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  • @kswiger06 SUPER helpful -- thank you! 
  • die frau said:
        @kswiger06 You exclusively pump, am I right (or am I mixing you up with someone else?!)? I'm thinking about starting to do that, but wondering how MOTN feedings work when exclusively pumping. Do you pump and then leave the milk at room temperature until your LO wakes up? Or do you heat a bottle? I haven't been able to find any concrete information about this and that's what confuses me the most about it...
    I also EP and leave it out for the next feed. My LO sleeps for 6 or so hours sometimes and I have let it sit out for that long no problem. Room temp works for my little guy though. 
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  • Have any of you ladies experienced a burning sensation in one of your breasts? Like this wasn't around the nipple either it was towards my cleavage area on my left breast. I got it hours after feeding DS in the middle of the night last night. When I looked up the symptom the first thing that popped up was thrush, but DS has no real symptoms of it, and neither do I really, just that one instance of burning. I'm just wondering if any mommas out there more experienced in BFing might have experienced this phenomena and can give me some insight :/

  • @becks13-2 I'm currently dealing with thrush. The pain in the breast was more of a stabbing pain, but my first clue was that my nipples were pink and stinging all the time. I would wait to see if you feel the pain again/more symptoms develop? Maybe it was just a random pain and nothing to worry about!
  • @becks13-2 I had a burning a few weeks ago. I googled a lot and asked around (I think on here too) but I never found anything that sounded like what I was experiencing. A few days after I noticed the burning I ended up having a blocked duct, so I wondered if they were connected somehow. It went away after a few days, but I still don't know what it was. If you end up figuring it out let me know, cause it was weird.
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  • Guys, we don't have a Bitchfest, or a WTF or whatever, so I need to say this here: my son has started drinking 10 oz every night before bed. Like, on top of whatever he ate before, he keeps signalling that he's still hungry if we give him 7 oz. And then the little turd is up again 4 hours later to eat. HOW IS HE DOING THIS???? I'm barely keeping up with his demand. 

  • @poetryandoceans my girl has been ravenous lately too. I haven't pumped to see the actual ounces but it's a significant increase, and we're up every couple hours to eat again. Growth spurt?
  • @poetryandoceans Rid is like that at night too! Idk what the amounts are but he'll eat for 45min-1hr then start to be sleepy then wake up screaming for food like 14 minutes later and eat for another 30 min! He also eats every 90min-2hr during the day. 

    How long can a growth spirt last? bc this has been going on a week...
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  • I'm wondering about a growth spurt, but if anything he just finished one. I'm just hoping it's not the "new normal". I pump during the day between feeds because he seems to be most hungry in the evening, which unfortunately is when my supply dips. I'd prefer to not know how much he eats, because seeing him just demolish my store is getting pretty depressing...

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