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  • m6aguam6agua member
    @kristah2 My friend doesn't like her's because if she has people over it's taking up a chair. If you don't entertain a lot it probably wouldn't be an issue.
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  • We just use a booster for now. It's been ok so far, it has a little tray so it works like a high chair. I could see a high chair being nice because of the bigger tray. We are lucky in that the booster fits under our table when you push the chair in, otherwise that would be pretty annoying. It does kind of stink to not have the chair when people are over, but we could always unclip it and move it. We're just lazy. 
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  • kvrunskvruns member
    We have the FP space saver that clips to a chair. I didn't want something else siting out. It does mean you lose a chair but oh well. Plus we have a bar height table so it will keep him same height. 

    For grandparents id recommend a cheap booster type too
  • I have a high chair. I love it even though it sits in the middle of the kitchen. I can move it anywhere and S sits in it all the time. 
  • tvh1982tvh1982 member
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    I have an old fashion high chair that has gotten new life, I also have the Stokke with newbornseat. But I don't feel like buying the next stage as I have the other high chair.
    If I visit people I bring my bumbo and just put her on the dining table. 
    My mum and sister both have the IKEA highchair. (Which I actually have too in my I have a lot of chairs!)
    My friend has a booster and loves it as it's easy to bring. I'd say for grandparents that would be a great chair as it's easy to put away. 


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