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  • I wouldn't let it stop you if you like the name. Nobody's probably going to be calling your kid by their full name, so it's not like the serial killer is gonna mess with their Linkedin results someday.
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  • @koennia1217 I think it's a sweet name with a nice meaning. I think you should go for it. I mean I've never heard of David Parker Ray and I feel like most other people haven't either. It's not like naming your child Charles Manson or Jeffery Dahmer. And very few people will probably google her name. They'll just know her as Parker. 
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  • Thank you @steph30032 we thought it was a sweet name. We just won't tell her or bring it up and play dumb of someone else brings it up lol. And anyone googling her name before adulthood is probably a weirdo anyways haha. 
  • I have Emmett Michael picked for a boy the girl has been hard for the longest time i loved Arabella Mae and i still do because i love disney and Bell was one of my favorites. However i went through my nestalgia of disney and watched Anastsia. I now love Anastsia Mae because we could call her Ana or Stacy. I like this option because my adopted mothers name is Stacy and Mae represents DH mom because it was her middle name. 

    Anyways what do you guys prefer
    Arabella Mae or Anastsia Mae
  • So we are now throwing around Estelle? Do you guys hate that name? haha

  • RC1014RC1014 member
    @mommaSG i love Arabella Mae. Annabelle was one of my top girl names, too. 

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  • @RC1014 thanks so far the family is split Between Arabella and Anastasia. I did a poll in name genie just for add help. It woyld be easier if i k ew the sex of the baby lol.

    I love the name Annabelle it was actually an option but DH really wanted to stich with the similar sounds of all the girls names
  • I need help! Last name starts with a Z, two syllables.  BF is REALLY hooked on the name Zeke for a boy!  I guess he likes the double Z thing.  I do like Zoe for a girl. 

    But Zeke? I haven't committed to anything yet but he really really likes the name Zeke.  We've gone thru a long list of boy Z names but nothing else compares (in his mind).  Hmmmph....
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  • @ReadytoRun77 what about Ezekial? Someone just suggested it to us yesterday. It's NMS, however you could do Zeke for a nickname?

    @mommaSG I love Anastasia Mae, especially with the family connections!
  • @schaze thanks its like everyone i talk to is tied i hope when sex is confimered it will be easoer to decide but at this point idk lol
  • @fivetimesnoluck we kept DD's name to ourselves. We went in with 2 names, leaning towards one more than the other. We really didn't want people's opinions on our names and since we announced the sex, we wanted one thing to be a surprise. We plan to do the same with this one!

    FWIW though, the story behind Lawrence is amazing and I love it!
  • @fivetimesnoluck, I also love the story behind Lawrence! Also, DD is named Wren, so I love it even more! 

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  • @cyanope I knew someone here had a daughter named Wren but couldn't recall who! I love it. 

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  • I'm 13 weeks 6 days. Don't know gender YET but struggling with girls names because I have two already. 

    Boy Names: Sawyer or Levis (like the jeans) lol

    My daughters names both start with A... needing help with another!
  • @Alyscia1234  Levi like the name of the brand's founder, or Levis like the brand name that has an apostrophe in it?
    What are your daughters' names? Gotta know to think of one that matches.
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  • So many good names on here! @Alyscia1234 Bree was one of my top picks if we were having a girl!  Love it in short form.  Aubrey is cute too! 

    We are Team Blue and the name will be Owen.  Done and done.  Our first son is named Dax, but that's only because I couldn't get DH to buy off on Owen, since he wanted something less common.  I tried for Owen again this time and he's on board.  Sure made that easy.
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  • @Alyscia1234  Levi is a great name!! It's our DS name. He's named after his great grandfather. I also love it because there aren't too many Levi's around right now. 
  • Spent all afternoon searching for ideas on Pinterest, Nameberry, and Google. Still at a loss for a boy name. Anyone new recently choose a name for their little one? I need ideas, lol
  • @steph30032: here was our list of potential boy names:

