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  • @NYTino24 I can't love this enough!!!! So happy for you!!!! 
    **TW Loss/pregnancy mentioned**
    Married: 7/21/12
    BFP: 5/30/16 and MC on 7/6/16
    BFP: 12/4/16 Due 8/8/17 -- Its a boy! Born 8/14/17
    BFP: 5/19/19 and MC on 5/27/19
    BFP: 6/24/19, MC on 7/24/19
    BFP: 10/24, no heartbeat on 11/27, D&C 12/2
    Officially diagnosed with Secondary infertility and recurrent miscarriage
    IVF started Feb 2020
    retrieval and PGT testing: 18 retrieved, 17 mature, 16 fertilized, 9 to blast, 8 PGT normal.
    Transfer #1: June 14, 2020
    Mommy to a super cute havanesse puppy and baby boy! 
  • @NYTino24 yaaaayyyy! Hi sweet baby! Please do keep us updated!!
  • @NYTino24

    So exciting!  Please keep us updated!! :smiley:

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  • Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @NYTino24

    Together: January 2002
    Married: May 2008
    Baby: August 2017

    Clearly we like to rush along at lightning speed...

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  • Congratulations @NYTino24!!!!!  <3
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  • @NYTino24 keep us posted! Beyond excited for you!
  • soooo amazing to see everyone's scans at this point -- crazy how much these babies have grown! so cute to see their profiles.

    @NYTino24 -- so happy to see that little nugget! definitely keep us all updated xoxo
  • @NYTino24 I'm so happy for you and excited to watch your LO grow!!
    DS1: 8/2012 <3 DS2  8/2017 <3 DS3 10/2018 

  • @NYTino24 so happy for you!
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  • Ah just checked this thread and saw your update @NYTino24.. I'm so happy everything is going well!! Love that beautiful ultrasound. Definitely keep us in the loop and I'm sure we'll be lurking on the November BMB for updates :wink:

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  • Sonogram at 18w5d according to my LMP. Baby measured 19w3d. Healthy, perfect, sweet baby BOY! I was so sure we were having a girl! We have a boy and a girl already, so this one was the tie-breaker! I am over-the-moon excited! Even more thankful for a healthy baby! 
  •  Here's our little boy at 18w6d! He was measuring about a week ahead. So fun watching him kick and squirm on the screen, even though it was the second ultrasound tech who referred to him as uncooperative haha I think stubborn is in his genes 
  • Our twins' butts...and other stuff
  • Alexaa1717Alexaa1717 member
    edited April 2017
    My little girl! 
  • Anatomy u/s today...relieved to see/hear that babygirl is good!!!

  • Out baby girl. She kept that hand up the whole u/s
  • I thought I'd get more emotional at my a/s. Mostly, I just felt relief that everything is normal/average/boring. The best part was seeing the kicks, since I have anterior placenta and haven't felt much. 
  • @dinofreak Me too! The baby was crazy active during the ultrasound. The tech was surprised I couldn't feel. She said that soon baby will be strong enough that I'll feel it through the placenta.  
  • In the anatomy ultrasound do they do another cervix check? 
  • bbtrix said:
    In the anatomy ultrasound do they do another cervix check? 
    Sounds like another question for your doctor. 
  • Perfectly healthy in every way! What a relief after a high nt measurement scare, extra testing, specialist visits, and sleeplessness nights. AND we managed to stay team green! 
  • Pink princess. Obviously if im asking here its bevaus i have not doctor. Back off
  • leesaleeseleesaleese member
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    I have an anterior placenta too and felt the exact same way at my a/c; just relived eveything looked ok because I hadn't been feeling much at 19 weeks. At 22, I'm finally feeling a little action. @dinofreak
  • Little baby girl Millie yawning during the ultrasound
  • Had a follow up at 28 weeks to monitor possible fibroids that showed up at my 20 week. Dr said it was a perfectly uninteresting ultrasound
  • From my 20 week anatomy scan. This little guy was constantly moving but thankfully stayed still long enough to get a 3D of his face! Love at first sight!♡♡♡
  • dma0389dma0389 member
    @tova24 OMG how precious!!! Can see baby's facial features, I bet your heart was melting....bec mine is! <3
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