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  • @oheliza44 I think some people mentioned it earlier in this thread but movements are not expected to be consistent this early in the pregnancy. Unless there's something else going on (cramping, bleeding, etc) I wouldn't be concerned. But if it really does worry you, you could always call your OB. They'll likely tell you the same thing but sometimes hearing it from them can be more reassuring lol

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  • @oheliza44 I went through this at almost the exact same time, I stopped feeling movement after feeling it pretty regularly for a couple weeks right at the end of week 18/beginning of week 19 which had me panicked. As soon as I went to the doctor and heard the heartbeat, that night baby started moving again. 

    I dont think the doctors worry about consistent movement until the 3rd trimester - at this point there is still a lot of cushion between you and the baby, all they have to do is turn a certain way and it's hard to feel them. 

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    @oheliza44 I messaged my doctors office last week and a nurse responded saying at 19 weeks 5-8 movements per hour is normal...and it may not be every hour. She said I could drink something sugary, lay down, and count kicks and then come in if I was concerned, but basically she was saying that it's still sporadic at this stage. I've been feeling more frequent movement since my original comment, so I'm not worried!! Like others have said, I'd give it more time, and you'll probably start noticing movement more frequently. 
  • Thanks for the responses, everyone. I actually asked a question on this board related to movement frequency a bit ago so I apologize for being redundant. I guess what prompted this last post was the dramatic shift between SO much movement to basically nothing for a few days in a row. It's so hard not to go to the "is something wrong?" line of thoughts! After posting my question, I felt a lot movement Sunday evening so I think everything is ok. (Evidently the baby gets excited by tax preparation... who knew. Maybe I'm carrying a future CPA? lol) I have an appointment this week and plan to discuss it with my doctor. 
  • I'm 16w4d with #3 and still can't feel movement. I thought I felt something 5 days ago, but it's only been that once. 
  • I'm 16w4d with #3 and still can't feel movement. I thought I felt something 5 days ago, but it's only been that once. 
    Ditto. 16w6d number 2. Baby measured 5 days ahead of that in an early scan. But nada. I'm totally jealous of everyone here. I think I probably have another anterior placenta which is a total bummer. 
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  • 18 wks tomorrow, FTM, and still nothing 
  • I went to the doctor today so I feel a bit better. All the anticipation for movement was worrying me so hearing the heart beat made me feel a lot better. Doctor said it's completely normal not to feel any movements and said just enjoy the small aches and pains take them as reminders  and tell yourself that things are getting bigger inside so baby can start moving around more.
  • 18+3 and the movement I felt sporadically has stopped the past few days. Thankful for my doppler to calm any fears. This stupid-ass anterior placenta....
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  • 19w6d and I'm pretty positive the odd stuff I've been feeling lately is in fact baby.  Nothing else would explain the party going on down there :P  Definitely feels more like rumbling and a bit of flopping fish haha!  Just glad to know that baby is still alive and kicking lol
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  • baby movements are way more regular these days (20+3), but there are certain periods that are far more active, and hours will go by where I won't notice anything. 

  • I've not felt movement  yet either, not even a fish flop. :/ I have experienced random pressure in that general area, but I think that is more likely to be RLP.
  • I got really excited because after 8 days I felt what I'm again 96.5% sure was the baby moving around.  It was several small pops and then a big one followed by more little pops.  I was sooo happy. I texted my mom about it and she said, "Are you sure it wasn't just diarrhea?"  I know it wasn't obviously, but that really deflated me.

    @PurplePumpernickel I get the pressure part too.  Not sure what to make of that.