    Isaac, Logan, Rhett, Owen, Ethan, Dillon, Cooper, Lee, Sawyer, Mason, Wyatt.
  • @gusgus14 that's kinda funny because those are a lot of my top names too! DH isn't on board with pretty much any of them, but I love Owen, Ethan, Logan, and Wyatt. 
  • @steph30032 - we had decided on Wyatt but we're having a girl so we're planning on using it in the future if we have a boy! We actually had a ton more that we liked on the Baby Name app. Have you tried it? It's been mentioned a couple of times but it's basically Tinder for baby names. It throws a lot of the same names over and over on the free version but there are some really cute ideas.
  • @steph30032 +1 for baby name app!

    We have a bunch of boy names, all more classic. Levi is the one we'll likely be using if it's a boy, otherwise:

    If it's a girl and we change our minds on the one name we love, we're screwed  :D
  • sbishop426sbishop426 member
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    @gusgus14 my son's name is Rhett! 

    We have to go with RD initials (hubby's family tradition for boys) and this baby is another boy. We're pretty sure Daniel will be the middle name. We've talked about Rady (like Brady minus the B ) for first name but can't come up with a spelling- I think it's a made up name lol. Rady, Rhady, Radey.. I don't know. Rhett and Rady seem to go together. I'm not a fan of most R names so this is hard
  • @sbishop426 Yeah that's kinda made up. To go with Rhett what about...

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  • @sbishop426 what about either Rhys (pronounced Reese) or Riley? Both sound really nice with Rhett! 
  • @Cricket99 I LOVE Clementine. LOVE.

    I use Hypnobabies!

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  • @Cricket99 OMG LEMON. That is so cute. <3<3<3
  • @cricket99 LOVE Clementine, and Lemon?! So cute.
  • @missblaze, @auntieraindrop, @schaze thanks ladies. I thought it was adorable and am not a huge fan of Clem as a nickname. So I had to come up with an alternative :D
  • @Cricket99 love Augustus. August is a top boy name on my list aka Auggie.
  • @jakobaby August is my absolute favorite boy name right now but no matter how hard I push, I can't get DH on board
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  • @jakobaby I love August too. Augustus is DH's middle name so I think it would be a cute way to name him after his daddy... DH doesn't like it though, he's also named after his (deadbeat, abusive) bio dad so I don't think we'll be passing the name down.

    (we don't know the sex yet so we are still tossing around both boy and girl names with not much luck.)
  • @auntieraindrop It's so hard narrowing down names when you don't know the sex! Ugh...Last night I printed off a list of the top 500 baby names of 2016 and DH and I both went through and highlighted 20 names that we liked. Out of all the names we looked at and liked, we only had 3 boy names in common. So if it's a boy, he will be one of those three names. It's just funny because of the three names, DH is really pushing for one and I'm pushing for a different one. Neither names were ones we had considered before going through the lists though. Also it helped us decide on a girl name. Harper! Yay! 
  • @steph30032 and @auntieraindrop I mentioned August to DH last night and he said that he really liked that name (with enthusiasm). I can't believe that he was so agreeable to that. However, we are having a girl so boy names are now out!
  • We are expecting a boy and have had very few discussions about names for this baby. So far my husbands only request is that we use the name Jonathan at least for the middle name. I am open to this idea as long as it goes with the rest of the name. My other two kids first names start with "J" so I'm not sure how much of a factor that is. I really like classic traditional names, I love the name William but it is really common. There is someone important in our family that is special to us with the names Kurt and Randall but those names tho! Any advice? suggestions? 
  • @trudytudy would you be opposed to and initial type nickname? If you're wanting to do the J theme for all your kids, you could do Jonathan for first and Randall for middle and the baby could be JR or if you're not worried about a theme you could switch it and have baby be RJ. Also though I like Jonathan, baby Johnny would be super cute. And it's a strong name that he could use as an adult someday. Nothing is worse then when Parents give kids "baby names" and then one day you have an adult forced to have a name that only fits babies. 
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