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  • When I was teaching, I got most of my work clothes from Gap. I'm tall so I needed someplace that offered long inseams for maternity pants. 

    Now that I'm a SAHM, I get most of the maternity clothes from Target and Old Navy. 

    I have saved ALL of my maternity clothes and they still work for Baby #3. I got really lucky too and was always pregnant on opposite years of my best friend, so we literally would just swap our boxes of maternity clothes back and forth! Twice the wardrobe! 
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  • All of my clothes last pregnancy were from Motherhood Maternity and Target. Motherhood has great stuff but it is kind of pricey. Target- great clothes for better prices. I did buy a few tank tops from Old Navy for the gym. The best jeans ever are Indigo Blue from Motherhood - They're always on sale and they FIT! I got 2 pairs of skinny jeans and basically wore them my entire pregnancy. I do hope they still sell these. I should probably get another pair :) 
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  • My last pregnancy I found a lot of stuff at kohls/online at kohls. They carry motherhood but usually had way better deals than the actual store and a ton of clearance online depending on when you look. 
  • I am OBSESSED with Pink Blush Maternity. I wish I knew about it with my first pregnancy!
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    Last time I got a few things from Motherhood and a lot of hand me downs from my sister.  I sell LuLaRoe so I'll be wearing a lot of that this time around plus I'll need to get some more winter stuff
  • FYI, buy sell trade groups on facebook are a great way to find used maternity clothes in great condition. My mom is picking up 4 tank tops and 3 tees for 10 bucks for me, and theyre motherhood maternity brand. They normally are 10 minimum each. 

  • Thinking about trying some H&M pants...does anyone know how the sizing works?? I'm finding mixed reviews online, but people generally saying you have to size way up. 
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  • I loved my maternity wardrobe last time way more then my normal clothes. Everything suddenly looked cute and fit right. I bought a bunch of things used from a person that was selling her HUGE stash, but everything else came from Motherhood, Macy's, or ASOS. I LOVED ASOS dresses. They were the prettiest and free return shipping was a bonus for the items that turned out looking like fancy circus tents instead of classy dresses. So pumped to learn that The Loft has maternity! I plan to check out H&M this time. Their kids clothes are so cute. 
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  • Such great ideas ladies!  I need a new go to since I have sworn off Loft.  While they do carry maternity you can only return/exchange via mail (not in the store) it typically takes 3 weeks for a refund and their customer service is terrible. (But im not bitter).  I did have some luck when I was pregnant with dd with StitchFix (maternity).  Anyone try LeTote?
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  • I got some really cute, high quality, full panel skinny jeans from Gap (they are also petite) last time. That was my big splurge (I think they were around $70). Most of the rest I got on eBay (Ann Taylor Loft in particular),, and Love consignments!
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  • I like asos too I think someone mentioned. You can see each item "on the runway" in action to see how things move and look so I like that aspect. It's not just maternity but they do have some maternity. I also really love Storq, a very small,  niche online boutique that's only maternity. They are very pricey but the quality is impeccable and the most comfortable clothes your pregnant body could wear. I especially love the fold down leggings. 
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    @bacorrea If you didn't know, Pink blush maternity has plus size. At one point I was plus size and I remember this with my last pregnancy. It's a pretty awesome selection too! 
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  • @reedstina, Storq looks great! Do you really advice their clothes above other brands? Is it really worth? I'm ok with expensive clothing as long as they are good basics. Can you compare with other leggings or top tanks you've bought? Thanks!
  • I love Zulily.  While shipping takes forever I find so many outfits for cheap. 
  • I got my maternity jeans in the mail today. Nope, no way. I will be returning the jeans tomorrow and squishing myself into my regular jeans for as long as possible. I don't even care how my regular jeans look, I just can't commit to maternity jeans yet (at least not a pair that is about two sizes too big!).
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  • I received my H&M leggings in the mail and for me, they're big. I know I'll grow into the bump part, but they're leggings and kind of big everywhere. For reference, I typically wear a M / 8 - so I ordered medium and have room to grow into them. 
  • MrsOry5 said:
    I received my H&M leggings in the mail and for me, they're big. I know I'll grow into the bump part, but they're leggings and kind of big everywhere. For reference, I typically wear a M / 8 - so I ordered medium and have room to grow into them. 
    Ohh great to know. I was planning on ordering some but wasn't sure since I usually wear a 6-8 but I couldn't decided between a medium and small.  I absolutely cannot stand when my bottoms are loose. How's the coverage? Are they thick? Can you see through them?
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    This is my first baby so there's a chance I'm too excited to shop for stuff, BUT, I am really into clothes (am a lingerie & lounge designer and have been in the industry for 10 years) so I've already sprung for a few things even though I'm not showing!

    I have gotten a cute basic blouse from ASOS: shoulder maternity&pgesize=36&pge=0&totalstyles=39&gridsize=3&gridrow=7&gridcolumn=1

    A velvet dress for holiday parties, also from ASOS: maternity

    ASOS has a lot of fashionable but affordable options so I will definitely be going back when I'm showing more! They also have some maternity Outerwear!!

    Also, I know it can be pricey, but the sale area at Free People always have some great loose & slouchy tees, tanks, & dresses.  Aside from this, I've gotten some classic cotton pencil skirts & slim-fitting dresses (for showing off the bump) at American Apparel.  I'm 5'2" and 145 lbs, quite curvy with 34 DDD chest & a big booty, and this is what has worked for me so far!


