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  • @Dani0329 Love Montgomery! I knew a little Monty when I was a teenager and if I didn’t have a longer last name it would be on my list.
  • @GraceUponGrace09 We were going to use Easton for a boy, but we're having a girl. It's funny because we picked out Easton Jude, which is so close to your pick! Love that name and I'm sad I won't ever get to use it. 
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  • @Dani0329 love Montgomery!
  • @GraceUponGrace09, I agree with @auntieraindrop that they are not too match. I think they sound nice together. Love both Easton John and Adrian Clay!
  • @Dani0329, I like Montgomery a lot. Monty is a cute nickname. Family will get over it once they meet him and fall in love. 

    The more I think about it the more I think that once DH and I decide we won't tell anyone till she is born so no one can say that they don't like her name...except I'll tell y'all.
  • @kelk5 we didn’t tell anyone any of our name choices with DS and don’t regret it at all. We haven’t told family our choices this time around either. Best thing ever is that they can’t really say anything once the kid is named, it’s too rude! DS has an unusual, but recognisable name and the family all loves it (at least to our faces). I will go down in history as the crunchy granola lady of the family when it comes to naming kids. Oh well.
  • Set my mind at ease! We have some friends (from a different state) who just had their twin boys a couple weeks ago and they used the name we had picked out-Levi. We see them maybe once a year, if that, but now I'm questioning using the name. We haven't told anyone our name as we want it to be secret until he's born just in case we change our minds. I don't think they're the type of people to think we "stole" their name, but it's been our top boy name since we found out I was pregnant with DD. DH is still definitely wanting to use it since we may not get another chance, but I'm feeling really conflicted. WWYD?
  • @schaze I say go for it too. Like @gusgus14 I feel like it's NBD.

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  • @schaze I would also go for it, especially if you don't see them all the time! Also, I LOVE the name Levi! 
  • Agree with @missblaze and @gusgus14. If it was a close friend you saw frequently I might think again, but not for someone you see rarely. 
  • I agree with everyone to use the name you love. They live in another state and if you see them minimally then it's not a big deal in my opinion. 
  • @schaze like others have said, I see nothing wrong with having the same name as friends that you rarely see. If you are still unsure though, maybe have a conversation with your friends and let them know your considering the name but that you wanna keep private for now. Most likely they won’t mind and might even help ease your mind. 
  • @schaze definitely chat with them. I honestly don't think it's a big deal though! Levi is a great name...adding it to my list! 
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  • I would use it, @schaze!
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  • We can’t make a decision. By we, I mean DH. The L trend is coming off the table now. I won’t give in on my name, he won’t give in on his. Starting from scratch and letting Piper Louise marinate.

    I’m at a place where I just want to know what her name is and DH could comfortably wait until he has to fill out the birth certificate. Anyone else feel the same?
  • @jakobaby we probably won't have a name until she arrives. DH is really busy with school and working full time right now so I've just accepted that no more name conversations will likely happen until he graduates in December.  I'd prefer to have a name already and as I've said before I already have a name I love. 

    It's tough not being on the same page
  • Alright, I’ve been in denial but I’m coming forward: I need help coming up with names!

    We are team PINK and DD is Emilia José. The name has to be easily pronounced in both English and Spanish, since my family is bilingual. So far, I’m considering using my mom’s name as a middle name: Gisela
  • @agalvarado I was a teacher for many years and one of my favorite students was named Elena. I think it goes really nice with Emilia 
  • @agalvarado I've always loved the name Ximena, but I don't know how well people pronounce that in English. Also Natalia, or TaIia. I feel like they are super pretty in both. I love names with a Hispanic sound. 
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  • My sister-in-law is Mexican-American and her daughters are Annabelle Olivia and Ravenna Rose. They don't sound very Hispanic to me, but her family has no trouble pronouncing them. My English-speaking grandmother has way more trouble with Ravenna (both spelling and pronunciation). She calls her Riv-EE-na.
  • We are currently back and forth between Rhys and Rowan for BabyBoyK. 
  • @Cricket99 I'm the same way about names, and we're team green as well so we'll be going in with a list of names and hopefully one works. If not, it might be a case of naming on the fly haha
  • @schaze If it makes you feel better.... We had family friends growing up that we spent a lot of time with (my dad's best friend's family). My brother and one of their sons had the same first name and it never seemed to cause much confusion. It's just how things were and there were never any hurt feelings that I knew of. If you only see your friends once a year, I don't think it would be an issue at all. I like the suggestion of talking it over with your friends if you're really concerned about it.

