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  • Here is Baby at 12 weeks 6 days, the ultrasound tech measured it at 13 weeks 6 days, but we haven't changed due date. I know this little one is going to come early!!! 
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  • I was 8 weeks and 4 days at this time and today I'm 10 weeks and 5 days. And I will hopefully be getting a new ultrasound right on my 11 week mark. 

  • measuring 10w5d today! little one was moving so much it was hard to get a clear picture! I'm in love! 

  • This was my first u/s at exactly 11 weeks. Baby bean was moving around, stretching and rolling over. I'm bang on for my DD of 9 Aug!

  • 12 weeks 1 day, heart rate was 156.
  • Oh my goodness, @JWatt5!
    Look at that! You sure do! That's freaking precious!  :D
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  • My twinnnnsssss. 11wk ultrasound. Baby A is looking right at us and, as usual, Baby B wants nothing to do with us (that one is definitely mine).
  • I just had my first ultrasound at 12 weeks. Don't worry it's worth the wait!
  • Little nugget at 11 weeks 6 days for my NT scan.  Measuring at 11weeks 5 days but doctor said that's fine and he is pleased with how everything looks. HR =159. NT measured at 1.2mm Blood work will take a week but going to stay positive  It's really starting to feel real! I haven't felt very pregnant this entire pregnancy so seeing the baby is reassuring! Just hoping for a healthy baby! 
  • @szwill86 did you tell her because the baby's future is so bright, they need the glasses? Lol 

    Hope Monday is awesome for us lady!
  • Had our NT scan - baby looked great and the tech snuck us a peek at the sex .. didn't print out the potty shot (which was pretty obvious to us!) but we got this one! Any guesses? 
  • Finally saw baby for the first time today at our NT scan (12+5). Everything looked great! I thought I saw a crotch shot but it was probably just the cord
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  • We went in for our first U/S Feb 15th thinking we were about 7 weeks along. I asked the tech if she still thought that's how far along I was and she informed us that I'm actually almost 12 weeks already! My husband and I were shocked lol! But hey at least I don't have to wait as long as I thought now
  • Here's our bubby at 8 weeks ^___^ 
  • it's a boy!! We did an elective ultrasound last week. 

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    Had our first sonogram yesterday - found out we're having a girl :) :) Everything looks good to the Dr and us! 
  • @NYTino24 Congratulations! I'm very happy for you! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. 
  • Congrats @nytino24! I may have looked you up a couple of days ago too to see how you were doing and saw you got your bfp. Soooo happy for you!!! 
  • Omg @NYTino24 YAAASSSS!!!! Such great news! Praying for a super sticky baby and healthy pregnancy mama!!
  • That's what I'm dealing with now! I had my last one at 8 weeks and I'm now almost 20. My scan is Friday I can hardly wait seeing all these ultrasounds!!!
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