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Weekly Randoms (9/26)

Whats on your mind this week?

Re: Weekly Randoms (9/26)

  • It's 12AM somewhere

  • Hahaha I figured we would get the party started early! I'm so excited for Monday!

    lol the truth is, I was really nervous I would forget to post again! Haha. 
  • Plus, does it make more sense to post on Sunday or Monday? Monday mornings are for the birds! These are all the rationalizations I've made up in my mind haha. 
  • @BumpasaurusRex seriously! I don't know if I can handle that show when pregnant, lol.
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  • The Walking Dead is back in just a few short weeks!!

    I may or may not need comforting after the premiere episode.
    I feel like it's torture waiting to see who gets it!! Honestly I have a feeling it will be more than 1 of the major characters. I don't know why, I just feel like that's what it will be. And can you believe both my brother, and his wife HOPE it's Glenn?!? But their theory was that they want to see Maggie go crazy on them people, and that's what it will take. I was so shocked! I was like no, not Glenn! Plus Maggie is deathly sick, how much damage can she do right now?? Lol clearly I'm ready for the new season
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  • @BumpasaurusRex I've never read the comics, I've heard things about the story that never happened though so I assume that's where the info came from. And yes, Negan is good looking. Too bad he's a bad guy lol

    @PerraSucia I hope you share pics! I think we want to see the sink vanity installed! Lol did you go with the whiter one? Also I'm glad your dinner turned out well. 
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  • I know that Neegan is supposed to be a bad guy, but he made me feel sooo gooooood. 
  • Oh no, poor @yogadevil I'm sure it's fine!! It's so much fun decorating! Maybe your baby won't say those things about the mobile, but you'll have these stories to share about all the planning and effort you made to make their baby room perfect!! 
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  • I'm not sure I'm a fan of that Jesus guy yet though. I'm not attached to him yet, so he could go lol
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  • Agreed, he's too......pretty. 
  • yogadevilyogadevil
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    The narwhal is just one of the 4 whales @FishyMom


    I'm having wretched sticker shock at the moment. Anyone else want to fess up on a nursery splurge??
  • @yogadevil Awww that mobile is so cute!! Don't beat yourself up too badly. I think we all know the nursery decorations are more for us than anything else. You're going to be spending a lot of time in their with your new baby.  And you should have a beautiful nursery to spend that time in.  Sure, you don't want to crazy over think items, but cut yourself some slack.  

    RE: The Walking Dead......how do you ladies watch these shows while pregnant?? I remember when my sister was pregnant years ago, I was watching Men in Black with my niece. My sister yelled at me to turn it off because it was too gruesome for her. I thought she was being crazy, but I totally understand now what she felt when she saw those slimy aliens. I also have a highly decreased tolerance for sad/violent stories on the news (this includes The Donald). 

  • Well @yogadevil if it makes you feel any better I am almost definitely going to purchase one too now so I don't think you're crazy! OMG those are awesome. 

    Not to enable, but if you're doing whale/narwhal stuff check out the etsy shop SepiaLepus. She has adorable prints. I met her at a local craft fair. 

  • yogadevilyogadevil
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    @Xstatic3333 my Etsy addiction is sincerely grateful.


    Narwhal AND a bunny mermaid??! SOLD. I didn't think we'd be doing a theme, but apparently I was wrong :lol: She does have some really cute prints!

    PS if you're ordering the mobile, be aware the seller is on her mat leave and turn around time is 6-8 weeks :)
  • Glad you like it @yogadevil! I know it says sold out but I'm sure if you message her she can come up with one by January.

    Good tip on the mobiles! We have plenty of time. Just need to decide which one... This will be my big nursery splurge. We got IKEA furniture, aren't painting a room, are using a hand-me-down rocking chair instead of a glider, and are mostly re-purposing artwork we already own (largely because I bought a bunch of Sepia Lepus stuff for my own enjoyment a couple of years ago).  This is how I will justify it to myself. Once the kiddo is 3 and cares only about cars, fire trucks, or whatever, I'd legitimately use something like that elsewhere in our house.

  • @Xstatic3333 it says sold out because I bought it just now, ha!

    We've done a similar approach as you- cheap crib from Burlington, thrift store dresser, none of it matches lol. And we're only painting the room because the walls are white and smudgy, so I definitely like your justification that a splurge here and there isn't totally insane.
  • LOL @yogadevil! Awesome!

    I definitely feel you on the sense of urgency. Our nursery is currently the guest room, and we plan to buy a sleeper sofa for our current office to shift that. H insists, and I know he's right, that we should leave the bed in the nursery until we get the sofa so that his Mom can nap while babysitting. Practically this makes sense, but I want it to look perfect NOW so it's bugging the heck out of me. 

  • @afkash I've always been a fan of the horror genre and gore has never bothered me.  

    The only time I get truly anxious are the scenes with Judith, specifically when she was with Lizzie.  

    I'd be down with a Walking Dead Thread when the time comes! 

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  • @Xstatic3333 Ahhh so this is nesting :P 
  • I'm getting a whale mobile too! 

    My random is that DD woke up in the middle of the night with the runs and a stomach ache. This morning, she seemed okay, but then right before the bus stop she said her stomach hurt. Ugh I feel guilty potentially sending her to school sick, BUT I need to save my sick days. If I leave early, they don't dock me days, so I told her she can always go down to the nurse. Should these be more of a monday confession? lol
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  • @concreteangell I watched a lot of Dexter while on maternity leave with DD. When she bites/hits/screams I tease that I watched too much Dexter while she was a baby. 
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  • FishyMom said:
    @concreteangell I watched a lot of Dexter while on maternity leave with DD. When she bites/hits/screams I tease that I watched too much Dexter while she was a baby. 
    Hahaha, same here! DS often makes monster sounds and we always claim it's because of the zombies he watched as a small infant.

    @BumpasaurusRex yeah, thought I would suggest it so we don't clog up the randoms every week!
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  • @WinchesterGirl prior to this pregnancy I was more of a 'go with the flow' type with maybe a small scattering of what if call hyper urgency. And well, that's sure been flipped upside down now lol.

    You're right about the back ordering- in May when we got our BFP we had fallen in love with a crib online and were thisclose to ordering it. Meaning we tried to order it...but it was sold out til November!! It's still such a gorgeous crib but for $700 plus a mattress I'm happy we held off and eventually went a different route (and learned Pottery Barn Kids was wayyyy out of our price range lol. But a girl can dream) Prices of baby things were something I was not at all prepared for!
  • @WinchesterGirl well said! Baby shower shopping seems like a breeze now. Im a FTM too but my shower is more of a small brunch with like 7 people. I'm really starting to feel the pressure that most all the baby stuff is on our shoulders. It'll all work out I'm sure :) 
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