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Re: Ultrasounds

  • I am also going in on Jan 3rd. It's my 8 week but a day shy of 9 weeks do to schedules. Will have ultrasound then
    Me: 34 (Divorced 8-22-16)
    Last Depo: 2-19-13  Stopped BCP completely: 10-13-13
    TTC Starting 4-26-14 Stopped TTC 2-1-16
    Ultrasound found minor PCOS 9-5-15
    BFP with boyfriend 12-7-16 

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  • I dont have my first appointment until the 18th ill be 8w4ds. I cant wait i no thats when they will schedule and ultrasound. So a few more weeks for meto wait
  • Same! And they even wanted to see me later! I convinced them to see me at 9.5 wks
  • Such beautiful lil beans. Mine will be Jan. 5th which is my birthday, im more than ready lol
  • Congrats all you ladies!

  • Good news nimmunogirl!  
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  • @nimmunogirl that's exactly what happened to us and we had the same heart rate!!!!! So happy for you!! 
    Me: 40  
    TTC #1: 3 years
    Me: Type II Diabetic
    Started with RE 11/2014
    Going through IUI with Donor Sperm

  • Try not to worry. I thought I was 6 weeks based on my LMP and had the ultrasound and we only saw the yolk sac. Turns out I likely ovulated a few days later than expected and was actually only 5 weeks and 1 day. I repeated the ultrasound this week at 6 wk 1 day and there was our little sweet pea with a strong heart beat of 121 flickering away. 
  • I can't believe how many twins I have seen lately! This is so exciting! I can't wait to hear about all of your journeys twin mamas! 
  • I absolutely love seeing these pics. I check daily to see your lil beans. Before I started TTC, I never got excited to see others US pics but since im over the moon about them. Im so happy for everyone.
  • These all make me so anxious to see our bean for the first time! I have my first U/S on the 17th and it cannot be going any slower! I *should* be 8w3d from O. We found out super early due to frequent issues in  my early pregnancies, so I have been patiently waiting since 3w4d to get that first glimpse! According to my betas though everything is going well. I love all the twins! <3 Sincerely hoping there is only one growing inside me though, we already have 2 and 3 is our limit haha. But that would be my luck haha. I just love everyone's pics! 
    Me:27/DH:26(til April)

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    5 angel babies, 4 MC, 3 singletons sex unknown & 1 set of twin boys. Expecting our 3rd rainbow baby
  • Dec 27th, 7 wks and bpm 131.  th
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  • Love all of these ultrasound pics! Finally had my first appt today at 9w1d, and scheduled an ultrasound for the 10th. So excited!
  • I went for my first prenatal at 8 weeks 3 days today. all they did was draw blood and told me they would call me if anything serious shows up. My next appointment will be in three weeks which makes me 11 weeks 3 days before I get my first ultrasound
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