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  • If it's a girl, then it's Kylora Irene. If it's a boy, then it's Logan Elijah. :) It originally was Logan Ramiel for the boy's middle name, but Elijah was the name of a family friend who had a major impact in my husband's life. So we changed it. We find out if it's a boy or a girl tomorrow. I'm hoping for girl because I love the name so much!
  • Since our BOY has now turned into a GIRL, we are back to square one for names!!! We've only agreed on two so far. 


    No middle name in sight! It's quite the shock haha. We didn't love the boy names we'd chosen anyway, so hopefully better luck with girl names. 
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  • We totally went another route than originally planned, our little guy will be Carter James "CJ" 
  • PLEASE! Give me some girl name ideas. DH isn't very helpful lol
    Our DS's name is Sawyer Thomas.

    Every idea I come up with, he shoots down!
  • bainidhedubbainidhedub member
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    So not actually discussed with DH yet, but now that I know it's a boy I've been thinking about names a little more. Last time he wanted something "normal, with a good nickname" so DS is Zachary David.

    My ideas so far:
    Maxwell (Max) - this is top of my list, it's been on my mind for a while
    Nathan (Nate)
    Alexander (Alex or Lex)

    Other options but not really my favorites:
    Jonathan (Jon)
    Samuel (Sam)
    Gabriel (Gabe)

    I also like Benjamin but my sister called dibs on it in middle school and she might actually kill me especially bc I think she might be TTC now. Joshua, Joseph, Jacob, Russell, Matthew, Christopher, and Thomas are all taken by family members.
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  • @bainidhedub I love Maxwell and we've decided to go for Maxwell Stephen. It's definitely normal with a good nickname! I've always thought as "Max" as being someone very lively and adventurous. And then "Maxwell" if he wants to be more sophisticated. 
  • We know it's a boy so he will be Henry Everett. 
    Henry was my grandfathers name and DH's grandfathers middle name. 

    For a girl (in the future hopefully), we love Mabel Jane. Mabel was my great grandmother. Jane is his great aunts middle name. She will go by MJ!
  • @aisy-daisy - FWIW I love the name Ellia. It's unique without being out there and so feminine
  • I need an opinion 
    LO will be named Stephen. My maiden name is McKenna. So I wanted to name him Stephen McKenna LastName. 
    I know McKenna is commonly used as a girl's name but I don't like it on girls lol. So my question is do you think it works as a boy middle name or no way it's a girl's name?
    thanks for your opinions!  
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  • @PhillymommaX2 I personally see no problem with it.  I knew a girl with the middle name Ames and a boy with the middle name Singer.  I haven't looked up that spelling of McKenna in a name book, but lots of times it seems that we, as Americans, have assigned some classic male Irish names such as Shannon, Kim and Kelly to be female.  Maybe this is the case?  
  • @PhillymommaX2 I wouldn't side eye it at all. Especially since it's your maiden name. Besides, how many times do people actually use kiddo's middle name? Caveat to that being that I use DS's first and middle name a lot because it just flows so nicely... I say go for it! The middle name place is for fun and honoring family to me.
  • I think McKenna is fine on a boy. I think it was just sort of chance that had those Mc/Mac names go girl in the 2000s. I know some older Mackenzies who are boys and it is just fine on them. Plus surname middle names are common enough that if it does surprise someone it's like a three word explanation! Go for it! 
  • PhillymommaX2 that's an awesome middle name - it just rolls nicely and nobody is going to be calling him Stephen McKenna _______, likely just Stephen ____________. 
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  • We have not even one name for this boy! Thought I was having a girl (lol - a mother's intuition) and now we are soooooooooo stumped. :-/ 
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  • Thank you to everyone who replied! It's so hard to tag on mobile. I appreciate your input :)
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  • Any tips or recommendations?

    We really like unique names (that are still names). Our DD is Lorelei and we have only met one other so far, which is awesome. I am so in love with her name, I am thankful that we are having a boy. But, boy names are hard.

    Our top runner was Rowan James. A friend just announced her baby's name, Rowan. Though We can still use it, we likely won't.  :/

    His middle name will be James, we do family names for middle names.

    Other options:
    DH like Kellan (but he likes it spelled with a y, I told him no y's). My concern is our last name starts with a C and is 2 syllables. Is that weird?

    I like Lincoln too, but have convinced DH. Though it seems like this name is growing in popularity.

    DH is great at shooting down names: Blake, Flynn,  Brodie, Emerson, etc. 

    Last dilemma, I am a SLP so I don't want to name our child after any of my patients that are particularly difficult. That's knocked 1 out for DH.


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  • @Dani0329 our son is Julian. I have yet to meet another one and didn't even think of the football player Julian Edelman at the time. Just that John Lennon had a son named Julian. 

    If this babe were going to be a boy, I'm certain that we would have named him August. We also liked Davis. I personally liked Rhett as in Rhett Butler but DH couldn't consider it because he went to high school with a Rhett he didn't like.

    other contenders were Calvin or Callaghan aka 'Cal'.

    PS: Lincoln is my maiden name and I was not thrilled when a cousin used it for her son. It's not even her last name! I'm the only girl on that side with Lincoln as a last name so I think I should've had first dibs
  • @jakobaby love Julian! 