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  • So...much...movement today. I can't be annoyed that it makes me have to pee every 20 minutes because this is the first day of super acivity and it makes me so happy. 18+5 STM with anterior placenta (which I'm assuming has moved mostly to the left from what I'm feeling, will see at AS tomorrow) for reference. 
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  • 19w6d - I learned that my kid likes hip hop music. There was a lot of dancing while waiting at a traffic light and Taio Cruz came on the radio.
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  • @lfk2013 lol I have found that certain foods make my baby dance around like crazy. Not sure if it's happy dance or angry dance, but I'm voting happy. 
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  • @kerils I've noticed the same! So far it seems my baby likes bacon and chocolate chip pancakes... a girl after my own heart! Lol

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  • So exciting!  Yesterday at 18/2 I felt the first 'kick' from outside.  It was more like baby was really stretching and I could feel him/her behind my belly button.  I pushed on the protruding lump and baby must have curled back up and it felt like a little jgirl mp back in.  I've felt it 3 times from the outside now!  Can't wait for hubby to feel <3
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  • @PurplePumpernickel and everyone else who hasn't felt anything yet. I just saw my midwife a few days ago at 21w exactly and she was pleasantly surprised that I had felt movement already as a FTM. It's definitely not something to worry about yet if you haven't. She also said it's very common for baby to be really active one day and then not at all the next. 
  • Thanks @CapricaAndrea ! My midwife actually said the same thing yesterday. She asked if I'd felt anything, I said no, and she said, "don't worry, that's not out of the ordinary." I'm sure I'll be tired of kicking soon enough :D
  • I don't get too concerned if I don't feel her for a while.  I'll get a bit around lunchtime but she's most active at night between 9-11pm.  If I place my hands there long enough I'll feel slight movement on the outside but no real noticeable kicks yet.  She was sleeping during my A/S scan.  FTM's they do say it can take up to 25w so I wouldn't worry until that point.    
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  • I don't feel anything !!! 
  • This is round two for me so I'm not unusually worried about movement, but I did feel the first little flutters after dinner last night at 17w5d, which is a huge jump for me! Last time I had an anterior placenta and didn't even feel flutters until 21 weeks. This time it's posterior and my belly feels so HEAVY! For all of you anterior placenta ladies, I say enjoy it. I wish I had an anterior placenta again. 
  • I felt flutters a week and a half ago, and nothing since.  *sigh*  I know it's coming, but it was really cool.
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  • At least one of these munchkins likes chocolate strawberries, haha.
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  • I'm 20 weeks Monday. I have been feeling movement a lot the last several weeks. UO: I do not enjoy it even a little. I didn't with my last pregnancy either. 
  • This baby won't stop! The last 3 days or so it's been out of control with the kicking. DH was able to feel the other day. I am 19+5 STM 
  • Feeling some movements finally as of yesterday!
  • Laying in bed last night cuddling hubby and baby kicked/punched. Hubby sat straight up and was super stoked - no doubt he felt the baby, I didn't even say anything. Yay!
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  • Just hit 18 weeks and I'm finally feeling regular flutters! No sharp kicks yet, just light flutters every evening. This pregnancy is so different from my last, I really wonder if it's a boy or girl!! 
  • I am reasonably sure that I felt something today. I was in bed, marveling at how big my bump felt this morning (bigger than my hand, definitely bigger than I have felt it before) with my hand on my tummy. I felt two 'pops' right in a row, and about a minute later I felt a third 'pop' in exactly the same place. Then, this afternoon, I felt another, stronger bubble in almost the same spot. I know it could still be gas, but I choose to believe that it was baby. My husband swears that he can hear fluid moving around when he puts his ear to my bump and talks or sings to it, and my doctor always has a hard time getting an ultrasound or hearing the heartbeat, because she says that baby is super active. So excited!
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    Forgot to post an update last week, but I have been getting A LOT of more distinct movements recently (probably started getting real/consistent movement around 19 weeks - anterior placenta). I am loving it. She is most active early morning and then night time (9-11 pm) which from what I have read is pretty common. 

    DH was also able to feel her on the outside the other night!! I was shocked just since I have an anterior placenta, I wasn't expecting him to be able to feel anything for a while. He cant' feel her all the time (which is still frustrating for him), only if she's kicking really hard. 
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    DH felt baby for the first time yesterday (20w4d)!
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