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  • Great to hear the scan went well @Stankonia2014 , hope the next one they are able to more clearly see the heart/face for additional reassurance.
  • @stankonia2014 woop woop awesome!  So glad to hear it.
  • @Stankonia2014 that happened to my mom with me. Her doctor was going on a golf tour so he scheduled me for the week before he left.  
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  • I'm sorry you guys had stressful results on your anatomy scans, @LMMama and @kscheich. Sending you ladies all the best. 

    @Stankonia2014 glad everything looked good for you! 
  • @dolphinkates11 Congratulations on your healthy baby girl!! You may want to edit your picture bc it contains personal information for both you and your little girl.
  • @awoodruff27 I loooove her name!!  <3
  • @awoodruff27 I loooove her name!!  <3
    Thank you!!

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  • @kdanjou Congratulations on a healthy baby girl! <3
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  • AW post within a designated thread... I'm having my a/s this afternoon at 21w1d and am soooo impatient. 

    I just want to know all of his little organs are formed correctly and he looks healthy!

    For some background, DH and I have been thrown into the world of CHD and HLHS due to one of our closest couple friends having a son born this past October with HLHS and has already had 2 open heart surgeries since birth.  You think these things are rare but then you notice how many people you know that experience some issues, some more severe than others... I'm just very anxious to have more information about the health of our little guy.
  • Had our anatomy scan Monday, and everything looks great. Still Team Green for both babies.
    Except I noticed her measure something in Baby B's brain. When I called the OB for results yesterday, they said all was great and babies are healthy, growing ahead of their dates, and nearly identical in growth (1 day apart). I asked her about what was being measured in Bs brain, and apparently B has a choroid plexus cyst. She said it's super normal and almost always goes away, but it's sitting in the back of my mind and bugging me. Ugh.a
  • @halfthetree my dd had a cyst in her brain and they freaked me out acting like it was a big deal. After going home worried and googling, it turns out it's very common. I kind of think everyone has them at some point and since we don't do scans everyday we only catch some. Dd is totally fine and perfectly smart and healthy now. It was gone when we went back 3 weeks later. I even found a thread talking about kids that had them and are now 10 or so years old and they were all really talented at something. Like gifted, athletes, musicians and such. So maybe you just have a little genius ;)
  • @halfthetree , we had the same issue with DD1, they sent us to a specialist in Nashville and it had resolved in the few weeks between appointments.  
  • @Stankonia2014 That's super reassuring, thank you! 

    @Kylieslip24 That made me tear up, thank you! I've tried to stay away from google, assuming it would make it worse. I'll let it go and expect the best!
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    @EmeraldNC our little girl was not cooperating either! We were there about an hour and a half! I had to get up to pee, roll on my right and left and the tech was pushing and wiggling my belly! She finally showed us her girl parts though! I guess they also took extra pictures of the heart. We have to go back for another look at her stomach in a little over 2 weeks. 

    ETA: she is currently breech as well! Dancing on my bladder...
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  • So, need some help here.  I got the paperwork from the agency for baby Kaitlyn's scan.  the BPD (I guess that's overall size?) is 29%, but the head circumference is 7%?  The summary said "fetal growth is appropriate" but 7% seems small (compared to the rest of the percentages, which are in the 20s and 30s). 

    Also, the 4 chamber view of the heart was sub-optimal...does that just mean they couldn't see everything due to baby's position?!

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