    @Dani0329 we found a list of top 1000 (I think?) and started from the bottom to make our lists!
  • @Dani0329 What about Ronan or Roman? And even if you guys do end up choosing Rowan, then that could be a bonding experience with the boys when they get older! Or who knows? Maybe he decides to go by RJ later in life? Then it really won't matter. lol Either way, go with what you and your husband are most comfortable with! 
  • @Dani0329 How close of a friend is this? I feel like unless you're gonna be seeing them all the time, then it's still okay to choose the same name. It would be different if it was your sister's baby or something but I think friends kids are fine. Also, a good friend may not mind. One of my friends was upset when we announced our daughter's name, because apparently she was gonna name her daughter the same first and middle name that we picked. But I don't see her often and I told her to feel free to still choose it. That being said, I also think it would be okay to consider a similar name. I loved Ronan for a boy. Roman is nice too! I don't know, I'm just of the mindset that, if you love the name, just use it anyways. I mean it's your child and it's a name that they'll have for the rest of their life. Don't settle for something you don't love. Just talk to your friend. 
  • @steph30032  Not too close of a friend now and we live hundreds of miles apart.  I just felt guilty and sad as soon as I read it.  I felt like she would think I saw her post and chose the name from there. But it wasn't a done deal for us.  This is so much harder than the first time around. :(

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  • Mudge85Mudge85 member
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    I thought we had names.... but the more we talk about it the more DH doesn't like what we picked. He is saying no to everything I like... 

    for girls we have:

    we both really like Sophie Elizabeth... 

    Walter (but it has a sad association for his mom so..... tbd)

    i think we will use James for the boys middle name either way because it was my uncles middle name and he had a large impact on my life. 

    Edit: because mobile likes to delete my posts. 

  • @Mudge85
    I love Sadie and Sophie for girls!  I also love Brooks and Finn for a boy (DH vetoed those for me).  :'(

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  • @Mudge85 As a pair I like Sophie & Pierce or Sophie & Robert best. 
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  • ^^love Sophie and Harrison. Hope you and dh can come to and agreement.

    @Dani0329, I like Roman, too. Others I like that dh vetoed are Asher, Cedar and Topher. Do you have any ties to other cultures/ethnicities that could give you unique inspiration?
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  • @Dani0329 I'd encourage you to go ahead with Rowan if you were set on it/really love it above the others. I have a friend who changed their daughter's name right before she was born bc her first cousin and close friend named their daughter they name they planned on. She always regretted it. They have since moved and are never together! 
    I have another friend who recently had a friend name her baby the name they planned a few days before their baby was born. My friend was crushed but decided to go ahead and keep their name. She's been so glad she did. 
    It seems like it'd be hard at first but in the end wouldn't be that big of a deal. 
    That said, I adore the name Lincoln but you're right, it's not that uncommon. I also think Roman is cute like other's said. 
  • @Dani0329 take into consideration how often your child will engage this other child named Rowan. It sounds like your child won't have a lot of interaction with him so from your child's perspective it may not make any difference. 

    @jakobaby my son is named Julian too! We named him after my late mother (her name was really similar) 
  • Mudge85  My nephew is Finnian James. It is a lovely name! I love Sophie and Finn together, but I'm super biased as nephew's cat's name is Sophie. Heehee. 
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  • @mindaa Cedar is DSs name and I love it! Glad to see someone else consider it because it really is a great name. I'm also a little bit biased though. It was actually one that DH vetoed and I kept on the list because I really liked it. The farther we got into the pregnancy the more it grew on him. Although if you ask him now, he liked it from the start  :D
  • We are leaning toward Maura for our little girl. There is an obscure family connection. However we cannot agree on a middle name. I suggested Jane but DH thought it sounded too much like Mary Jane haha. I want the mn to either be 1 syllable or 3+. 
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  • Still STRUGGLING with boy names over here...
    Two of my sisters had babies this year. One in January and one in June. Both of them named their boys with names ending in "on" (not on just ended up that way). Their names are Nixon and Weston. These three boys will all be born in the same year, and my sisters and I are INCREDIBLY close (we all live within 5 miles of each other as well), so the boys will be spending a LOT of time together (we already have their Halloween costumes picked out for next year...The Three Amigos). 
    Anyways, I thought it might be fun to name this boy something ending in "on" as well, but it's not an absolute. Any suggestions? DH and I already like:


    Middle name will be Ford (my maiden name), and last name starts with "R," two syllables. We've both been leaning towards Anderson, but we're not set. I've mentioned this before, but I'm worried about him having so many last names in his name! 
    So, I ask again. Any suggestions on names ending in "on?"

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  • @cyanope Anderson is one of my favorite boy names and definitely a runner up if this baby is a boy. I think Anderson Ford is adorable. And I wouldn't worry about so many surnames, doesn't seem like a big deal to me. ;) 
  • There are lots of good -on names but many of them are surnames. Aaron and Landon are non-surnames though. 

    Lyndon (love)

    Tristan and Harlan share the sound, but not the spelling.

    [Deleted User]cyanope
  • I like Anderson, Landon,  and Grayson!

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  • @cyanope I definitely love Anderson and I am also partial to Jaxon (even though that is close to Nixon with the "xon").

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    If you like it a bit more edgy, there's also 

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