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  • MEA016MEA016 member
    Hi all! I am a STM to a 1 year old boy. According to my LMP we have an EDD of Feb 17. My DS was born 4 weeks early so hoping this one stays in until Feb!! I am hoping to be more active on Feb18 than I was on April16. So excited for this journey again!
  • I will probably stick around here since my EDD is March 1st. I was 2 weeks early with my last baby. 

    I suffered a loss at 9 weeks on April 14th. I was devastated. I really struggled with guilt that I had done something wrong. I also felt very selfish because so many of my friends struggle with infertility and we were already blessed with three healthy children. I finally worked through it with some assistance. My husband and I decided to try again after my first cycle post D&C. I really didn't think it would happen for us because I am 38; but here I am. I am so thankful but incredibly nervous. I had no signs (other than a ominous feeling that I couldn't shake) that something was wrong. My doctor put me on progesterone and high dose folic acid this time around. He believes that my subchorionic hemorrhage was too big for survival last time. .

    +++++++++++End of the depressing section of my post++++++++++++

    I'm excited to be here with all of you!  
  • Hey everyone! This will be my 2nd baby! I had my BFP on June 17th! I told my hubby on Father's Day! ♥️ My EDD is 2/28!
  • hello! this is our third little one :) i was more of a lurker on the F13 board and then skipped over the F15 board because i was too busy with my toddler haha. i hope to be more active this time! EDD is 2/12/18. congrats to all!

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  • Hey everyone! I wanted to wait until I had the first OB appointment out of the way before I posted anything. EDD is Feb 14th, we have ourselves a Valentine's baby... :smile: My husband and I are first time parents and extremely excited. I got to see the baby's heartbeat yesterday and it made it all the more real! 
  • Hi everyone! I got my BFP on 6/27/17.. with an EDD of March 4th..  I have a 16 month old who was due Feb 23,2016 but was born 2 weeks early on  Feb. 12th. So I could be looking at 2 February babies. I might mostly be in the March board but will more than likely toggle back and forth if that's okay with you ladies! 
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  • Hello.  I'm a STM and my EDD is 2/18!  We have been trying for a second for over a year so we are excited but cautious.  My first appointment isn't until Friday the 7th so I'm just here lurking on the boards until I get that confirmation on the US.  
  • My name is Rachel and I am a FTM. I got my BFP on June 9th and have my first ultrasound on July 7th to determine my EDD, for now they are saying mid February. My husband and I are over the moon and can't wait for our little one to arrive!
  • kaymadkaymad member
    I'm a teacher too! Just came back from mat. Leave in Oct and will be leaving again probably in Jan.  The partial years have been some of the toughest but it all works out.
  • Hi All! I'm Ashley and I am about 7.5 weeks! I haven't gotten a due date yet, but have our first appointment next week. According to my calculations it should be Feb 11-13. I'm a FTM and am so excited and nervous for this process! Haha
  • Hi Feb BMB! I'm a STM with a two and a half year old DS. Found out I was expecting a couple of weeks ago, and I think my due date is February 13. But it could change after my first appointment which is next week (yay!) Happy to join y'all here! 
  • Hello everyone. I'm Kia. I am unsure of exactly how far along I am, but in week 5 of pregnancy. I got my BFP 6/24. This makes me a ATM. 
  • Hi. My name is Nicole and I am a STM due about Feb 10. My DD is about 18 months and full of energy. :)
  • I actually thought @unfitbunnys comment was sincere and from a place of vulnerability. 

    With my son, I remember feeling like everyone else had it way more figured out than I did. Some of that was my own doubt and insecurities, which we all face. Some of that was bc rarely, but sometimes, a woman might not remember what that vulnerable time is like and might forget how to show grace and love. 

    I was so appreciative for the majority of women who showed me support. So, just wanted to say that. Sorry for derailing...

  • I'm sorry about your delivery @meatball37

    Here's to a totally different experience this time! 
  • After trying for 2 years I'm very excited to announce the arrival of my 3rd and my husbands 1st on 2/20! I currently have a 12 and 15 year old girls....so here I go again! Congratulations to all of you, I'm thrilled to be on this journey with you!
    Welcome!  You and I are in similar situations.  I have a 14 year old and 11 year old twins - all girls. This will be my SO's first.
  • Hi!! I have been on here as a dec 2012 and April 2014 mom. Now I'm back as Feb 2018! My name is lyndsi and I have a 4.5 and 3 year old! Excited to be here. 
  • Hi! Not sure what my EDD is yet. I was still nursing DD when I got my BFP, and I had only had a few actual cycles so from our calculations I should have been about 10 weeks. Went in for US last week and saw what looked more like 5 weeks. Dr didn't want to jump to conclusions but since I had gotten BFP so early she didn't think it looked good (which is dumb because I got it even earlier last time). So did labs, repeated labs, and numbers are rising nicely. US later this week to confirm EDD, but I'm guessing mid Feb. Kinda sucks because DD was born 2/15/16 and I'm hoping they don't share a birthday! 

