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The Nursery Thread

Let’s talk about our plans for nurseries!  Are you doing a theme, a color scheme, or something else?  Will baby have their own room or share with family members?  Do you plan on changing baby’s space much as they grow or are you designing for the long haul?   Is this fun for you or a dreaded chore?


Re: The Nursery Thread

  • Woohoo! I love this thread! I still can't find what I'm looking for (don't want cute-sy animals). Maybe I'll get some good inspiration from this thread!
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  • @scifichick09 Beautiful!  My little nephew has a gray nursery and it is so sweet.
  • Oh man I just picked out everything and am so excited to buy al the things!!! So far I just ordered my macrame hanger for a plant. 
  • We need to paint but we also need to paint the whole house so we'll get there eventually. We're working on emptying that room out because it's currently my daughters dress up room. It's mostly done but we're refinishing an old piece of furniture for her to use for her dress up stuff because what she's currently using we're going to be using in the basement as an entertainment center. There is already a glider in that room and the crib is waiting to be assembled. I think we're going to do a vintage transportation theme with airplanes, cars, and trains. We'll probably paint the walls blue or green and then do a lot of browns and whites in there.

  • Can this be one of our sacred sticky threads? I've seen a few other bmb's sticky their nursery threads so people can post progress pictures :)

  • @homemake we are doing the hudson babyletto set too but in natural because my entire house is grey and I'm trying to spread my color pallet :P
  • I'm so jealous that some of you are already setting up cribs! Ahh!
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  • @perrasucia I wanted to do the white or natural also. We found this set at our old local baby store and it was super reduced because they were trying to clear the floor. So our house is a bit on the grey side too but the price was too good!
  • homemake said:
    @perrasucia I wanted to do the white or natural also. We found this set at our old local baby store and it was super reduced because they were trying to clear the floor. So our house is a bit on the grey side too but the price was too good!
    oh that's a sweet deal then.. I would of gone grey too :P 
  • I have a good start on the nursery.  I painted the one wall that needed to be painted.  Put together the crib and got he rocker set up.  We just need to get a dresser still - this will serve as change table with the change pad on top.  
    I am now just finishing up the decor detail stuff.  I need to purchase some frames to and then print out the prints I designed and have my SIL help me (read as she will make for me haha) the painted canvas with Baby girls name on it.  
    I mentioned before we are doing Harry Potter theme and I am SO stoked that H is letting me do it all and has no opinion about it lol 

    Our son was born 4 weeks early so I'm paranoid that this babe will come early and we wont be ready for her arrival.  So I'm trying to get it all done asap.  We are on vacation currently so stuff has been put on hold for a few weeks but once we are back it's go time!  
  • @chef'swife, OMGGGG I love that wall! Might have to copy you....
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  • @Starfish113 DH was skeptical of my idea at first but he loves it now. It was a little time-consuming laying out the lines for the stripes, but we did all the painting within 2 days. 
  • @tclayton53 I like! Plus love that quote and sign.
  • @tclayton53 i like your planters too! 
  • @tclayton53 love, love the OYOY adventure rug! It's on my wishlist, too.
  • @fishymom I think mix match furniture is fine when it's grey and white. And you're saying you are getting the new baby the same furniture that your daughter has already? The dresser is definitely good for growing with your kids and if the cribs are convertible and you like them then sounds good to me! 
  • @homemake they are convertible cribs and have intentions of keeping that furniture long term.  I am definitely over thinking this ALOT!
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  • @WinchesterGirl it looks so good! cookies all around!
  • @WinchesterGirl So exciting!! Eeps! It's beautiful! Since we can't have a nursery right now, I will be living vicariously through you all. Show me all the pictures!!

  • That looks amazing @WinchesterGirl :) I love the delicate detail on the back of the crib, and that dresser is fantastic, you are going to get so much good use out of that I imagine!

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