH's best friend's son is Odin. At first I thought it was a bit odd, but I've gotten to know this kid and it suits.him.perfectly. and now I love the name. The dad says that his next son will be Thor. That 'theme" i might side eye a just a lil' bit... :lol:

    @auntieraindrop - the names we chose for our boy, Nathaniel Colton (family surname), would make his initials NC (not including our last name). Once when DH was a bit drunk he exclaimed, "Hey! It's NC! that means when he turns 17 his birthday party can be AWESOME!" (as in the NC-17 movie rating...) NO, DH, just no... :lol::neutral:
  • @maueraa07 I would agree that I would prounounce it as if it would rhyme with Laura.  However, as a Laura, I have noticed that most people pronounce my name differently based on their geographical location.  Therefore, if most people in your area pronounce it Lar-a (the right way  ;) ), then they would probably also pronounce it Mar-a. But, I know plenty of Lauras (and a Maura) who will correct someone if they mispronounce it.
  • I like the name Odin. It is a very religious name, just not a religion that many people follow anymore. My co-worker is from Iceland and his middle name is Thor. I always referred to his office as Thor's lair. 
  • Is anyone but me/us still totally stumped on names? :(
  • I'm with you, @auntieraindrop. This poor little guy is still unnamed! 

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  • no, we're there too @auntieraindrop - every time we think we have something... nope!

  • Hubby likes Rhys and Rowan. For some reason neither of them seems just right to me. He's apparently stuck in the R section of the baby name book too. 
  • @auntieraindrop same.  We had a name chosen twice so far but ended up getting rid of them. I hate everything right now. 
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  • We haven't even talked about names yet. My favorite is still Max but I realized the other day there is a good chance DH won't like it because it's his bosses' dog's name. Which is a stupid reason but whatever. I'm still calling him Beymax in my head for now.
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    Jan 18 December Siggy Challenge: Christmas Movies

  • My SO and I downloaded that baby name app that is essentially Tinder for baby names that people discussed on here forever back.  If we hadn't, I don't think this child would ever have had a name. We generally like VERY different styles.
  • @bainidhedub We settled on Maddox, but will likely use Max as a NN.
  • @lmmjd We have that app. It has so far not been a great success. I'm super annoyed by all the dumb alternate spellings it gives me. I refuse to like Aydin even if I do like Aidan. 
  • @auntieraindrop I understand that. Half the time I was thinking, "didn't I already swipe left to this name?!" It did get frustrating.
  • We've pretty much decided on a name but I'm weirdly hesitant to commit. Like if we don't keep brainstorming, we'll miss something totally perfect ( as if there's a name we haven't considered). I think I'm also worried because it's a name we passed on with ds1, so I want to be sure we're both ok saying it a million times a day.

    Being so indecisive, mil totally gave me an eyeroll. When dh texted his family that this baby was a boy, he also asked them for name ideas. Of course, mil instantly had a suggestion. Then like 5 minutes later she texted again to ask "what did you think of the name??!!!" As if we were just instantly going to decide on the spot, wow, yes, that's the one for sure! (Which if of course what she wanted, haha.)
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  • We have not agreed on a name yet either but have only discussed in spurts. We have the baby name app and hubby hasn't finished going through all the names yet. Like y'all said the multiple spelling variations is annoying. I wish they would just list a name with the spelling variations on one card to swipe. If we agree on a name then we can choose the spelling. I prefer more traditional spellings anyways.

    DH did suggest Noralee as a middle name. It combines the names of baby's maternal great grandmas. I like it but would prefer to use my mom's name versus my grandma. I'm really close to my mom. My heart is still set on Livia Annette (loved this name since middle school - Annette is my mom's name). He's not on board with Livia as a first name yet, I'm working on it and trying to decide if I could give up Livia or my mom's name during negotiations. I am also contemplating giving him naming rights on our second child if he agrees to Livia Annette but that could be dicey for the future.

    @auntieraindrop, I like the name Rowan a lot.
  • I thought we had found a name and we were sitting on it for a couple of days and then locking it in, but DH wasn't ready to lock in.  It is still our favorite, but the longer we sit on it the more opinions we are getting.  We do not like traditional names, so it is not one you hear often.  I just wish we would decide, so I wouldn't say, "I'm scared to tell you the name we are thinking of, you probably won't like it...." I would just say his name is: _____. You know?

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  • We kept the name choices to ourselves for the last two and had a favorite in mind with backups in case we changed our minds. We finally wrote out a list of names for this baby but I feel pretty far away from deciding on a favorite. Should I post the list of options here for feedback? I don't like to share with our friends and family, but some outside guidance might be beneficial. 
  • Thanks @jaclyn0405! I'm trying to just casually call her Livia every once in awhile so it just kinda sneaks up on him that he thinks it's LO's name. Also, I wrote a to do list with "put paint samples on Livia's walls" listed.
  • @kelk5 Livia makes me think of Liv Tyler and she is lovely, with a beautiful name. It also sounds like Lydia which I think is really pretty too. 
  • @Dani0329, once y'all decide I wouldn't tell too many people to avoid the opinions. Before we knew if it was a boy or girl, I told two of my BILs that my top boy's name is Everett and they started to make fun of the name. I think it's safer to post on here than tell family and friends.

    @trudytrudy, I'd like to hear your list if you want to share. I love hearing what everyone is thinking for names.  Although, I won't see it till tomorrow because it's my bed time :)
  • So here is the list we put together. We have a recognizable last name, 2 syllables, starting with M. My other 2 kids are Julian and Josephine. Part of me likes the J name theme, for them to have same initials but I don't want to be gimmicky with my kids names. Anyway, here is our list in no particular order. Top contenders are Jonathan William, but is it too plain and common? Excuse the novel and thanks for the input!

    Abel... biblical and we are Christian 
    Christian..... I like the name, and well... Christian
    Jonathan...H requested this a long time ago after a g-father. I think it's his favorite. I like it ok, but I worry it's too common and maybe boring? But had Biblical ties, so I like that. It's a front runner
    William.... family name, prob my #1 choice but is it insanely common?!
    Samuel ... family name
    Harrison... my kids have named the baby Harry, so I thought I'd add, I like ok. 
    Anthony.... I kind of like
    Alexander.... H kind of likes
    Charles... I kind of like
    Michael.... I kind of like, probably bc I love The Office. Haha!
    Jameson... James is a family name
    Benjamin.... I like the name 
  • @trudytudy I love William and don't think it's too common. I adore the nm Will. We have friends whose son is Will (not William) and it's so cute!
  • We are stuck and not discussing it much. DH won't fully commit to a name until he has to anyway.

    Louise-family name we both agree on
    Lydia-one of my forever favorites
    Leah-DH is in love, I am not. It reminds me of a close friend lost in a terrible tragedy (her sister's name)

    Apparently, we are stuck on the 'L' train.

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