    Anyway, I'm currently a SAHM with DD. We live in Michigan with H, we've been married for 5 years :) super excited about LO no matter when s/he gets here!
  • ::wave:: Hi I'm Heather and I'm 5w6d today with my husband and I's first baby.  I have my first US scheduled next Monday.  I'm a 30 year old Navy wife in Jacksonville FL and we just moved here from DC!
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  • Hello all ! 
    I guess I should intro I've been lurking a bit the worry has been kinda strong for me ! I'm not a first time mom this is my 4th rodeo
  • edited July 2017
    Hi mamas! My name is Anna and I got my BFP on 6/3 with an EDD of 2/11/18. I am a FTM at age 32. I've been married for 9 months and have two cats. My first U/S is scheduled in one week and I can't wait for it! I am also looking into a local midwife group to plan a hospital water birth. Any experienced moms here done a water birth? I have always wanted to be a mom and have a great support from sisters and SILs. Some days I'm a nervous wreck about how much my life will change once I actually have this baby. But I'm glad to have  this community here!  :)
  • mrsp85mrsp85 member
    Hi everyone

    My name is Stacey and I'm from the UK. After about 18 months of trying and a round of acupuncture, I am currently 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my first. Estimated due date is 15th Feb 2018. I have my first midwife appointment in 2 days however here in the UK we don't get an ultrasound until week 12. The last few days I've had some light brown spotting which has left me feeling incredibly anxious but trying to remain calm and positive. 

    Congrats to all you mums 2 be!
  • DayliannaDaylianna member
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    Hello all!!! I have been here for a while, but I am trying not to be too excited about my current pregnancy. I am a mom of a few angel babies. I lost my almost one-year-old daughter last July after a horrible fight with brain damage. Her 2nd birthday is the 16th of this month, and it is very difficult. Anyway, I wish you guys all the best as you look forward to your babies.
  • Hey guys! I've been lurking and commenting but haven't officially introduced myself. I'm Amanda! I'm 23, engaged & a mom to ds who is 17 months. I was on the march16 board. Estimated to be 7 weeks tomorrow and this was a huge surprise! Nervous as to how I'm going to manage a 2 year old and a newborn alone during the days but women have done it forever so I'm sure I'll be fine. I struggled with post partum depression and that exacerbated my OCD and anxiety as well. Hopeful maybe it won't be so bad if I'm prepared? 
  • Hi guys! I got the BFP on Father's day and was estimated to be about 6 weeks at my ultrasound last week. (They thought it was maybe ectopic.) They found a gestational sac (at least it's nkt ectopic!) But they said I probably just ovulated late and have me doing blood tests to make sure my hormones are rising as theh should be. So far so good although they wont give me exact numbers. But anyways I helave another ultrasound Friday and I'm hoping to see a baby!
  • Hi everyone!  STM mom here (longtime lurker from Jan16), EDD 2/28/18.  Congratulations and wishing you all the best!  
  • RN1stBae said:
    Hello Everyone! I'm assuming I'm a Feb 2018 bumpie, I won't have a date for my dating ultrasound until tomorrow, so we shall see! I'll be a STM, my son is nine months now and we're still nursing.  Hoping to make it to 12 months!  I'm a nurse turned SAHM after my son was born and plan on being home with this baby for at least the first year too.
    Yayyy an old friend! Hi :)@RN1stBae

    DD #1 3/26/13
    Mo/Mo twins MMC 3/31/14  o:)
    DD #2 3/31/15
    DD #3 8/25/16
  • Hello! I'm a FTM with an EDD of 2/27. I've been lurking for a week, but was waiting for my first US today to confirm everything is going as expected.
    I had 3 MC last year (9.5 week MMC at 11 weeks, chemical, and blighted ovum). We have been seeing a RE since Jan, where we did 3 cycles of medicated timed intercourse and 1 successful cycle of IUI.
    -End TW-
    I look forward to going through this experience with all of you and hope for the best!
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