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  • I'm struggling to see the correlation between night time feeds having more fat and struggling to bf in general. Nobody here is talking about their kid having problems gaining weight or getting enough nutrition. If they did, that's great advice. But I haven't seen that issue here, so you're kind of coming off as a know it all. 

    Trust me, I'm not even a mom yet. 

  • I'm not trying to be a "know it all" I was just simply responding to someone who said they would pump so their SO could help with night feeds. All I was saying was that my LC advised against that
  • @aadamson12 it sounds like you were working with an LC because of weight concerns. I feel like that situation is highly specific and different from where most women here are at. You have some specialized knowledge that would really help the members here who may be struggling with LOs with weight issues. I think it is great you've presented that perspective and I hope you'll be okay responding in the thread if a future member tags you with a weight gain specific question.

  • @yogadevil remind me how far pp you are? It took me about 2.5 days of 'oh god, this isn't working I can't feed my baby' before my boobs started to figure it out.

    one thing that helped was kinda a blessing in disguise: my LO came out really stunned and refused to suckle for the first 8 hours (all the emotions around that). My mother/babe nurse said it was no big deal, but that I should hand express all the collustrum I could and we'd give it via eyedropper. I sat there with this little cup and my hands for a half hour, and literally only came up with .2 mL. again, I was crushed. But the mother/babe nurse said it was no big deal, that as long as baby got something, it would kickstart the process. I didn't believe it at the time, but the massive boobs on me now, and my LO back to birthweight after just 4 days says she was right. Same thing can/will happen for you.

    The fact your LO is playing smooshy face and interested in your nipple is great. When the hospital LC set you up with the pump, what instructions did you get?
    @poetryandoceans  I am 36 hours post partum, and now I'm laughing a little too hard that I haven't nailed motherhood in that amount of time :lol: 

    The LC taught me how to put together and use the pump, and told me to pump for no more than 15 mins after an attempted feeding. She also gave me a lot of guidance on better positioning and how to restart a paused suckle by tickling a certain part of the shoulder, stuff like that. 

    Thank you for the reassurance that my little one and I will somehow kickstart the process eventually, that's so helpful. I was using the collustrum by rubbing it on my nipple to get her to actively root and latch before she naps and tries again. I'm sure we'll get there, we're both learning a lot :)
  • Someone told me you get contractions from bf/pumping even after the baby comes out? Is that true? :worried:
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  • @LivingLaVidaGinger yup! Breastfeeding triggers oxytocin to release and cause uterine contractions. These help shrink your uterus back down to normal after having baby. I won't lie, for some people they're not too bad, but I had at least one day where I was in bed miserable from them. 

  • @LivingLaVidaGinger for me they feel like period cramps rather than labor contractions, but just like @kirstynikole said it's the uterus contracting/shrinking back down
  • Someone told me you get contractions from bf/pumping even after the baby comes out? Is that true? :worried:
    I heard it gets worse with each kid. For my first I barely felt them.
  • For anyone currently BFing or STMs: any preperence on the Boppy vs MyBreastFriend nursing pillows? I currently have a Boppy (FTM and baby isn't out yet) but I've read reviews that MBF is revolutionary for people. 
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  • For anyone currently BFing or STMs: any preperence on the Boppy vs MyBreastFriend nursing pillows? I currently have a Boppy (FTM and baby isn't out yet) but I've read reviews that MBF is revolutionary for people. 
    I have the boppy and used the mbf in the hospital. The advantage of the mbf is that it has the strap so you can kind of have it up higher and then the surface is harder if I remember correctly which I think can be a plus. I was perfectly happy with my boppy, I sometimes would prop a pillow up under it to give more height but it was comfy and helpful. You can use the boppy for other things like sitting on after delivery, and propping up baby for tummy time. I don't know that the mbf would work for those things as well but I'm not sure. 
  • @TeacherMom2517 I do mostly leaned back feedings but was given a boppy and don't like it :p 

  • I know this is probably not helpful but with my first, I just used a regular sleeping pillow. I actually thought it was easier than with my BF one. 

    With a c-section, I'm not sure if it'll still work that way for me. 
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  • @TeacherMom2517 I have a Boppy that I like a lot, haven't used MBF. Fwiw my babe is tiny (just over 5 lb) so I don't know if I'll want more support as she gets bigger?

    I'm really struggling with feeding. LO is on a very strict feeding schedule due to prematurity. We BF four times a day followed by fortified BM supplemental bottle followed by pumping. The other four feeds are fortified BM by bottle then pumping. I spend 8-10 hours a day minimum pumping and feeding. 

