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  • No name here and haven't even begun to discuss it. 

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    @jakobaby I'm on the R train. LOL. 

    Edit to add: what do you guys think of Rhys? I think it's our current front runner. Hubby LOVES it. It's a real traditional spelling, which is important to me, but it's also kind of unconventional looking which keeps my husband happy (he likes things that are U-neek.) We like that it's Welsh, he has some Welsh heritage, and we both like the sound of a lot of Welsh names.

    Since we are Sara and William we were looking for something where he'd be the only one in his class, and Rhys was baaarely in the US top 500 last year (#494) but it has two other spellings that were also in the top 1000 (Reece 580 and Reese 671) also Reese for girls is at #177. That makes it more popular than it seems. If you add all the spellings together it puts it at #250. But I think if there's another Rhys/Reese/Reece in his class I think it's more likely to be a girl. 

    I worry it would be a pain in the butt for people to spell and pronounce, and that people would call him "Rice" a lot. But we don't care for the other spellings.

    Argh, I'm being anal. It's hard to be a name nerd!
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  • @trudytudy +1 for William! I don't hear it that often anymore, all I see is Liam. Will is an adorable nn.

    @jakobaby love your list! I do like Louise and Leah a little more than Lydia.

    @auntieraindrop I wouldn't pronounce it like "rice", I think most people know the name and have seen the spelling, but it's still not too common of a name.
  • @auntieraindrop Rhys is rising in popularity but still probably wouldn't be common with that spelling. My name was #456 the year I was born and the peak for the decade was #401. I think I've only met 2 other people around my age with it, and that wasn't until college.
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  • @trudytudy my DS1's name is Jonathan (so I'm obviously biased!) but I honestly don't think it's especially common?  We've yet to meet any other kids with the same name (as opposed to Lincoln, Asher, Liam, Jackson, etc. which seem more unique, but are honestly way more common in my experience, at least in our community!).  All the names on your short list are very nice though, you've got some good choices!
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    Dani0329 similar to @kelk5, when we settled on DD's name, I would say, "Her name is ___. If you don't like it, please keep your opinions to yourself."  Now, it is popping up everywhere, but at the time, it wasn't as common and I was nervous that someone with a really strong opinion would talk me out of it.
  • @bainidhedub Looks like the highest popularity for the Rhys spelling is 2010, it's fallen a little bit from there from #472 to #494. But it's held pretty steady in the upper #400s/lower #500s for most of the decade. I think it's probably about peaked. The Reece and Reese spellings for boys are both falling (since 2001 and 2003 respectively). 
  • @jakobaby I like all the names on your list. My name is actually Leah. It's been a good name to me. I rarely encounter other Leah's. Sometimes people call me Lee and I'm like whatever. 

    @KatieEl I'm glad to hear about your Jonathan experience. 

    @auntieraindrop I think Reece is a good choice. I didn't initially recognize the name as Rhys. But I'm with you that spelling is important. 

    And thank you to the the others for the advice, I do looove the name Will. 
  • @trudytudy, I personally love Jonathan William, that's my favorite and it seems to have familia significance for both of y'all. I've always loved the nickname Johnny and when older it gives the option of Jon or Johnathan for professional career. I don't think it is as popular as it use to be, so I don't think it's too common. The other names seem to be names that either one of you kinda likes but doesn't love. My advice is to go with names your husband and you love and don't over think the popularity. 

  • @trudytudy I also love Will. One of my all time favorites! But Jonathan William is very nice, too. I love it! I also love the name Christian. I'd go with Will in a heartbeat if DH would jump on board. I agree that I don't think Jonathan is as popular as we might assume.

    Re: Rhys, I like the traditional spelling myself but they all work. We're also going with a name (if it's a girl) that would require pronunciation correction. I think at least being able to say "it's pronounced Reese" very quickly is cut and dry. I wouldn't worry about that too much, plus it seems to meet all of the criteria (traditional yet unique). We're going to have a pain in the ass because of differences in how the German vs English alphabets are pronounced.

    i just found out last week that our boy name candidate is rising in popularity big time (top 20) and I think we're still on board anyhow! I'm surprised but when you like a name (especially when you can't find others you love), you like a name, right?