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  • Sorry! The H&M leggings are both really thin - the regular ones and the legging part of the leather ones. I haven't taken the tags off of the leather ones and am thinking of returning them or exchanging for a smaller size. I just don't know how my body is going to change .....
  • MrsOry5, I didn't have luck with any of the pants I bought from H&M, either. They actually all fit well (skinny jeans) until the ankle and then they bagged out quite a bit and were way too long. I kept a pair of the leggings because they were a little thin, but they were cheap and I thought they'd be good for hanging out around the house. Waiting for a GAP delivery...hopefully those work out! 
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  • I found a pair of maternity black moto jeggings in the store at H&M.  I was going to post a link but apparently they aren't online.  I had to size up a few sizes, which seems standard at H&M.  Anyway, I really like them.  They don't stay up very well, but I suspect that's a common flaw in skinny maternity pants, especially if you have long legs, long torso as I do.

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  • @Kipperoo and @NotAPlaya-JustCrushAlot
    The AG maternity skinny jeans are amazing. They stay up,look great, and are super comfortable. I'm looking forward to getting my bump and pulling them out of the closet. 
  • I need to go look in the store. It probably much more fun that way
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    I just bought some Liz Lange from Target ponte leggings and they're awesome! Completely opaque and the over the bump part is way more comfy
  • For anyone interested Pinkblush Maternity is on zulily today so you can get some good stuff. 
  • 40%off at Gap right now! Their T's and Tanks are awesome. As low as $10 with discount.

  • I know this thread is dead-ish, but I just went first time maternity shopping today. I got a cute pair of jeans at Motherhood.

    I'm having an issue with bra's though and hope someone has a suggestion. I am small, I normally wear a padded (like, add 2 cup sizes) 32 A. I don't quite fill out an A, but AA are too hard to find. Well, my bras are getting uncomfortable. Everything I've read says go ahead and a buy a nursing, juuuuust in case. Everything at motherhood maternity was either like sports bra style which makes me look quite flat or their smallest size was a 34 B. I am probably needing a 34 A right now. Is there someone who sells small, pretty, maybe even semi padded?
  • @nda_roxybabe  When I was pregnant with DD, I shopped in the cheaper Pink section of VS.  I think I wore their t-shirt bras.  DD ruined by boobs and I'll never fit into the Pink sizes again (I think they stop at a C-cup or maybe its at a 34).  I don't really want to drop a ton on regular VS bras, but I might.  I'll probably eventually come back to the pregnancy size post-bf'ing.

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  • I barely fill an A cup when not pregnant so I understand the pain of finding something that fits! I actually stumbled across target bras in a 34A that seem to fit more like an AA cup. I'm just starting to fill them out now at 11 weeks pregnant lol. I'm almost positive it's the Gilligan O'Malley brand. I'll check when I get home. With my last two pregnancies I just sized up and didn't switch to nursing bras until I actually had the baby. I actually maybe only increased to a B cup? Maybe C cup when I was super full of milk. So finding smaller nursing bras isn't easy either!
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  • nda_roxybabe  I would check Target for smaller sized bras! I held off on nursing bras until after DD was born for the most part. I had bought one that was padded and had good reviews but when I tried them after the milk came in, I was uncomfortable. I preferred seamless bras like this one for example:

  • @NotAPlaya-JustCrushAlot So you just did regular bras during maternity then?

    @h&;pmomma I'll look at those next time I'm there. Sounds like I might as well hold off on the nursing bras. I just hate getting new regular bras, then nursing, then who knows.
  • @nda_roxybabe Yep.  And I actually didn't wear nursing bras much after maternity leave.  I had target nursing bras.  I didn't like how they tended to snap open unexpectedly and their straps were a little uncomfortable. I could just pull my boobs out of a regular bra to nurse/pump.

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  • Thanks guys! Woohoo, jeans that fit and on the road to less squished boobs.
  • @nda_roxybabe I don't know if your planning on having any more children after this, but I always just stores my bigger bras away with the rest of my maternity clothes! So I felt like it wasn't a wasted purchase because I knew I'd wear them again eventually. 
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  • I think maternity bras are kind of a scam. Size up in regular bras in pregnancy if you need to and wait until your milk comes in and your supply settles to buy nursing bras. Nursing tanks are a godsend for the first few weeks when the ladies are huge and crazy and you don't know what size you'll need. They're enough coverage since you aren't really going out much then anyway 

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  • @nda_roxybabe Yep.  And I actually didn't wear nursing bras much after maternity leave.  I had target nursing bras.  I didn't like how they tended to snap open unexpectedly and their straps were a little uncomfortable. I could just pull my boobs out of a regular bra to nurse/pump.
    Yep. I did this too.
  • Thanks ladies!
  • Sooo... At 12 weeks am I justified in wearing my maternity pants?

    I'm not really showing, and I've only gained a couple pounds, but my abdomen feels tender and I just don't want to wear non-stretchy pants for work anymore.  I'm uncomfortable in my slacks and jeans but I don't think the belly band will fit properly either. :lol:
  • @Wildflowers and Ferns Yes! Go for it. My Mom and husband keep telling me, just make sure you're comfortable! 
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