    At this point, I'm starting to notice that I'm getting less per pump than I was and overall output has gone down (11-13 oz per day vs 16-20). I'm not sure if it's decreased supply or because LO is getting more efficient at nursing and is eating those extra ounces or if my supply is tanking? Plus my nipples are so sore just from the constant repetition of pumping and nursing. I dread every feed. 

    Sorry for the novel and I am going to talk to the VNA when she comes today/will reach out to my LC if needed so I'm not looking for medical advice or a solution, but does anyone have thoughts or insight on decreased supply in a situation like mine? I'm thinking of decreasing to 7 pumps per day to try to give a little more recovery time? I know more demand should equal more supply but my breasts never feel full anymore before a feed.

    If her weight gain looks good today maybe ill ask about eliminating one bottle supplement per day after BFing. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to help her gain and grow but this schedule just doesn't feel sustainable.
  • @lemieuxk it could just be your initial engorgement realizing it's just one baby and not like 5 you're feeding. Were you using everything you pumped or. Stashing some of it? 

    Also do you lube with niople cream when you pump?
  • @perrasucia That could be, but 11-13 oz per day seems low for 3 weeks pp I think. I do have a freezer stash of probably 50-75 oz. Now I'm making just enough or a few oz extra per day so its not really a supply issue yet, but its frustrating to pump for 20 min to get 1-2 oz.

     I have no idea how much she's taking at the breast, so maybe im producing more than i think. She's definitely gotten more vigorous/effective at nursing as she gets closer to her due date. At first she was just kind of hanging out at the breast and half-heartedly sucking. I haven't been using cream before, only after so maybe I'll give that a go. Thanks for the idea!
  • I'm pretty sure 3 weeks is a spurt too. So maybe she is eating more. It's a good enough reason to eat some cookies. Maybe oatmeal ones 
  • @lemieuxk  When I did decide to try pumping just for convenience of having someone else feed the baby, I would sit there for 30-45 min and get barely an ounce or two. Sometimes pumping is not nearly as efficient as the baby. You could definitely be right that she is just improving with nursing. I know it's so much harder when you can't measure what's coming out. Do you have any Bf groups near you or somewhere you could do a weighted feeding? 

    And then the second thing is, after my initial engorgement, my boobs never felt as big or the fullness that they felt that day. They regulate a lot and so they would feel a little bit fuller if I went too long between feeds but if I kept up an every 2-3 hours then they never felt too full.

    i hope any of this helps! 
  • @lemieuxk I also noticed a drop in my supply as DD was BFing more and not taking as many bottles. I don't know if it has something to do with the babies being on the breast? I definitely get being frustrated! I used to have an extra day to two days extra supply and now I'm barely getting enough for the next feed. DD has also started eating much more so that may be a factor as well.
  • @TeacherMom2517 I have both and right now the MBF is working best because it straps around right below my breasts and puts my daughter at the perfect height and position. In order to get that positioning with the boppy I need to layer another pillow on top of it which is fine stationary/seated but with the MBF I can strap it tight and brace her with one arm after she latches, and actually walk around that way if I want.
  • I'm getting ready to try and transition from EP to more breastfeeding. I feel like August is ready and we've done one BF a day a few days a week for the last two weeks.

    Question - when you BF and LO only has the energy for one side, do you pump the other side or just leave it alone? It's not uncomfortable but I don't want my supply to go down. 

  • I've got another question: right now I'm using lanolin on my nips before and after every feed. It's really reducing pain and cracking. Any insight from ladies who did this for past babies on how long that will be necessary? Or should I just go ahead and buy stock in Lansinoh now because I will be using that stuff until kiddo weans?

  • @ohstars DS only nurses from 1 side right now, per recommendation from the LCs here in the NICU. I pump both sides before I nurse him to help him latch easier and to keep up my supply. I pump for 10-12 minutes and then he nurses 1 side about 20-35 minutes till he gets full and takes himself off or falls asleep. 
  • Thanks @'chef'swife'! You might have already told me that in the NICU thread but I forgot. I think I will be adopting that plan moving forward. I had a bad time getting him to latch this morning.  I pretty much gave up, was reheating my pump from earlier when my boobs started dripping on the floor. I think all the hand expressing and the crying baby really set them off, but it just took time. I tried to get him to latch one more time and he latched right on. I think pumping beforehand is going to do the trick. 