  • @libbberty We're having the same problem with popularity. We decided on a name, fell in love with it and then saw it was top 50 and rising. So we're really torn. We love the name but don't want her to have a lot of classmates with the same name. 
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  • @maueraa07 agreed! I didn't think it was popular until a girl announced her son's birth on FB. I was super bummed. But I took that bummed feeling as a sign that I really liked the name, and DH surprisingly didn't care because there are three nickname options (and one is very German, which will involve lots of pronunciation help  :s but can solve the uniqueness issue, at least). Unfortunately, I like the most popular nickname...but oh well.
  • @auntieraindrop I loveeee the name Rhys for a boy! Like someone else mentioned, many have seen it and know it's pronunciation. I pushed for it as a middle name for a boy both pregnancies but it was a no go with DS because DH wanted him to have his middle name. This time we are having a girl so no Rhys for us! Good luck! 
  • I love Rhys, @auntieraindrop. I'm also a fan of traditional names that seem unique (DD's name is Wren)...which is why we're struggling to find a name for this LO (a boy). I want something out-of-the-box, but not so weird that people will side-eye my child for his whole life. We already get enough side-eyes for Wren (although to be fair, most of those responses have come from my teenage students)!
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  • @cyanope I love the name Wren but feel like DH and I aren't cool enough to have a daughter with that name. We are all about uncommon traditional names but they seem to be on the rise so this is difficult. 
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  • And @auntieraindrop I love the name Rhys. I feel like it's a strong smart boy's name. 
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  • Haha to "not cool enough," @maueraa07! DH and I are SO far from cool, but we still used it. Although it pisses me off that I keep seeing Wren on "Hipster Baby Names" lists on FB. I'm like, "what does that even mean?" 
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  • @cyanope obsessed with the name Wren! I tried hard to get DH on board with it, but alas we settled on Quinn for this little girl! I feel like they're similar names in that they're uncommon, but known(a style I also prefer), and gender neutral! Our DS is Weston.  :)
  • Haha, my nephew is Weston, and my future niece will be Quinn, @leeeahyo! Sounds like you have the same taste in names as my sisters and me!
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    BFP #1: 12/1/14 said goodbye 1/2/15
    BFP #2: 5/5/15
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  • I've noticed that DH likes unisex names. A lot of his favorites are used for both genders (Rowan, Reese, Quinn). 
  • Still have no hope for a boy's name. Was planning on Nora (or Chloe) for a girl, but this little bunny decided to have a penis. SIGH! 

    We are not even discussing names in my house right now. It just seems too soon! And we get sidetracked. And then someone just mentioned in "randoms" that the June board is up and I freaked my freaked. 

    Guys, I think we'll be the couple who will have a nameless baby until he's 3 weeks old! Ugh! 
    First timer! 
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  • @ollydolly Don't feel bad! We haven't thought about names either. I'm going to name our baby the same way I named our cats - by meeting them first. Lucky for me, DH likes the type of names I like, so he's cool with what I decide. I think it makes sense to get to know the baby before giving them a name, but maybe that's a UO of mine  :)
  • @auntieraindrop I went to grade school with a Rhys. His parents are Welsh and his sisters name is Rhiannon. I always thought they were cool names.

    @schaze and @trudytudy thank you! I wanted DS to be William btw. Classic.

