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  • @BlondePeanut didn't you say you got a matching bed set for your room?? You promised pics!
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  • @MrsDramaK - yes I did! I totally forgot lol. I wrote myself a note to do it tonight after work so I can post it. Between pregnancy brain, baby shower, and nesting...good call on reminding me lol, or I would have never remembered  :|

  • @leslie1331. Those flowers  are amazing!
  • @leslie1331 - I love those flowers!  Would you be willing to share the Etsy seller's name?
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  • @leslie1331 the flowers are beautiful!! Totally worth burned fingers IMO ;-)
  • Thanks and absolutely!  And I LOVE your nursery! The animal heads and the tree are awesome! 

    I did one with three flowers, can't find the exact one though. She sends you a zip file with the templates and a YouTube link for directions. I had the templates laminated bc I knew I would be tracing them a million times.  The smaller ones above the dresser are just the inner layers of the big ones, lost steam to do big ones on both walls!

  • @leslie1331 I'm totally making those for my daughters room. I love it! Your whole room is so gorgeous. 
  • @chef'swife I love the nursery colors and decor! 
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  • @chef'swife I think your nursery is my favorite of all! Love it. 

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  • @HeatSparks Thanks! You are so sweet to say that!
  • @mlrocha - I love the train track tree!  My DS would be all over that. Such a great idea!

  • @chef'swife I love your nursery theme and decor! I'm a huge fan of outer space and astronomy and you've done something so awesome with it! That mobile is great!

  • Thanks @BeckS13!  The mobile is actually from Pottery Barn Kids. Seeing it in the store and then the constellation blanket on Etsy sparked the room concept. We wanted something that can grow a bit with him so this seemed perfect.
  • @WinchesterGirl i have a willow tree statue aswell but my husband knocked it over earlier this week & beheaded it. Have to get some superglue and fix it!
    i really love your nursery!
  • Wow @chef'swife that's one of the coolest nurseries I've ever seen!  I'm super impressed.
  • @lfrank12 looks great! My LO's nursery is grey and yellow as well. It's not very picture worthy though!
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