    As for us, we have a girl's name set. It's the same one we agreed on the last time I was pregnant, so four years later at least we know we still like it. Boy's names are a different story. So much back and forth and I feel like we've gone through every name in the book. I think we may have found a first name, but I don't feel like either one of us is in love with it. I'm still on board for the most part with remaining Team Green, but part of me wants to rip open that envelope with my results from the Panorama test to find out what the sex is! At least then we'd know if we still have to keep torturing ourselves. :D
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  • @agalvarado I like the name Lauren and I think it's easy for both languages. I also knew a Fabiana and she was very lovely. 
  • Resurrecting this thread because DH is FINALLY talking about names. 

    DD is Lila Mary so we need a name that sounds good with it. 

    Middle name for this LO will be Carol after my grandmother. I also don't want something TOO popular So far on our short list are (in no particular order): 
    Anna Carol
    Anne Carol
    Grace Carol
    Clara Carol
    Alice Carol
    Josephine Carol


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  • @missblaze LEWIS CARROLL WAS A PEDOPHILE?!?! How did I not know this information?!

    @crizz13 I also love Anna and Grace. My one thought with Clara is that if you use the first and middle name to correct your kids, Clara Carol may be hard to say. I love the name Clara, though.
  • @lmmjd Yes. He enjoyed taking photographs of very young girls, some nude. And he was infatuated with Alice Liddell (for whom he wrote Alice in Wonderland) and her sisters.

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  • EEEK! Definitely did NOT know that! 

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  • @crizz13 I love Alice, but with Carol my mind also went right to Lewis Carroll (but I didn't know he was a pedophile?!)

    I'm partial to Josephine, mostly because that was going to be our name if this LO was a girl. Anna is great though, and definitely not used enough!
  • @crizz13 I really like Josephine Carol and Anna Carol. Clara is really pretty but I agree that it is a mouthful with Carol.

  • I named my daughter Josephine and I have no regrets about it. She is 2 now and she calls herself "Dosie" and it's adorable.  We still call her Josephine though. I also like Alice and Clara but Clara doesn't jive super well with Carol as a middle name. I know it isn't on your list but I really like the name Caroline. 
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    My husband and I love the name Nolan. The problem is that I have a student in my elementary school class with that name. I liked the name before meeting my student. My husband thinks we should go for it, but I'm worried about it being awkward. I don't want the kids thinking we named our baby after him because he is my favorite or anything. I will return from maternity leave in April and will have a month left with my current class. 

    What are your thoughts?
  • @em_el as a fellow teacher, I understand your hesitation. But this is your child for life, these are your students for only a few more months. Pick a name that you will love forever. You don’t wanna pick your second choice and then after the students are all gone, never to be seen again, regret not going with your first choice. I would say if you love the name Nolan, just accept he awkwardness for a few months. It’s not a huge deal in my opinion. You can even lie to them and say he was named after your brother or something lol
  • em_el  I love the name Nolan! It is also on our list and I'm also a teacher! I don't think it's a big deal at all. Just say to him, "Isn't that interesting that your parents and I have the same taste in names...?" or something like that. He likely won't be in your class next year, right?

    It's tough for us teachers because all the names are everywhere! 
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  • Resurrecting Thisbe thread bc the name conversation has *finally* begun in my house. I like Maxwell James but DH won't consider it bc his boss's dog is called Max. He finally remembered the one he likes and it's Dylan James which I managed not to cringe at when he said it but I'm not a fan. I have a feeling this is going to be rough.
    Please tell me I'm not the only one still with a nameless baby.
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