    @cyanope really love Wren. I can't get DH on board!
  • @cyanope I love the name Wren! If I was having a girl this time I was considering Lauren and maybe Wren for short. Hadn't put much thought into the logistics of that anyway. And I think it totally makes sense to lay eyes on a baby prior to committing. With my other two I had some favorites and decided after I was looking at them. But I think I had already decided before I saw them. I'm indecisive. 
  • @auntieraindrop I was a preschool teacher for many years before DS came along and I became a stay at home mom. I'm my almost 10 years, I had only ever met or heard of one Rhys. I loved that kid though and it became a name I loved too. Before we found out this little one was going to be a girl, I was really pushing for Rhys.
  • I was set on waiting until we saw ds1 before committing to his name... But then he's just this crying, red little creature who just kinda lies around. It's not like he had a personality that would guide us one way or another. Plus we were too tired and overwhelmed to give it any though anyway - There was no hesitation in just giving him the name we had picked.

    I have a very unusual name and there were times I hated it but mostly appreciated it... Until I married a guy with a long, unusual last name, and now my name is one huge, awkward mouthful that nobody can begin to remember. Sigh.
    (Yes, I realize I actually made the choice to be change my name)
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  • We had our name picked out for a boy for a couple years now. Steven Glen. We decided to use our grandfather's names since both men influenced us quite a bit. We were having trouble agreeing on a girl name so thankfully rhus little peanut was a boy. Good luck ladies. This is a hard decision and there are so many judgymcjudgresons out there who like to voice opinions. Just remember, the choice comes down to you and your spouse and no one else. This is your child
  • @aisy-daisy congratulation! I love Fiona! :)

    @jakobaby we had more or less decided on Rhiannon for a girl, that's awesome! 
  • @aisy-daisy LOVE Fiona! Beautiful! 
  • I've been pretty attached to Maxwell James (nn Max) for a while, but yesterday I got Daniel Owen (nn Danny) in my head and I'm not sure now. Owen is my dad's middle name and DH rejected it as a first name for DS1, but I still like it.
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  • @maueraa07 you've given me hope on changing DHs mind :)
  • @maueraa07 my son is named after my late Mother. When I first presented it to my H he literally said "I just don't like it" but then after surviving morning sickness, a giant belly, all the bells and whistles of pregnancy, and of course childbirth my H had a change of heart. To compromise, his middle name is my Hs grandfather that died before I met him. I think it was fair and an excellent name for our son. Just bc H doesn't like it right away doesn't mean you should erase from the list. 
  • We are having a girl! 
    We are thinking either:

    Olivia Hope
    Abigail Olivia

    Big sis is Mia. Leaning toward Olivia Hope at this time. 
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    Our favorite name is still hanging in air with nothing to lock it in. The name is Montgomery James.  We have a very short last name.  Likely, I will call him by his full name but we like the nickname Monty.  Too many opinions from family, but we like non-traditional names. Not many people liked Lorelei's name when we presented it but now they love it, so maybe it will grow on them if we choose it? It is so cute hearing L say Montgomery too.  <3

    DH still likes Kellen, Landon, and Aeric.  I despise Landon and Aeric and like Kellen a little.  I have no other names to throw in the hat though. Rowan was our initial name, but now not 1 but 3 friends have named their child Rowan within the last 2 months.  It was a name turn off for me.  Other names we have considered but haven't been brought up again: Ashton, Warren, Lincoln, Benson, and Bentley.

    ETA: I despise Landon because of someone I know and Aeric because it's a weird way to spell a common name.

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  • I'm partial to Warren, because it's my dad and grandfather's name. It's off the table for us because my dad LOATHES it, and it would be confusing to have three living Warren's in the family.
  • @Dani0329 I think Montgomery is cute! Go for it! 
  • Now that we know we are having a boy, we've started talking names.
    Front runner is Easton. (Isn't there someone else on here using it or considering it?)
    MN will be John for sure after my FIL's first name and DH's MN. So, Easton John. 
    However, DS is Adrian Clay. Are Adrian and Easton to matchy/rhymey? 
    Other names we love have the same problem:
    Ian (won't use this as it is literally the last three letters of Adrian)

  • @GraceUponGrace09 I don't think Adrian and Easton are all that close. I wouldn't think twice about hearing them as brothers. Adrian Clay is ridiculously adorable though! 
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