  • Regarding pillows, I have had both.   The MBF was definitely my favorite with my twins,  who had all kinds of nursing issues and were little.  I also think it helped me as a first tint mom who didn't know what I was doing.  With my youngest, who latched on in the delivery room,  I never needed anything other than the boppy.

    As far as supply issues go,  hang in there,  make cookies and don't be afraid to ask for help.   Its horrible that I can't remember what I took, drug wise,  but it was ordered over the counter in Australia and I had it shipped.
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  • I've got another question: right now I'm using lanolin on my nips before and after every feed. It's really reducing pain and cracking. Any insight from ladies who did this for past babies on how long that will be necessary? Or should I just go ahead and buy stock in Lansinoh now because I will be using that stuff until kiddo weans?
    I'm not sure how feeding directly from the boob effects the nips, but as someone who exclusively pumps, I plan on using it all the time, until weening. I had some terribly cracked nips that bled bad enough a couple times that I was concerned about feeding it to our DD. It's just not worth it to me to risk not using it.

    I'm excited though to whoever said to use it before and after, because I always only used it after, but it sounds like using it before too might make an amazing difference.
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  • @kswiger06 That was a tip from my doula! I can't sing her praises enough. As soon as I started using it before as well, my nips were, uh, nips again within 2 days, and not raw hamburger meat. 

  • @poetryandoceans you probably won't need it the whole time. I let my daughter bruise the heck out of mine and had so much pain I was applying constantly for maybe 2-3 weeks and then never needed it again. 
  • @poetryandoceans in addition to lanolin I really liked the earth mama nipple cream. I struggled with cracked nipples with both my kids in the initial weeks despite a great latch - that stuff legitimately felt soothing and helped me heal.  After about week 6, I very rarely needed any cream, but found it useful when I was back at work and pumping.
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    @CAmama99 I'm so glad to hear that. I ordered some off amazon and it's supposed to be here soon! It sounds like I might not need to buy any more nipple treatment between the lanolin, the earth mama, and the timelines you and @homemake are talking about :smiley:

  • @poetryandoceans I can't remember specific timelines with my son (who is now 4), but I didn't need lanolin very long. At first OMG I needed it and bought a huge tube before my hospital samples ran out. But I'm not sure I ever even opened the big tube I bought.
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  • @FreshBakedBrownies You don't suck, you're awesome! And... it's didn't happen. Updates in the appointment thread. 
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    Went to Doctors office today and they said he was losing a little too much weight. I told them we were feeding him everytime he is awake, but he sleeps alot. They said for us to wake him up, so after doctors office we have been waking him up and now he will not breast feed. This is ridiculous... If all other signs show he is getting fed enough including coloring and behavior, I do not think I should wake him up. All it does is make him cry and then he will not breast feed and make mommy cry because it feels like I am torturing my baby. What do you guys think? Should I wake him up? Or should I just feed him when he wakes up on his own? 

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  • @skiingstark How much under his birthweight is he? And did they give you any BF support while you were there? Where I am, if your babe drops too much (I think 10% of birthweight), they refer you to a nurse to give you some support and do something like a weighed feed. 

    A girlfriend of mine struggled with a drop in weight when she had her baby last month. A few things that really influenced that: she had received a lot of fluid during the delivery, so obviously so did babe, making the baby's weight perhaps a bit inflated. The other thing was that the baby clearly had a ton of meconium stored up inside at the weigh-in: she then pooped epically for 12 hours, emptying herself out, and making her weight drop. 

    That being said, I would try to wake him until he makes up his birthweight. Have you tried expressing and then giving him the milk via a dropper? Only when he's melting down, it might be a way to get around the screaming.

  • @skiingstark our son was born weighing 5 lb 11 oz. He was a very lazy eater and wasn't waking to eat every couple hours, it was much longer 4-5 hour stretches. I got so mad in the hospital as the nurses squeezed his cheeks and forced him to eat. And it was stressful for me at first at home when he was refusing to eat after I woke him up. But after a few weeks he started waking on his own at better intervals and started eating more normal. Then our daughter was born and she was eating every 90 minutes for several days and sucked down her food so fast. I realized after watching her that our son really needed to be forced to eat. It might be hard right now, but it's definitely important to wake the baby and make sure he is eating and gaining enough weight. 
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  • I think this is one little hiccup in your breastfeeding plan and you should put him on the bottle for those dream feeds and then breastfeed when he's more awake. This is such a short period of time that he will need the extra feedings for him to catch up on weight and then you can go back to your preferred feeding method. But I think it's important that you listen to the doctors. 

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